We've entered the half-way point of 2024. Let's recap the key achievements in Q1 and Q2. During ACT I of OPERATION DOMINO, our objectives were:

  • Ship frequent game updates: We've since released four game versions with a fifth (0.5.0) coming soon, continually improving features with additional patch updates based on community feedback.
  • Ramp up growth and drive awareness in the Web3 gaming space: We have gained over 65,000 followers on X and hit the top 18 most wish-listed games on the Epic Games Store. We've announced major partnerships with NVIDIA, Samsung, Epic Games and others, cementing our name as leaders in the Web3 gaming space.
  • Host IRL events to bring our community together: We've hosted experiences at four key crypto-gaming events this year, building community connection, along with hosting online tournaments with prize pools of over 150,000 WILD distributed to players. We will continue to ramp this up significantly as the game becomes more widely available.
Wiami Sunset

Looking Forward

Now that we've built a strong foundation and brand presence in the Web3 gaming community, our plan moving forward is to integrate all the various parts of Wilder World that have been developed in parallel. This includes open-world exploration, racing, combat, mining, economy, in-game assets, ZERO and Meowchain.

These elements introduce a unified experience for Wilders that will manifest in our soon to be released Alpha title on the Epic Games store. This is a key part in evolving Wilder World into the broader narrative of an MMO simulation backed by a real economy, offering players the ability to own, earn, and trade almost anything in Wilder World.

Alpha Title Card

As mentioned in the OPERATION DOMINO Roadmap, we are now preparing to enter ACT II, which will build on growing Wilder World's brand awareness and top of funnel metrics (like new social followers, and Epic wish-lists), bringing more tangible value to the economy. While we will still keep driving our top of funnel, we will start to drill down on more tangible aspects of the economy, with a focus to create onchain activity (growing DAU & MAU) through more gameplay based missions (both combat and racing), as well as more frequent asset drops. Resource mining and staking will also provide WILD rewards. This will give players more WILD to purchase equipment, upgrades, and customization in the soon to be released WWMM v2 (Wilder World Metaverse Market).

Wiami Metro

Wilder World Version Updates

v0.4.1 Release

We began June by releasing a new update for the game (version 0.4.1). This update primarily focused on addressing major bugs from the previous version (0.4.0). The detailed update list is available on the game's Wiki page.

v0.5.0 Release - Coming Soon

User Interface and Experience

The User Interface Design and Experience has been undergoing major work to accommodate various gameplay modes that will soon be available. Ultimately, all work in the UI will support the transition to open map and metaverse gameplay.

Auto Matchmaking (Quick Play Button)

We are implementing a new “Quick Play” button that will allow players to bypass all of the race selection criteria to automatically join a race set up with another player using automatic matchmaking.

Vehicle Customization v1

In 0.5.0, car selection is now available through the Garage screen. The garage offers a nice visualization of your owned, rented, and available-to-buy cars. From this page, you can also refuel, refill your NOS, and repair damage to your car. Initially, we are only showing some basic visual damage and will improve the damage system iteratively. Basic car customization will be available, and you can assign a specific pattern and color gradient to your car. You can also change the rims. Later, customization will be enriched with body panels, many mechanical parts that affect performance, and more. We are in the process of creating a robust secondary parts economy. Stay tuned!


This system employs a data-driven structure, making it adaptable not only to vehicles but also to other collectible elements we plan to introduce. A data-driven approach allows game designers and artists to set up customization options quickly and efficiently, minimizing the need for extensive development resources. Once we complete the final visual adjustments, players will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy a wide range of customization options. This feature will provide a more personalized experience, allowing players to customize their vehicles to match their unique style and preferences.

We have also implemented database functionality for saving customized vehicle data. This system ensures that customization data is accurately saved for each user. Players can simply go to the garage, select the car they want, and their customizations will be preserved seamlessly. After the integration of meowchain, we will transition to using blockchain technology and real metadata to manage vehicle customizations.

Epic Games Social Features

Initial integration of the Epic Games social features enables adding friends and the core systems for the invitation system that will be implemented into our racing and shooter games, along with related features in the open world experience.

Update and Optimize Solo w/ refuel pad

Our players love to practice on the preferred track and car. Unfortunately after a certain amount of laps, players have to return to the HUB in order to refuel and refill their NOS. In v.0.5.0 we introduce in-game refuel pads. You’ll find them at the start and finish line of each track. All you have to do is drive and stop your car on top of them for a fast pitstop and full refuel and NOS refill, without the need to stop your practicing solo session. Just pitstop and keep on practicing. 


