Wilder World Partners with Samsung for Global Distribution

Wilder World Partners with Samsung for Global Distribution


Samsung, a titan in the tech industry, has positioned itself as a frontrunner in shaping the Metaverse, with a deep understanding of its vast landscape. Given this natural synergy, we have spent over 18 months exploring ways to develop a collaboration in line with our core ethos - Wilder World is for all.

In a move that marks a new chapter in technological convergence and immersive digital experiences, we are excited to announce our partnership with Samsung, signifying a leap towards unifying the physical and digital realms. The primary aim of this partnership is to ensure the global accessibility of Wilder World on Samsung TVs and other hardware - a shared goal that Samsung and Wilder World will collaboratively pursue.

Wilder World's integration into the Samsung ecosystem will be a phased process, starting with the inclusion of Wilder World assets and information on prominent Samsung platforms like Samsung.com/de, Gen3.samsung.com, and others novel upcoming Web3 platforms.

A New Chapter with Samsung Gen|3|Gate

Our journey starts with Wilder World joining Samsung’s exciting TX1 project, marking the integration of Web3 technology into Samsung Smart TVs. This initiative, as part of the broader Gen|3|Gate acts as a bridge, connecting users with the forefront of Web3, and by extension, offering Wilder World a platform with unparalleled reach. This partnership is set to unfold in various phases, gradually introducing our ecosystem to Samsung's extensive user base.

Wilder World x Samsung GEN3RATOR Campaign: A Milestone for Distribution
The GEN3RATOR campaign is a cornerstone of this partnership, designed to merge the Wilder and Samsung communities. This initiative is set to dramatically increase our exposure, potentially reaching hundreds of millions of Samsung customers through extensive marketing channels, Marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea), and various PR outlets.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Samsung to make Wilder World more accessible through their smart TVs. We are creating a next-gen gaming metaverse with an emphasis on immersion and realism, and Samsung’s global distribution and cutting-edge hardware will allow Wilder World to be experienced at its best. It is our mission to make Wilder World accessible to all, and this alliance is key to realizing that vision”. - Frank Wilder

The Samsung Web3 partner ecosystem also includes Polygon Labs, Illuvium, World of Women, the Belvedere Museum and Ledger, showcasing a diverse and powerful network.

The campaign will include several phases:

Pre-Registration: Wilders can pre-register for Samsung TX1 NFTs until April 24th. There will be 1000 of these random assets, created by Paul Milinksi.  All transactions will be conducted on the Polygon chain.

Exclusive Bundle Sale: The launch of an exclusive TV Web3 bundle sale on Samsung’s official online platforms marks a significant milestone in our journey to reaching a global audience. As part of the campaign, 15 Wilder World NFTs will be showcased on Samsung smart TVs (5 GENs, 5 Motos, 3 Wapes and 2 Wheels), which can be won by Web3 bundle customers. We will also have a featured company page on the official Gen3 Samsung website, as well as the Samsung Member App.

Commencing April 24th, this limited edition Web3 TV Bundle will be available with The Frame or The Sero TVs, and will include a Ledger hardware wallet, and other select partner NFTs. Wilder World will also receive an exclusive limited edition partnership NFT, the GEN3RATOR box. This NFT powers the Samsung Gen|3|Gate and will offer Wilders benefits in upcoming future partner activations. 

NFT App for All Samsung Smart TVs: Launching initially on Samsung The Frame and The Sero TVs, the Samsung NFT TV App will highlight featured partner collections in gallery mode. This app will not only showcase Wilder assets, but will allow users to interact with our ecosystem directly from their TVs, paving the way for a new wave of enthusiasts to join the Wilder community. Users can set up a personal wallet to access the app, allowing direct viewing and trading of NFTs on their Samsung TV. 

By harnessing the expansive distribution power of Samsung Smart TVs, we are substantially broadening our reach, greatly enhancing the accessibility of Wilder World, and consequently, boosting the intrinsic value of the $WILD token.


The partnership between Wilder World and Samsung marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital connectivity and immersive experiences. By leveraging Samsung's vast distribution network, we will bring Wilder World into the living rooms of millions, enhancing our distribution and visibility exponentially.

As we enter this new digital era, the potential for creativity, connectivity, and immersive experiences is boundless. Together, we look forward to breaking new ground and shaping the future of the Metaverse, ensuring that Wilder World is for all, free from geographic or economic barriers.

With blessings,

The Wilders