The Great Rebellion: Arrival of the Wapes

The Great Rebellion: Arrival of the Wapes

Transmission Received

n3o :: Log 03 :: 11-30-2022

For generations the Beasts lived in peace, undisturbed in their simulations custom-built to foster a flourishing ecosystem catering to the unique needs of each species. Across the normally serene wilderness, a devastating shift has begun.

I had a dream – something is wrong. These worlds are collapsing.

First came the Wolves, and now I’ve just received an alert of the Wapes undergoing the same form of terminal simulation collapse. It’s not clear why this is happening, and there’s no telling if it will continue with the other simulations.

I must find a solution before more Beasts are endangered.

Luckily the failsafe systems have functioned properly and saved simulation inhabitants, enabling the Beasts to escape their ravaged worlds by opening a portal leading to Wilder World.

3,000 total Wapes were recorded entering Wilder World.

They had entrenched themselves on the outskirts of Wiami by the time I ventured out from the lab to investigate. From afar, I could see they were very active and armed, operating within some sort of defined group hierarchy. Like the Wolves, some were damaged in their journey through the portal and have become much stronger with mech components.

Chaos has erupted. The Wapes have entered this world hellbent on destruction as if revenge was in their hearts. But why?

Before reaching their camp, the Wapes became militant and charged in my direction.

Caught by surprise, have the Wolves and I been overrun?

Wiami is under siege!

The destiny of our still unfinished city is unknown...

Subscribe to Zine and prepare to meet the Wapes...

The Wilders Salute You.


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