Restart Race

Continuing the quality of improvements in our game experience, we have greatly improved the end game results page. Enhanced visualization of each opponent's level, coins collected, lap times, and race times are now available. We also improved the player's experience points gains and coins collection with animated notification panels. The implementation of rematch is also a key feature. At the end of the race, simply choose “rematch,” and as soon as your opponents agree, you can go for another race with the same configuration without returning to the HUB.

"Rematch" Button (end of race)

By far the highest quality of life feature is the implementation of rematch. At the end of the race, simply choose “rematch” and as soon as your opponents agree you can go for another race with the same configuration, without the need to go through the hub and various UI options. Just a single click for endless racing fun!

Of course we haven’t forgotten the fact that when you keep on racing, you car will need to be refuelled, NOS will need to be refilled and damage will need to be repaired. Don't fret! Just before the race starts you can Refuel, Refill, Repair and then select “ready” and race again!

Keyboard Control Updates / Improvement

There have been significant improvements in keyboard controls. There are dedicated linearity curves and speed sensitivity curves for keyboard controls. The changes should make keyboard controlled cars, both more stable and more reactive to player’s inputs.

Leaderboard / Earning Status Notifications / Point Increase Notifications

New notifications for point increments help communicate to the player when they reach new minor milestones. There is also a new leaderboard page with animated earning notifications.

Off-Road Vehicle Physics

Two new off-road cars are included with v.0.5.0. Both cars have different handling characteristics that reproduce their higher center of gravity, higher inertia and heavier bodies, four wheel drive drivetrain, for bigger engines with more torque on the low revs, and of course... big off road tires that are slippery but offer much better traction for overcoming obstacles. These vehicles might not be as fast as the sports cars, but they can definitely go where the other cars simply cannot… 

Damage v1 (shader & mechanical)

We are enabling a preliminary version (v0.1) of our upcoming vehicle damage system. This initial release includes shader-based damage effects that impact the vehicle's body, windows, and lights. The system is integrated with the UI, allowing players to repair their cars seamlessly. Additionally, we have implemented functionality to save and track damage data for each vehicle.


Damage Repairs (button for $MILD)

Damage repairs are possible in the garage UI page. In order to slowly introduce the feature to our players and introduce the concept of damage, the repairs are free. Eventually they repair cost will incentivize players against reckless driving, creating more exciting races and a better environment inside the city.

New Tracks


A unique racing experience set within an urban park inside Little Meow. This track blends the tranquility of nature with the thrill of racing, featuring winding paths, unexpected obstacles, and even staircases. It's not just a race—it's an obstacle course where agility and the right vehicle make all the difference. Your powerful sports-car may get you to the first obstacle quickly, but without the versatility of an off-road vehicle, you might find yourself stuck. Embrace the challenge of Park, where every turn offers a new test of skill and strategy.

Cliff Run

Introducing Cliff Run, a daring new track that takes you to exhilarating heights. This track isn't just about speed—it's about navigating new pockets of Little Meow. Cliff Run demands precision and the right vehicle choice. Your sleek, low-slung sports car might shine on a flat circuit, but here, a rugged off-road vehicle is your best bet to tackle the vertical challenges where adaptability are key.

Hyper Scale


In our most recent MetaGravity test, we successfully demonstrated the capability of having over 100+ clients driving simultaneously in Little Meow. This test was executed to showcase an early look at the potential of MetaGravity's mass-concurrency server technology. For comparison, a racing game like Forza can support up to ~24 players in a single race instance and an MMO game like GTA online can support up to ~30 players in an instanced environment. We have already surpassed market leaders in this regard and are only at the beginning.

Each client represented is an automated player driving through the streets, and interacting with the environment. The results were impressive, with smooth performance and minimal latency. This milestone not only highlights our technical achievements but also sets a new benchmark for mass concurrency in virtual environments, paving the way for even larger-scale events in the future.


Simulating 10,000 Active Players

At the beginning of the month, we initiated extensive testing using various technologies to ensure the reliability of the game's core systems. Given the intensive development underway, rigorous testing is crucial. We simulated 10,000 active players cross-server to test the game under different conditions. Concurrently, we optimized areas where issues were identified, ensuring smooth scalability as the number of players increase.

