Apple Enters the Metaverse: Revolutionizing Mixed Reality with the Vision Pro

Apple Enters the Metaverse: Revolutionizing Mixed Reality with the Vision Pro

One of the key moments we’ve been building for is finally here. A primary bet when starting Wilder World was that Apple would launch a revolutionary headset that would mark the true beginning of Mixed Reality. You can see us stating this in a slide from a fundraising deck in 2021.

Slide from our original Deck

Even though the Apple headset was only rumored at the time, our prediction has manifested in reality, and Wilder World is building a native app to make Apple a premiere supported headset for the augmented reality experiences that surround Wilder World, including but not limited to team collaboration, avatar video calling, and shared entertainment experiences, enabling the easy interplay between work and play. While an official partnership has not happened yet, we do believe that it is possible for Wilder World to be one of the primary mixed reality experiences on the Apple Vision Pro, between IRL and the metaverse.

Just as the iPhone revolutionized the mobile industry, Apple is poised to make a significant impact in the metaverse. We believe that the Apple headset has the potential to bring the same level of growth and excitement to the AR and soon VR market. The release of the Vision Pro brings us to the key product that will eventually help bring the metaverse to the masses. Below, we will explore the background of Apple's foray into Mixed Reality, discuss the potential for the metaverse's growth, and Wilder World's strategic alignment with how we will be developing to ensure native support on the device.

The new Apple Vision Pro

Apple's venture into Mixed Reality is a landmark moment that has captured the attention of web3 and tech enthusiasts for the past several weeks. Building upon their success in the smartphone market, Apple aims to use their magic to supercharge the AR/VR market with its most significant moment since the iPhone. Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has played a pivotal role in transforming the global smartphone industry, propelling it from a market valued at approximately $89.9 billion to around $1.4 trillion it boasts today, with Apple's market share increasing from around 3% in 2007 to a substantial 20% in the present day. With its sleek design, intuitive interface, and robust ecosystem, the iPhone captured the imaginations of millions, redefining how we interact with technology in the modern day. What further catalyzed the iPhone was how Apple harnessed the energy of makers to create one of the most impressive developer ecosystems in the world with The App Store. The App Store launched in 2008, providing developers with a marketplace to showcase their talents and reach millions (now billions) of people. Apple's emphasis on quality, user experience, and monetization fueled the growth of the App Store and iPhone usage. Looking ahead to the new Apple headset, we believe a similar playbook is being executed. Offering the potential for cutting edge immersive experiences, combined with comprehensive developer tools and resources, will empower developers like Wilder World to create immersive AR and VR experiences on the Vision Pro. We believe Apple's entry into the metaverse will be the catalyst for the beginning curve of widespread adoption.

We have been early believers and long recognized the potential of Apple's Mixed Reality possibility, and have strategically positioned ourselves to align with this technological evolution from day one. In 2019, Wilder World's first product launch with ZERO TECH started with the creation of a global art gallery in augmented reality through using Apple's AR Kit. This integration allowed community members to capture immersive artworks through the ZERO iOS app using Apple's native AR technology, and set the initial foundation of technical know-how and understanding for future compatibility with the Vision Pro. We believe it is possible for Wilder World to become a killer-app on the Apple Headset, and our team has been strategically designing and building for this moment for multiple years now. By leveraging Apple's expertise in hardware and software integration, we can ensure that Wilder World integrates with the Apple ecosystem. This compatibility will enable Wilder community members to explore Wilder World in multiple dimensions – including both AR and VR. AR is the logical step towards the metaverse, and enables us to build real collaboration features that pave the way to full-immersion. We firmly believe that we are one of the most well positioned web3 projects to leverage this moment and offer Wilders far and wide a captivating metaverse experience in both augmented and virtual reality. From the beginning, we have stayed consistent with the objective of offering the highest quality, most photorealistic and most immersive experience within the metaverse.

AR features on the ZERO iOS app

Our commitment to creating an immersive and photorealistic metaverse experience aligns seamlessly with Apple's dedication to providing a high-end AR/VR experience. Not to mention that Epic Games recently announced they will be supporting Apple Silicon. We are building Wilder World to be Mixed Reality compatible as early as possible, ensuring that users of the Apple headset can seamlessly collaborate and have native Wilder experiences using the Vision Pro. We also recognize the importance of AR and its potential to bridge the gap between the virtual and real world. Without sharing too much, we are continuing development of our global art gallery in augmented reality within Apple's headset, which will allow Wilders to experience Wilder World in AR, with the eventual goal of connecting the map of Wiami to Miami IRL. For example, we are creating a mirrored AR game layer from Wiami over Miami, integrating real-world coordinates to connect the physical and virtual worlds in ever immersive and evolving ways, with the support of our sister company ZERO TECH. The eventual goal would be to experience Wilder World in both AR and VR through the Apple headset, with support across multiple devices and platforms.

Apple's entry into the metaverse signifies a significant step forward for both VR and AR technologies. With their new headset, Apple is set to redefine immersive experiences and drive metaverse mainstream adoption. As a pioneering force in the metaverse, Wilder World continues to double down with Apple's AR and VR technology to ensure native compatibility and accessibility within Wilder World and ZERO. By building Wilder World for VR and AR compatibility, we aim to offer the Wilder community a diverse and captivating metaverse experience that seamlessly integrates with the Apple ecosystem. As the metaverse continues to evolve, Apple's entry is a testament to its potential, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformative era.


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