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21 Results in 2021

21 Results in 2021

Congratulations Wilders, in 2021 we went QUANTUM:

  1. Audited and deployed 5 protocols on Ethereum Mainnet: zToken, zNS, zAuction, zBank and zFI
  2. Launched $WILD & $ZERO as first zTokens; grew to collective ~$5 billion FDMC with ~10k Citizens (+ launched QDO mechanism)
  3. Grew team from 6 FTEs to ~110 FTEs in 25+ countries
  4. Launched the Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM) on zNS & zAuction
  5. Launched 7 industries at '0://Wilder': concept, guild, wow, wheels, kicks, cribs, craft
  6. Generated ~$15 M revenue for Wilder's revenue first operational quarter (Q4)
  7. Launched $WILD staking on zFI; $40+ million staked in first two weeks
  8. Secured ~$36 million in operating capital
  9. Launched $LOOT on zBanc for future NFT fractionalization
  10. Launched ZINE – an e-magazine for all things ZERO
  11. Successfully navigated the 2 million WILD Chainswap Hack
  12. Built a system for large scale procedural 3D NFT creation (shhhh)
  13. Launched $WILD on 7 exchanges
  14. Launched The One Foundation; ZERO's charitable foundation
  15. Launched new ZERO and Wilder World websites
  16. Launched dozens of releases and added hundreds of improvements to ZERO Desktop, Web, and iOS
  17. Secured 30+ industry partnerships and built alliances with 100+ top KOLs (including housing the Beeple 5000 in Wiami)
  18. Strengthened our portfolio of social media accounts to over 500k collective followers
  19. Launched zSpace Alpha & Wiami / Wheels Alpha (invite-only)
  20. Raced @realfrankwilder in Wiami
  21. Unleashed the Wilder Spirit IRL (and started a new Nation)

We love you. We salute you.