Separate Database for Tracking Races

We implemented new functionality that allows us to track detailed race data. Previously, our focus was on tracking player results across different tracks with various cars, and player-specific data such as points and coins. Now, we are tracking each race by assigning a unique ID and saving all related information. This enhancement also provides a solid foundation for saving replay data or re-running races in the future if needed.

Racing Line Assistance

We are excited to share an early implementation of our new Racing Line Assistance system for our online multiplayer racing game. This advanced feature provides real-time guidance to players, highlighting the optimal racing line for each track.

The Racing Line Assistance tool integrates several development features to enhance track setup, displaying the best path for racing while dynamically indicating areas where players should brake or accelerate. This is especially crucial in navigating turns, where precise control can make a significant difference in performance.


Key functionalities of the Racing Line Assistance system include:

  • Optimal Path Display: Highlights the best racing line based on track geometry and player telemetry.
  • Dynamic Brake and Acceleration Indicators: Real-time visual cues for braking and accelerating, tailored to specific track sections.
  • Skill Balancing: Assists players with varying skill levels in mastering track turns, improving overall race results and enjoyment.

This tool is designed to balance gameplay, providing less experienced players with the guidance needed to compete more effectively while still offering a challenge for advanced players to refine their techniques. We believe this addition will significantly enhance the racing experience and help all players achieve better results on the track.

AI and Machine Learning for NPC Opponents and Racing

We have initiated the implementation of a next-level AI system for both racing opponent vehicles and shooter agents. This cutting-edge technology leverages machine learning to train AI characters, replacing traditional AI bots that rely on behavior trees or algorithmic setups.


Opponent Vehicle Training

Key features of the new AI system include:

  • Machine Learning Integration: Utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to develop more intelligent and adaptable AI opponents.
  • Enhanced Realism: AI characters and racing opponents exhibit more natural and unpredictable behaviors, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
  • Dynamic Adaptation: The AI system continuously learns and adapts to player strategies, providing a more challenging and engaging environment.

The development of this AI system is ongoing, and we are excited about the potential it holds for improving gameplay. Stay tuned for more detailed updates and insights in our upcoming Dev Logs.


NPC Opponent Traning

Wilder World Shooter Update

In our ongoing development of the Wilder World Shooter, we're thrilled to share significant progress across several key areas. Our team has been working diligently to enhance the overall gameplay experience, and we have some exciting updates to highlight.


4x Player Combat in Blockout Level

Motion Capture Integration

Recently, we received animation data from our motion capture shoot at Centroid, a renowned motion capture studio in London. This data has been instrumental in bringing realistic and fluid movements to our shooter. We've initiated the integration of these animations for V1 of our shooter, which will ensure that character movements are lifelike and immersive.


Some New Animations

First-Person Shooter Animations

Our team has also been hard at work creating detailed keyframed animations for the first-person shooter experience. These animations include intricate details such as gun reloads and unique actions for each weapon. This meticulous attention to detail helps to enhance the overall realism and engagement of the gameplay.


Shooter Assets

The team has been working on making the remaining FPS assets game-ready and textured, including the AR15 texture set and the first crate. This effort ensures that all final assets meet the quality standards required for an optimal gaming experience.

Please Don’t Shoot Me Down

A big focus has been put on the effects seen when a character gets hit by a weapon projectile. This VFX uses a custom-built system that wraps around the character being hit, as opposed to being just a repeated effect at the point of impact. Because of this, we can make the effect large and stylized without it seeming to come off the character in an unrealistic way. The hit effect has multiple layers of wave-like visuals that pulse outward over the body until they dissipate.


Dynamic Pick-Up-and-Drop System

A new addition to our shooter is the dynamic pick-up-and-drop system. This feature allows players to interact with the environment in a highly interactive way. Players can pick up, drop, and throw objects within the level, adding a layer of strategy and immersion to the gameplay.


In-World NPC Development

We've made significant strides in developing our in-world NPCs. These AIs are designed with specific logic and can be trained to exhibit various behaviors, enhancing both single-player, multiplayer, and open-world experiences. Our goal is to create intelligent and challenging opponents that adapt to players' actions, providing a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.


Level Design and Gameplay Modes

We have created eight distinct levels for the Wilder World Shooter, divided between multiplayer and single-player modes.

