A Gas Free Future: Polygon with Celestia underneath

A Gas Free Future: Polygon with Celestia underneath

Everything in Wilder World exists as an onchain object – from Avatars and Cyberwear to Wheels, Crafts, Land, Buildings and more. Each transaction and gameplay experience will be powered by $WILD, creating robust token utility and incentive alignment between players, creators and infrastructure providers. We are building Wilder World for the masses, anticipating millions of players and billions of onchain objects.

To support this level of scale for virtual worlds we require our own blockchain. One that is super fast, light-weight, scalable, decentralized and inexpensive to run. Not only does it need to be all of these things, it needs to be gasless, to enable true internet scale. Yes, you heard that correctly – gasless. After six months of comprehensive discussions with leading Layer 1 and Layer 2 ecosystems, we have selected Polygon with Celestia underneath, to build a revolutionary modular blockchain at the forefront of zero-knowledge technology.

Today, in partnership with our sister project ZERO, we are announcing Meowchain. A new type of blockchain specifically designed for scaling GameFi, virtual worlds and The Simulation.  

Let’s begin.

Scalable Solutions with Polygon and Celestia

Meowchain will enable a hyper-scalable, ultrafast Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, differentiated by gasless transactions. Once you bridge to Meowchain, application and protocol providers are responsible for paying gas fees on behalf of users. In the case of Wilder World, gas fees will be paid directly via metropolis – Wilder World’s industry economy protocol set – that generates revenue via trading fees.

The deployment of Meowchain will be facilitated by the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), providing the necessary tools and infrastructure for successful integration. Using Polygon CDK technology, Meowchain will settle directly to Ethereum mainnet, and join the ranks of other L2s to bring decentralization to the world. With Celestia's modular data availability network, Meowchain can scale to millions of users whilst unlocking highly expressive onchain gameplay through the power of Data Availability Sampling.


The Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit) is a comprehensive toolset designed to facilitate the creation, customisation and deployment of L2 blockchains within the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. It leverages advanced features, including zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-proofs) and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), to allow developers to build scalable, secure, and interoperable blockchain networks. The Polygon CDK aims to lower the barriers to blockchain development, offering modularity and flexibility, which enable developers to tailor L2 solutions to their specific requirements. This makes it easier to launch new chains that are automatically interoperable with Ethereum, enhancing liquidity and network effects.

For Meowchain this means:

Ease of Deployment: Polygon CDK simplifies the process of launching custom Layer 2 blockchains by providing developers with the necessary framework, documentation, and tools, thereby reducing technical barriers traditionally associated with blockchain development.

Enhanced Privacy and Security: Polygon ZK technology enhances privacy and security in blockchain applications and protocols, by allowing confidential data verification without data disclosure.

Interoperability and Ecosystem Connectivity: Polygon CDK provides Meowchain with the option to be interoperable with other chains within the wider Polygon ecosystem and access unified liquidity, optimized performance, and seamless asset transfers.


Celestia is the first modular data availability network, aiming to securely scale alongside its user base, simplifying the process for anyone to launch their own chain. Celestia serves as a foundational layer for the rapid development of customisable and modular blockchains. This approach not only accelerates deployment but also facilitates the transformation of practically any blockchain network into a sovereign, autonomous chain, with Celestia underneath.

For Meowchain this means:

Improved Performance with Celestia’s Modular Approach: Unlike conventional blockchains that bundle consensus, data availability, and execution into a single layer, Celestia only handles data availability and consensus using Data Availability Sampling (DAS). For Meowchain, this translates to abundant throughput and scalable growth without compromising speed or security of transactions.

Enhanced Verifiability and Security: A data availability layer ensures that block data is stored separately from the core transaction processing layer, allowing easy verification by all network participants.

Decentralization: Celestia allows for decentralization and enhances network security by adopting a modular approach, where data availability is separated from transaction execution and responsibilities are distributed across different layers of the stack, reducing central points of control.

Boundless Creativity: Celestia simplifies the process of creating a new blockchain by handling the complex aspects of data consensus and availability, enabling Meowchain developers to fast-track development and seamlessly introduce custom game logic and bespoke execution environments.

The Future

The first public version of Midnight in Wiami – Wilder World’s first racing experience – will rely heavily on Meowchain for the integration of onchain rewards and staking. The Meowchain testnet is around the corner, which will be quickly followed by the mainnet deployment. Rolling this out soon is critical to the first public release of Wilder World, ZERO Messenger and ZERO OS. 

Meowchain is being designed to be decentralized, open source, permissionless and available for anyone, or any project that wants to leverage a hyper-scalable and gasless chain. We could not be more excited about the amazing relationship with Polygon Labs and Celestia core devs, and the incredible progress made by working together with a shared vision to build The Simulation.

Please give the Polygon and Celestia ecosystems a warm welcome to the Wilder community. They are a Wild bunch and together we are going to bring Web3 gaming to the masses.

With gratitude and blessings,

The Wilders