Goblintown Mischief will Run Amok in Wiami

Goblintown Mischief will Run Amok in Wiami

The Goblins arrived in Wilder World through a portal like those who came before them, materializing in a hidden cave on the dark side of the mountain range. They quickly made the caves their new home but were soon discovered by a group of Wapes who were exploring the expansive maze of tunnels and now semi-furnished rooms.

At first, it was uncertain whether the Wapes posed a threat to the Goblins, but the Goblins were able to prove their usefulness to the leader of the Wapes by showing them the ins and outs of the caves. However, as natural-born tricksters, they conveniently "forgot" to mention the broken bridge further down the cave.

Once the Wapes moved on, the Goblins began planning their next move. They wanted to explore the outside world and play elaborate pranks on those they would encounter. The Wapes had mentioned the nearby metropolis of Wiami, and the Goblins saw it as the perfect place to start satisfying their hunger for mischief…

Expect the Unexpected

We are thrilled to announce that one of 2022’s standout NFT projects is joining The Wilder Nation! Our friends at Goblintown have been on a tear since they launched, capturing the attention of the entire NFT industry as masters of virality on their way to over 50,000 ETH of trading volume on OpenSea.

Goblintown’s core community of over 4,600 NFT owners has proven to be one of the most energetic and chaotic ever formed in Web3. They will be one of the first collectives to participate in the Wilder World metaverse experience; we look forward to working, playing, and socializing with them when we open Wiami!

“Goblintown is a wild project with an incredible team of peeps who have been friends and supporters of the Wilders since early on in our journey. It's been fun to watch the project come to life and push the web3 boundaries while capturing so much attention in the industry. We're excited to share our collab with the world... the mischievous Goblins and Wapes as co-conspirators go hand-in-hand and are a natural fit as metaverse frens.” - Hypno Wilder

The New Metaverse Home of Goblintown

Wiami is the first city of Wilder World, a world-building simulator that began development in 2011 at the direction of Frank Wilder, an explorer from an alternate dimension.

Beginning with using lidar data to create a 1 to 1 geographical replica of Miami as a foundational layer, the city transformed into 5D by altering geography with Wilder flair to create the ideal map for the citizens of our virtual nation to experience the metaverse. The end result is a Miami-inspired city that champions the solarpunk ethos and is primed to serve as a great crossroads of the metaverse.

What’s Coming Up?

The primary focus of our alliance with Goblintown moving forward will be to co-create awareness for both projects by bringing the Goblins into Wiami. Heavy emphasis will be placed on bringing our communities together and on disrupting current systems with new ideas! Here is a brief timeline overview of what’s to come:

Short Term

  • Create concept art and exterior design of the Goblintown Wiami hangout
  • Scope out community activations in line with the 2023 calendar

Medium Term

  • Build the Goblintown hangout in Wiami
  • Create content around the hangout and run micro-activations once Wiami is open to the public

Long Term

  • Get Goblins running around Wiami!

Sync up with Goblintown!

In celebration of our newly forged partnership with Goblintown, we will be giving away a Wilder Wape for Goblintown holders! The giveaway can be accessed at this LINK.

Join us on Twitter Spaces today at 3:00 pm PST where we’ll be hosting the Goblintown team and their community. Set yourself a reminder to join the conversation HERE.

Wilder Wapes: Minting December 21st

To learn more about our partnership with Goblintown, head over to our Discord Server or Twitter to chat with Wilder team members and our community.

The Wilders Salute You.