Multiplayer Levels

We've been working on new multiplayer levels and completed two fully symmetrical block-outs. Designed for an arena-style shooter mode with a working Title called 'The Void', supporting 4v4 deathmatch gameplay. These levels are crafted to promote fast-paced, competitive action inspired by our team's favorite FPS games.


Single-Player Levels

We've completed six blockout levels acting as a part of a single-player mode we've been working on called the Training Simulator. In this mode, players can engage to refine their skills as they progress through increasingly challenging levels. These levels feature varying enemy types and loot to be discovered and acquired, adding depth and replayability to the single-player experience.


Our team has been working hard on delivering a fun and engaging shooter in Wilder World with a goal of rivaling our favorite games growing up, and we can't wait for you to try out these new features and levels. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and expand upon these exciting developments.

Environment Development

World Building

NEXUS Concept

District Aesthetics

A significant focus has gone into exploring new aesthetics for the various districts by using pre-existing kits with new texture sets to achieve the desired look. These efforts are aimed at ensuring each district has a unique visual identity, enhancing the overall immersive experience for Wilders everywhere.

Architectural Kits

Expanding architectural kits to ensure the NEXUS has its own unique set of meshes. This blend with the standard selection creates a distinctive 25-30% visual difference, making the area easily recognizable as new. The custom meshes provide a fresh look while maintaining harmony with the existing architectural elements.

Example Buildings

Developing an initial batch of example buildings to guide the scale, blockout breakdown, materials, and overall mood. Revisiting old concept work for a packed level instance idea previously worked on, these buildings serve as prototypes to set the standard for future development, ensuring consistency and quality in design.

New Kits

Nika has been working on many new modular kit sets that will be divided among the various districts. The goal is to create and implement as many kit packs as possible, allowing time for creating hero configurations. This approach ensures a diverse and customizable environment, enhancing the visual and functional aspects of each district.

Additional Packs

Tech and greebles packs are now game-ready. Assistance is being provided for the last few specialist pieces of the new curb/sidewalk setup and new textures for bridges between land masses. These additions will enhance the overall detail and realism of the game environment.


Storefront Overhaul

Storefronts now have updated blueprint options, significantly enhancing the AAA ground-level environment. These updates ensure that the storefronts are visually appealing and consistent with the high-quality standards of the game.


MIW Level

Completing final clean-ups in the MIW level by covering imperfect visual areas with buildings and foliage. Transitioning to setting up Nexus plots and developing a plan for the Nexus level build process to continue work on packed level environments.




Working on designs for 12 hero buildings beneath elevated platforms in Nexus. The first three are complete, aiming for three more this week. The last architectural pack, totaling 114 new unique modules/assets, is complete. Ongoing work includes unwrapping, optimizations, and substance materials.

First-Round Designs

Nine out of twelve first-pass designs for hero buildings are complete. A dual approach (paneled vs. traditional stacks of windows and dividers) addresses material scale and memory constraints. If paneled options prove technically unviable, the alternative approach will be used.

Advanced Blockout

We started a new process for greyboxing NEXUS, including initial imports, adjustments, and layout of gameplay feature areas (hideouts, refuel areas, etc.). Updated blueprints for storefront setups and Nexus metro packed level instance.

Storefront Instances

Setting up new storefront packed level instances for Nexus ground level. Along with implementing new building designs into level plots to gauge aesthetics. Adjustments may be necessary depending on space requirements and modifications. Grey boxes occupy most plots, with plans to reduce their size to incorporate more ground-level variations (storefronts, statues, foliage, etc.).

Technical Issues

With this new district process, we've had to identify new technical solutions we've been collaborating with the core development team to address, such as determining how and when to divide the map into smaller chunks for export/import. This collaboration aims to improve workflow and reduce loading times.


Early Look at the NEXUS Blockout

Procedural Tooling

Sidewalk 2.0

Every little detail in Wiami is being considered. Even the sidewalks are custom and detailed specifically for Wiami, giving you futuristic city details you won’t find anywhere else. Our new base sidewalk system has now been implemented island-wide, providing Wiami with a fresh and futuristic ground-level aesthetic. The sidewalk is comprised of 30+ uniquely designed parts, which are scattered based on different sidewalk conditions. Nowhere else will you see such attention to detail in common objects like sidewalks of a city.

