Scaling the Simulation: Partnering with MetaGravity

Scaling the Simulation: Partnering with MetaGravity


After extensive diligence to find the right mass scale concurrency partner, Wilder World has teamed up with MetaGravity—a leading provider of scalable virtual worlds. This collaboration is driven by our shared mission to achieve a highly scalable, persistent, single shard simulation—which introduces a new model of multi-player scale, concurrency and parallelism. Prior to working with MetaGravity, Wilder World met with all of the key players in the space that specialize in mass scale concurrency, and found that MetaGravity’s tech was the best.


Unprecedented Scalability and Performance

For over six months, we've collaborated closely with MetaGravity and have integrated our systems to work as one team. This includes working off of a single shared project to ensure for agile and rapid development. We have daily scrums and weekly play tests with both of our teams to fine tune the replication, where we have already seen significant improvements.

Traditional multiplayer architectures typically cap at 150 players per server. With MetaGravity's HyperScale Engine we are working to break through these barriers, which would enable unprecedented scale with over 100,000 players on a single shard, with plans to expand to 1-10 million+ users as the technology matures. It's also worth noting that the MetaGravity team members are no strangers to solving big problems in multiplayer architecture, previously working with Eve Online in 2014 for The Battle of B-R5RB, which is often regarded as one of the largest PvP battles of all time, supporting up to 7,548 player characters total and 2,670 concurrently.

Developer-Centric Solutions

Our collaboration prioritizes developer experience, offering an intuitive integration with leading game engines like Unreal Engine. With MetaGravity's solution, developers can deploy their creations effortlessly, without the need for complex rebuilds or extensive programming. This streamlined approach empowers us to focus on innovation and creativity, accelerating the pace of in-world development.

Through this partnership, Wilder World's goal is to achieve the following:

  • Scale player avatars to 30,000 concurrent players within Wiami, creating a truly immersive and populated metropolis.
  • Support high-speed driving experiences with over 200 networked vehicles and intricate physics simulations, enabling exhilarating and dynamic racing within the vast cityscape.
  • Bring the vast cityscape of Wiami to life with unparalleled detail and fidelity, allowing players to explore and interact with the world in new, meaningful ways.


We are working to eliminate traditional barriers to scalability, which would enable seamless interaction among thousands of concurrent players within Wilder World. Achieving this breakthrough will not only enhance the player experience but will also drive down cloud operating costs by up to 99%, championing sustainability in metaverse infrastructure.

In utilizing next-gen technologies provided by our partnership with MetaGravity, Wilder World is at the forefront of building a truly immersive simulation. We've made it our mission to bring an innovative approach to scalability, so Wilders can experience Wiami as we have imagined it.

With each advancement, we're not just building the simulation — we're cultivating immersive experiences that inspire creativity and invite exploration. Together, we invite creators, developers, and players to join us on this mission as we redefine the future of the metaverse. We will also be with MetaGravity during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at booth S927 from Wednesday March 20th, to Friday March 22nd. If you're at the event, come by to try out our racing experience.

Wilder World is for all.