The Birth of $ZERO

The Birth of $ZERO

Today, on 12.12.21 at 9 PM PST we will birth the ZERO token to the universe.

On September 29, 2021 we announced the $ZERO QDO (Quantum DEX Offering) — a novel Token Generation Event to birth one ZERO Universe from another (Wilder World being the first of many Universes to come).

The genesis QDO is upon us and will honor early $WILD token holders with $ZERO, rewarding and incentivizing those who embody the Wilder Spirit.

At 9 PM PST ZERO will begin trading on Uniswap, and will be followed by an official listing on CoinMarketCap within the coming days. To follow $ZERO price action after launch please utilize DEX Tools for real-time on chain trading data.

Please make sure you are registered here ( to stay up to date as the process unfolds.

To purchase $ZERO Token on or after 9 PM PST today:

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your web3 wallet in the top right of the interface. This wallet must hold ETH in order to buy $ZERO.
  3. Click 'Select a Token' in the token swap input below where it says 'ETH'.
  4. Paste '0x0eC78ED49C2D27b315D462d43B5BAB94d2C79bf8' into the 'Search name or paste address' input field. This is the ZERO token address.
  5. Select 'Import' beside the 'ZERO' token indicator. Click Import.
  6. Enter in the amount of ETH you would like to swap for ZERO. Click Swap.
  7. Confirm your transaction with your wallet.

In order to visualize ZERO tokens in your wallet you must manually add the token address to your wallet. For Metamask, scroll to the bottom of your tokens section inside your wallet and click 'import tokens'. From there, click the 'Custom Token' tab at the top of your wallet, and then import the ZERO token using the address below:

ZERO Token Contract address: 0x0eC78ED49C2D27b315D462d43B5BAB94d2C79bf8.


If you are a holder of $WILD, you may be eligible to claim ZERO as part of the Quantum DEX Offering (QDO). For more details, make sure to carefully read our QDO ZINE to understand how many tokens you are eligible for.

To receive your $ZERO tokens as part of the QDO, please visit  

The following videos illustrate how to claim your tokens with written instructions below:

  1. Unlock, Import, and Claim ZERO Token
  2. Finale Video - Completed ZERO Token Claim
  3. Import Custom Token Manually

The redemption process can be broken down into three phases:

  1. Unlocking Vested Tokens
  2. Importing Custom Tokens
  3. Claiming ZERO Tokens.

Let’s begin!


Unlock Vested Tokens

Step 1: Head over to the  ZERO QDO Redemption Site.

Step 2: You’ll start to connect your wallet to the site by clicking the 'Connect' button and choose your preferred wallet. In order to complete the connection, click the icon of your Metamask Browser extension. You’ll see a little yellow circle on the top left of your account name  that says 'not connected'.

Step 3: Next, click 'Connect' highlighted in blue for the account you’d like to connect. You can minimize the MetaMask extension now by clicking on the browser icon.

Step 4: If you have tokens to claim, you’ll see an 'Unlock Tokens' button appear. Click the 'Unlock Tokens' button to proceed.

Step 5: Next, a pop up window will populate with the number of  tokens available for unlock. You’ll be required to click the 'Unlock Tokens’ again to trigger your Metamask approval.

Step 6: MetaMask will open up with an approvals page and you’ll need to confirm the transaction. This will require a gas fee. Click 'Confirm' to complete the transaction. After 30 seconds to five minutes you should see a message notifying you that you have 'Successfully Unlocked Tokens'. Once completed, you’ll next want to import the ZERO token into your wallet. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Import Custom Tokens

Step 6: Since you’ll already be connected to the redemption site, you can simply click 'Add ZERO Token to MetaMask' in blue.

Step 7: Your MetaMask browser will pop up. Click 'Add Token' button on the bottom far right of the browser extension.

Step 8: Confirm the ZERO token is added to your account by clicking the three vertical buttons below your MM avatar. Click into 'Expand View'.

Step 9: Click “Assets” and you should see ZERO Token.

Claim ZERO Token

Step 10: Now comes the fun! Click 'Claim Token' to finalize your ZERO Token claim.

Step 11: A pop up will appear showing the unlocked and vested tokens you have available. You’ll also see a vesting timeline below and if you hover above the blue circles, you’ll see specific dates that identify your timeline.

Step 12: To claim your tokens from the site you’ll, click 'Release Tokens' and your MetaMask approvals page will pop up again.

Step 13: Complete the transaction by clicking the 'Confirm' button on the bottom right of your MetaMask screen. The transaction may take 20-30 seconds to several minutes to complete.

Step 14: Finally, you’ve claimed your ZERO Tokens! A final pop up will appear showcasing the number of tokens you own. After this, you are all good to go!


If you need any further assistance, shoot us a message in the ZERO Channel of Wilder World’s Discord Server. <>

We truly are honored to have you along for this journey, both ZERO and Wilder World could not create magic without the critical love and support it receives from its citizens.

We honor and salute you.

From ZERO to Infinity,