Curb-side Protection

A strategy for the guardrail and bollard scattering was developed and successfully deployed around the entire island of Wiami. This system uses a smart algorithm based on how cities decide where to place these curbside barriers. The bollards and barriers also have a degree of imperfection with offsets and tilts built into their placement system to make the results feel more realistic.

Stay in Your Lane

Medians play a large role in the functionality of city streets. We have designed and implemented multiple median systems island-wide. These systems consist of planters, sidewalks, and road markings. Each element is custom-designed in the Wilder style and deployed based on rules for different kinds of streets.

Crossing Over

The Island of Wiami is comprised of a series of smaller island chains. A bridge tool was developed to make connecting roadways between them on the ground level to cross water and jungle. The tool adds thickness, structure below guard rails, and correct structure spacing. The trusses are custom-designed meshes utilized in the bridge tool, giving the bridges the familiar feel of Wilder World.


Going the Right Way

Our new road direction system provides data on traffic flow and turn lane directions. This data is used physically to place objects such as traffic arrows, but it also provides data for our AI traffic systems on how they should turn and where they should drive. This all works in real time; as the incoming angles of roads approach an intersection, the angle data changes the arrow directions and turn information in real time.


Procedural Intersection Tool

Above Water

We are continually updating our infrastructure and overpass systems. The latest additions include structural columns specifically for where columns land in water. This structure becomes a more solid base that the usual columns sit on top of. This is something we're particularly excited about unlocking for new race tracks and the ability to experience Wiami at different elevations.

In the Jungle

The overall island vegetation system has been completely overhauled with more natural scatter patterns, better tree models, and more variety in the plant life. Wiami is a true urban jungle and needs the tropical fauna to match.

Another Brick in the Wall

We have been developing a bunch of interior-specific tools, as you have seen in the last DevLog with the floor tool. Now we have developed a tool for walls that auto generates panels, allowing you to quickly trace out rooms. The wall HDA tool has tons of customization options, such as which panels to use for crowns, bases, and middles, as well as various settings for divisions and thicknesses. Any type of mesh panel can be used in the tool, making the result possibilities limitless.


Procedural Interior Systems

With the new floor and wall tools, we can rapidly prototype and output new interior levels by simply tracing block outs. This workflow greatly increases the speed at which we can panelize our interior levels for a base level of detail. All these elements can be changed at any time on the fly with no need to go back and redo any work.


Get on My Level

We have been developing an algorithm to automatically generate infinite amounts of FPS level maps. This process creates rooms and the paths between them via shortest walk and clustering algorithms. The potential is that we can constantly create new FPS experiences and even have maps eventually be community-generated.


Character Development

The Avatar team has been rocking it as always, achieving significant milestones in various aspects of development. Their efforts have resulted in new customization features, improved animation techniques, and the integration of advanced technologies to create more immersive and realistic avatars.

This progress not only enhances the player experience but also sets a new standard for character design and interactivity within Wilder World.


Significant work has gone into the Agent. The high-poly assets are complete, with the addition of the under suit, gloves, and other accessories. The low-poly game asset is also in progress, and we hope to get this character in-game soon. The agent is now in the build and fully playable, with variations to be finished soon.


Frank Character

The chest piece has undergone a full overhaul in terms of model, textures, and materials. With this, the Frank character is considered done until we move on to Frank V3.



We are advancing with clothing rigging in preparation for Character Creator V2. Additionally, we are close to getting the basic rigging done for the Miners. The guns are now rigged for first-person use, and the animation team will soon have them for reload animations.



Work has started on Quell, the leader of the FORUM and puppet of the ANUNNAKI. He is currently in the concept poly phase, so it's still early days, but we look forward to having a fully fleshed out version to show soon.


Character Creator V2

Work has resumed on updating the character creator, bringing it up to date with all the new assets and features we've been developing. This will be an ongoing process. We're getting closer and closer to getting it into the game and couldn't be happier with how things are progressing.


Insurance Will Cover It

Our vehicle damage base system has received extra attention this time around to take it to the next level of realism. This level of damage is on the cosmetic level and smartly uses material shader tricks to give the appearance of damage without deforming the mesh of the vehicle. The shader damage is calculated based on where the vehicle is hit and changes the shader in place.


