Quantum Drop Sequence Initiated MEOW

Quantum Drop Sequence Initiated MEOW

It’s with great excitement we bring the Wilder Nation an important update on our next two “QUANTUM MEOW MODE” drops, Wilder.Crafts and AIR WILD Season 1.

As always, we’re so grateful for all the continued support our community relentlessly shows for the Wilder project and in return we want to repay the faith and give back to the community with what we are calling Quantum Drops.

Essentially that means we are prioritizing existing Wilder NFT holders in the community to increase your chances of securing a Craft or Kicks while reducing the possibility of Gas wars occurring.

The first snapshot for Wilder.Crafts will be taken on Monday, December 13th at 9:00AM PST and all existing Wilder NFT holders will be automatically Whitelisted for the sale drop. The snapshot for AIR WILD Season 1 will be announced in due course.

Please note, each unique wallet address holding a Wilder NFT at the time of snapshot will qualify for a position on the Whitelist. We will provide the community 48hrs notice before each drop initiation via our community and social channels so keep active in the Discord and on Twitter for the latest updates.

Wilders, you’re not going to want to snooze on these two drops. As we have mentioned previously, vehicles will play a massive role in-game in Wiami and Wilder.Crafts are no exception. Likewise, looking polished in your fully wearable Metaverse ready NFT sneakers will give you some pretty serious cred roaming the streets of Little Meow.

The secret sauce to Wilder World’s magic and success formulates deep within our loyal community, that’s why we are on a continual quest to find new ways to reward and create value for the Wilder Nation. Initiating Quantum Drops is just another example of how we are delivering on this promise.

The Wilders Salute, meow and forever.