Wilder World Gets Super Charged

Wilder World Gets Super Charged


SuperVerse is a comprehensive ecosystem creating the first-ever unified crypto gaming network. At its core, the SuperVerse network aims to connect the largest Web3 community to leading crypto games in the market, through its network of highly-passionate partners, players, and its native SuperVerse blockchain.

SuperVerse has a clear mission - to accelerate worldwide crypto adoption by building and delivering Web3 products that onboard Web2 users through immersive blockchain experiences. Central to this mission is the integration of SuperVerse's native token, $SUPER, into flagship Web3 gaming titles, promoting unity between the industry's leading projects and the global network of gaming enthusiasts.

Pioneering the Next Wave of Web3 Gaming with SuperVerse

Wilder World and SuperVerse have been connected for a while as a natural alliance of visionary entities, both dedicated to propelling Web3 gaming into the mainstream through unparalleled experiences. 

Today, we are excited to announce the integration of the $SUPER token into the Wilder World ecosystem, marking the convergence of two leading projects in the Web3 gaming space. Further integrations of SuperVerse products and solutions are on the horizon, with the aim to enhance the Wilder World experience for all. We will enable each ecosystem to share knowledge and insights with the other's community, and educate the masses to achieve our common goal of global Web3 adoption in the gaming sector.

Integration of $SUPER into the Wilder ecosystem presents several benefits:

  • Unified Transactions: $SUPER token integration will streamline transaction processes, allowing seamless interaction between users from both platforms.
  • Cross-Platform Synergy: Cross-platform gameplay will cultivate an open Web3 environment, by increasing engagement and breaking down barriers between our gaming ecosystems. 
  • Revenue Opportunities: $SUPER integration will unlock revenue streams for in-game asset trading and cross-platform collaborations.

Expanding Access: Wilder World’s Journey to Support Multiple Tokens
This marks the first in a series of steps towards supporting multiple payment and token types in Wilder World. It is crucial we support a range of tokens to ensure Wilder World is as broadly accessible as possible, embodying our core principle: Wilder World is for all.

Payments made in USD or alternative tokens like $SUPER will automatically be converted to $WILD, ensuring value is attributed to the Wilder World Metropolis token economy.


Our alliance is not just a convergence of two platforms, it’s a beacon for the future of Web3 gaming. One that outlines a broader blueprint for interoperability and mutual enhancement between ecosystems. Together, we embark on a journey to accelerate global adoption of Web3 gaming!

With blessings,

The Wilders