Concept Cars

Worsche Whyenne Turbo 2012: Street tires, low center of gravity for an SUV, refined looks and interiors, and a massive turbocharged engine. Combines off-road capability with sports car agility.

Walfa Womeo Wiulia Sprint WTW 1965: Timeless design, agile chassis, balanced handling, exceptional grip, and enough power. Ideal for twitchy roads.

Wodge Wordnet Wuper Wee 1970: Classic muscle car. Offers a choice to be different and express yourself, with a powerful roar.

Worgan Wero SuperSports 2010: The wildest of rides in the city of Wilders. Extravagant and visually striking.

Wazda WX WiritW Type 2002: Slick, fast, agile, with amazing tuning potential from the exotic engine.

Wotus Weneven 1956: Retro-modern looks combined with advanced technology. Lightweight and in a class of its own.

Wodge Walanger WT Wemi 1970: Another muscle car with excess power and style. A collectible classic.

Wokewagen Warmann Ghia 1967 (WIP): An impressive concept turned reality, respecting the agility and lightness of the original relic.

New Cars

Word Wustang King Wilder 1978: A classic muscle car, known for its exaggerated style and great value for money.

Wincoln Wontinental 1962: Long, majestic, beautiful, and powerful. A statement car with plenty of power.

Wercedes W65 WMG 2012: Minimalistic design focused on moving fast over any terrain with reliability and efficiency.

WMW W5 W39 2003: The best executive car, offering effortless, fast, and efficient travel.

WUMMER W1 Walpha 2006: Massive, exaggerated, and over the top. Designed for power and impact.

Wilder Wheels Show Update

We're stoked to reveal one of our latest content endeavors: Wilder Wheels, a show previously known as RIDEZ in the OPERATION DOMINO roadmap. This isn't just any show—it's a collaboration with none other than the legend himself, SuperMassive, and the metaverse content creation studio BasedAF. Together with Aris and the Wheels team, we've been redefining what Wilder Wheels means. Partnering and working together with SuperMassive and BasedAF has been a joy, showing the potential for what creating next-gen content inside the metaverse means in the future.


From OBR to FBR: The Evolution

In Wilder Wheels, we’re diving deep into the transformation journey of our vehicles and their transformation from OBR to FBR. Each episode will spotlight specific vehicles from our collection, giving you an insider's look at their evolution. You'll see the meticulous process and the passion that goes into every detail.

Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Expect an all-access pass to the behind-the-scenes action of what Aris and the Wheels team have been up to as we've been up leveling each and every Wheel. The Wilder Wheels show is akin to a modern day 'Pimp my Ride' meets 'Top Gear' taking Wilders through of the creative journey. From the initial sketches to the final design tweaks, you'll witness the magic unfold. This highlights the craftsmanship and innovative spirit driving Wilder World.


Innovation and Design on Display

Each episode will explore the unique features and enhancements of selected vehicles, illustrating how they play into the Wilder World experience. We can't wait for you to join us on this thrilling ride. Get ready to dive into the world of Wilder Wheels and see your new Wheels come to life.

Stay tuned for more updates and the official launch!

Enhancing Cinematics

We've been focused on improving our cinematic development capabilities. By integrating advanced in-world tools, traffic systems, and AI, our cinematic shorts now better reflect the dynamic open world players will experience.


These enhancements allow us to create realistic and responsive environments, with accurate traffic patterns and lifelike AI behaviors. As we prepare to roll out the open world, these improvements ensure our cinematics will seamlessly represent what our goal is to create with the gameplay experience, offering a truly immersive experience.

Wilder World Metaverse Market

We're in the final testing stages of rolling out Wilder World Metaverse Market V2, an enhanced and fully native marketplace designed to elevate the Wilder World experience. Here’s an in-depth look at what you can expect:

Native Marketplace for Wilder World Collections

The Metaverse Market V2 will be an all-encompassing platform dedicated to Wilder World. It will feature all of our current collections, providing a location for players and collectors to explore, trade, and purchase Wilder World assets. This marketplace will be fully compatible with MeowChain, ensuring seamless integration with our blockchain infrastructure.

Support for New Collections

In addition to showcasing our existing collections, the Metaverse Market V2 will enable us to launch new collections directly through the marketplace. This continuous flow of fresh and exciting content will keep the Wilder World ecosystem dynamic for Wilders.

