Week 4: Pets Reveal & Quest Winners

Week 4: Pets Reveal & Quest Winners

Hello Wilder Nation! We’re coming to you with a special report following the third week of our Wilder.Pets Quests.

As a part of our Twitter retweet quest, @GuavaJ8 won a random Bull (to be revealed at a later date) from the Wilder.Pets collection. We also randomly selected a winner, @shiva.24000, from our Instagram giveaway to win a Bull. Congratulations and thank you for your support and participation!

For our third week of Content Quest submissions, The Wilder Nation posted 23 official quest entries to help spread the Wilder Spirit and highlight the innovations of the soon to launch Wilder.Pets collection. After much deliberation, team members selected the following top 3 submissions:

  • 1st Place (50 Votes) - TheAgent007 with his unique video about the Wilder Spirit
  • 2nd Place (38 Votes) - Prime Perf | GOWW  with his third original song of the contest
  • 3rd Place (15 Votes) - Ray with a an 80s style original song

Congratulations to TheAgent007 for winning the random Bull Wilder.Pets! The team will be in contact with you shortly regarding your prize.

To everyone who participated in the quests, thank you for your incredible creativity and efforts in promoting the Wilder Spirit to the masses. The Wilders salute you! We encourage everyone to continue submitting entries throughout the duration of the quests as many more opportunities to win Pets are still to come.

Wilder.Pets Reveal the Bear
In week 4 of our Wilder.Pets Quests, the stakes increase. Now up for grabs as a part of the content submission quest: a random Wilder.Pets Bear! To test your luck at snagging a Wilder.Pets Bear, enter our Instagram and Twitter Quest Giveaways!


As a species, Bears maintain an overall rarity three steps above the Wolves from week one’s quest giveaways. Bears provide holders a minimum of a +1 bonus in climb, sprint speed, and swimming ability. They are excellent companions for any Wilder!

Team Wilder is excited to see who ends up earning a bear with their content submission this week. We’ll be on the edge of our seats all week watching the #events channel in the WW Discord as submissions continue pouring in from around Wilder Nation. Keep them coming!

The Wilder Salute You!