CyberKongz Have Brought the Party to Wiami

CyberKongz Have Brought the Party to Wiami

Shortly after the Wapes arrived in Wilder World and decided to set up camp on the hidden leeward side of the Wiami’s mountain range, a group of scouts stumbled upon a cave with faint, vibrant light emanating from within. Cautiously, they entered the cave. Deep inside, behind a massive block of stone and down a tall wooden ladder, they found the CyberKongz.

The CyberKongz were unlike anything the Wapes had ever seen. They were tall and muscular, with glowing cybernetic implants and fierce, feral eyes. As the Wapes spoke to them, they began to realize that these creatures were not as fearsome as they seemed. In fact, the fun-loving creatures were friendly and harmless—the Wapes could see how they were not so different from themselves.

The CyberKongz explained that, soon after arriving in Wiami, they had fallen through a hole in the ground and ended up in the cave, where they built a large arcade for parties and other shared fun to pass the time.

The Wapes, more serious in nature, found the situation entirely absurd. They used the encounter as an opportunity to try and learn more about this new world which they had been brought to, but their questions went unanswered. The CyberKongz knew nothing of the world outside the cave or why they had been brought to Wilder World.

Ultimately the CyberKongz decided to emerge from the cave in the spirit of exploration and head toward Wiami. The Wapes retreated back to the shadows to build their camp far out of sight from anyone in the city…

Wapes and Kongz Together: Strong.

As fate would have it, right as the Wilders are launching Wapes, one of the world's premier ape-themed NFT projects joins us on our mission toward the metaverse! CyberKongz has been an absolute force since launching its creation in March 2021 and is a clear blue-chip known throughout the Web3 industry.

To date, the project has generated over 27,000 ETH in trading volume on its Genesis collection’s OpenSea alone and built a powerful core community through the successful launch of three additional NFT collections.

The CyberKongz community will be one of the first Web3-native groups to participate in the Wilder World metaverse experience; we look forward to working, playing, and socializing with them when we open Wiami!

“A big warm welcome to all the crew over at CyberKongz as they enter the Wilder Nation! We are thrilled to have the A-grade project and their community along for this wild ride. It’s been great to watch these Wapes of different kind evolve as a project over this past year, especially their artistic transition from what began as 2D PFPs and then came to life as voxel-based avatars. Now we’re excited to be bringing them into the realm of 5D. The Kongz very well may be strong allies to the Wapes as our story unfolds, we’ll have to wait and see!" - Hypno Wilder

The New Metaverse Home of CyberKongz

Wiami is the first city of Wilder World, a world-building simulator that began development in 2011 at the direction of Frank Wilder, an explorer from an alternate dimension.

Beginning with using lidar data to create a 1 to 1 geographical replica of Miami, Florida as a foundational layer, the city transformed into 5D by altering geography with Wilder flair to create the ideal map for the citizens of our virtual nation to experience the metaverse. The end result is a Miami-inspired city that champions the solarpunk ethos and is primed to serve as a great crossroads of the metaverse.

What’s Coming Up?

Our partnership with CyberKongz is centered around shared values like using technology to generate positive change and joy in the world. As we proliferate these values across the metaverse, we will work to co-create awareness for both projects and bring our communities together. Here’s a brief timeline overview of what’s to come:

Short Term

  • Create concept art and exterior design of the CyberKongz Wiami hangout
  • Scope out community activations in line with the 2023 calendar

Medium Term

  • Build the CyberKongz hangout in Wiami
  • Create content around the hangout and run micro-activations once Wiami is open to the public

Long Term

  • Get Kongz in Wiami!

Sync up with CyberKongz!

In celebration of our newly forged partnership with CyberKongz, we will be giving away a Wilder Wape for CyberKongz holders! The giveaway can be accessed at this LINK.

Join us on Twitter Spaces today at 3:00 pm PST where we’ll be hosting the CyberKongz team and their community. Set yourself a reminder to join the conversation HERE.

Wilder Wape

To learn more about our partnership with CyberKongz, head over to our Discord Server or Twitter to chat with Wilder team members and our community.

The Wilders Salute You.