Use of Native WILD Token

The marketplace will support transactions using our native WILD token. This integration not only reinforces the utility of WILD within the Wilder World ecosystem but also provides a straightforward and efficient way to drive value to the WILD token.

Cross-Marketplace Aggregation

One of the standout features of Metaverse Market V2 is its ability to aggregate data from other marketplaces. This cross-marketplace functionality allows collectors to access a broader range of assets, information and liquidity, all from within the Wilder World marketplace. It provides a comprehensive view of available assets.

Enforced Royalties

To support creators and maintain the integrity of the Wilder World ecosystem, the marketplace will enforce royalties. This ensures that creators receive their due compensation for their work, fostering a sustainable and fair environment for all participants.

Built-in Questing System

The Metaverse Market V2 will also feature a robust built-in questing system. This system will offer various types of social campaigns, engagements, and activations, providing Wilders with opportunities to earn rewards and participate in unique experiences. The questing system is designed to increase interaction and engagement within the Wilder World community.

Airdrop and Reward System

Finally, the marketplace will include capabilities for conducting airdrops and managing a built-in reward system. These features will enable us to reward loyal users, incentivize participation, and distribute assets efficiently within the community.

The Wilder World Metaverse Market V2 is a significant step forward in our mission to create a vibrant and engaging metaverse. We are excited about the possibilities this new marketplace offers.


As we continue to delve deeper into the narrative of Wilder World, we've made significant strides in defining the right structure and representation of our story. Through this process we've developed a key overarching framework to better bring the Wilder lore to life.


We've established a comprehensive timeline that spans from the pre-inception of Wilder World to the modern day. This linear timeline helps us anchor key events and developments within the game's universe, providing a cohesive historical context for players.

Story Structure

Our story structure has been outlined to enhance the depth of the Wilder World experience. The structure is divided into three main components:

The Universe: This phase involves creating the broader context for the universe of Wilder World. It encompasses the general lore, history, and fundamental principles that govern the universe.

Setting: After establishing the universe, we zoom in on the specific setting where the story takes place – specifically Wiami. This includes key locations, and the unique characteristics that make each setting distinct.

Plot: Finally, we delve into the actual storyline. This is where we outline the narrative arc, the sequence of events, and how the story unfolds within the established world and setting. The plot is designed to intertwine closely with gameplay, ensuring that players are deeply engaged with the story as they play.

The Universe Structure of WW

Beat Sheet

To ensure the plot's pacing is compelling and well-structured, we've been developing a beat sheet. This system outlines the major beats or key moments in the storyline, providing a clear roadmap for how the plot will progress. The beat sheet helps us maintain a consistent and engaging narrative flow, ensuring that players are constantly drawn into the unfolding story of Wilder World.

Characters and Factions

We have expanded our focus on the characters and factions within Wilder World, this includes:

  • The Wilders: The main characters that players will either control or interact with throughout the game.
  • The FORUM: The primary opposing forces, including The FORUM and their agents, who are controlled by the ANUNNAKI and have a mission to overtake Wilder World to gain control of reality.
  • The KIN and the CHOSEN: A diverse cast of support characters who add depth and complexity to the story, each with their own motivations and backstories.

These characters and factions are carefully integrated into the gameplay, influencing missions, objectives, and player interactions.

The Breach Gameplay Mode

One of the key gameplay modes we've been preparing is called The Breach. This mode is intricately tied to the lore and narrative structure we've developed. In The Breach, players will respond to breaches executed by The FORUM and its accomplices, who aim to penetrate the GATE (Wiami's protective shield). Players must defend against these invasions, tackling waves of autonomous AI opponents in real-time gameplay. The Breach is designed to be a dynamic mass-scale mode that requires Wilders to work together, which reflects the ongoing battle between the Wilders and The FORUM.

We believe that these detailed story elements will enhance gameplay and provide players with a deeply engaging ever unfolding world to explore.

Expanding Wilder World Through Strategic Partnerships

As part of our ongoing mission to introduce Wilder World to a wider audience within the Web3 gaming ecosystem, we have actively engaged in multiple partnership activations and questing campaigns. These efforts aim to grow our social media presence, improve our Epic Games wish-list rank, and increase the number of WILD token holders. Our approach includes strategic collaborations with leading Web3 gaming platforms and communities, leveraging their networks to amplify our reach and engagement.

