Wilder World's Epic Games Saga Begins

Wilder World's Epic Games Saga Begins


The development of Wilder World with Unreal Engine has naturally aligned us with the Epic ecosystem and its team. In line with our core ethos that Wilder World is for all, we're excited to unveil our listing on the Epic Games Store. This launch will significantly expand our outreach, connecting us to a diverse, global community of gamers.

The Epic Games Store, launched in December 2018, is a digital distribution platform to purchase and download video games. By offering a streamlined interface and a diverse selection of titles, Epic Games Store enables players to easily discover and access new games, providing both developers and consumers with a more favorable ecosystem. The platform adopts a creator-supportive revenue model, allocating 88% of sale proceeds to developers. This approach, coupled with weekly free game offerings, has bolstered the platform's popularity among both creators and gamers.


Epic Growth in 2023

The Epic Games Store Year in Review, 2023 revealed impressive statistics with a user base of over 270 million PC users, marking a substantial increase of 40 million from the previous year. Daily Active Users (DAU) peaked at 36.1 million, while Monthly Active Users (MAU) reached 75 million, showing significant growth compared to the previous year's figures of 34.3 million DAU and 68 million MAU in 2022. Total player expenditure surpassed $950 million, marking a 16% increase from 2022. The platform continued its trend of offering free games, with 86 titles given away in 2023, resulting in nearly 586 million claims by users. This strategic approach not only broadens the platform's user base, it also increases game exposure​.

Wilder World's Integration into the Epic Games Ecosystem

The Epic Games Store listing will provide an exciting glimpse into Wilder World, featuring lore, development updates, system requirement details, essential legal information and in-game content. Epic Store players can now wishlist Wilder World to receive timely updates, and upon release, gain direct access to the game through the Epic platform.  Our website will also feature a direct link to Wilder World on the Epic Games Store.

Get ahead of the curve - join our wishlist and be amongst the first to receive exciting updates and exclusive content on Wilder World. Every signup brings us closer to our goal of reaching the top 10 wishlist. Join our community today and be part of the journey!


This alliance marks a pivotal moment in our mission to make Wilder World accessible to all. The remarkable growth of the Epic Games Store, alongside its dynamic ecosystem, provides the ideal launch pad for unparalleled exposure and accessibility in the gaming world.

With blessings,

The Wilders