Partnership with Param Labs

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Param Labs, a standout platform in the Web3 space known for its innovative questing features within a large Web3 gaming community. Param Labs offers a unique and immersive experience for users, allowing them to engage in various quests and missions that provide tangible rewards. By integrating with Param Labs, Wilder World can offer its community exciting new challenges that not only entertain but also educate users about our ecosystem. This collaboration aims to drive higher engagement rates and bring a fresh wave of participants into Wilder World, enhancing our social media presence and growing our base of WILD token holders. This is the first step of this partnership, with exciting additional activations already in planning.

Ongoing Campaigns with CARV

Our third campaign with CARV is currently underway, following the success of our first two campaigns where Wilder World ranked among the top five most engaged projects. CARV stands out in the Web3 gaming community for its dynamic and interactive questing platform, which seamlessly blends entertainment with engagement. CARV’s ability to attract a large and active user base has been pivotal in boosting our visibility. These campaigns have driven significant engagement, introducing Wilder World to a passionate community of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. By participating in CARV's questing activities, users are incentivized to explore Wilder World's unique offerings, thereby increasing our visibility and engagement metrics.

Ramping Up Partnership Efforts

Building on the momentum from our successful collaborations with Param Labs, CARV, Earn Alliance, and other partners, we are ramping up our efforts to partner with additional questing and gaming communities. These strategic alliances will focus on further expanding our reach and engagement within the Web3 gaming ecosystem. By collaborating with more platforms, we aim to create a diversified network of partnerships that will drive continuous growth in our social media following, Epic Games wishlist rank, and WILD token holder base.

KOL and Influencer Engagement

As we conclude our initial three-month engagement with several key opinion leaders (KOLs) and influencers, we are proud to reflect on the impact they have had on our outreach efforts. Throughout this period, our KOLs have significantly amplified our announcements, releases, and product updates, resulting in over 4.2 million impressions. Notably, over 95% of these impressions have been within the Web3 gaming audience. This extensive reach has not only bolstered our community growth but also strengthened Wilder World's presence in the competitive Web3 gaming market. Wilder World is widely recognized as one of the top Web3 gaming projects in the space. We look forward to continuing and expanding these partnerships to sustain and build upon this momentum.

Burning Questions

  • Q: What is the strategy for streaming the next live racing event to the public? 
    • A: We will continue to improve our stream set up, with more feeds and a more structured format for the typecast. We’ll stream directly to X, there’s also been discussions about firing up the Wilder World twitch account to access a more gaming focused audience. 
  • Q: Are we going to leverage YouTube again? If so, when? 
    • A: We have a good backlog of videos we’ve been planning to post on YouTube. We don’t currently have a date we’ll be rolling them out, but there have been internal discussions about this given the importance of YouTube as a platform for gaming projects. 
  • Q: Will we see marketing ramp up at the beginning of ACT II like we did with ACT I? 
    • A: We will keep marketing consistent as to what was seen with ACT I. An important distinction to understand is building brand awareness vs. driving for conversion. We believe that starting to drive for more tangible metrics like DAU/MAU and onchain activity through gameplay will be the best things to focus on moving forward. Our assumption is that this will create more value for the WW ecosystem, and offer more fulfillment for the community through unique experiences and opportunities to earn. 
  • Q: Will Wilders have similar opportunities to test combat, like they did with racing? 
    • A: Yes, the current Dev project that Midnight in Wiami is on will become the testing environment for the open-world and combat. 
  • Q: Do you think a massive increase in token APR, prior to NFT staking, is damaging to NFT holders? 
    • A: Not at all. The project is mostly incentivizing becoming a liquidity provider, which helps all aspects of the ecosystem. More liquidity will help support the token economy, and other rewards systems that are rolling out.
  • Q: Do we have any updates on what assets will need to be bridged to Meowchain manually? (Tokens and/or NFTs) 
    • A: Not at this moment. We will know more closer to launch, anticipated sometime over the next 60-90 days.
  • Q: Can we expect AMAs with Frank and n3o as laid out in the roadmap? 
    • A: We will ramp this up, starting with the spaces today!


June was filled with significant advancements for the Wilder team, showcasing our mission to expanding and enhancing Wilder World. We look forward to the next phase shift with a deep focus on driving DAU/MAU and driving value to the Wilder Economy, getting closer to making our shared vision a reality for Wilders far and wide.

With love,

The Wilders