Week 7: Quest Winners & Reveal Zine

Week 7: Quest Winners & Reveal Zine

Greetings Wilder Nation! We’re coming to you with breaking news following the sixth week of our Wilder.Pets quests.

As a part of our Twitter retweet quest, @harryh_213 won a random Shiba (to be revealed at a later date) from the Wilder.Pets collection. We also randomly selected a winner, @sheenaangeli from our Instagram giveaway to win a Shiba. Congratulations to all and thank you lucky ducks and thank for spreading the good word about Wilder World on social!

For our sixth content submission quest, The Wilder Nation posted 21 official quest submissions to help share the glory of the Wilder Spirit. After much deliberation, team members voted on the the following top 4 submissions:

  • 1st Place (38 Votes) - tomdickharry.eth with his incredible story about the Wilder Spirit
  • 2nd Place (22 Votes) - XpTheVerse ALPHA ELITE  with his well written Medium article about the Wilder Spirit
  • 3rd Place *TIE* (13 Votes Each) - Dex#8576 with a heartwarming collaborative song with Prime Perf ft. Dex’s four year old son! And Michaela#9071 who collaborated as a Mother/Daughter duo with a thoughtful presentation about the Wilder Spirt!

Congratulations to tomdickharry.eth for winning the random Shiba! The team will be in contact with you shortly regarding your prize.

To everyone who participated in the Quests, thank you for your incredible creativity and efforts in promoting the Wilder Spirit to the masses. The Wilders salute you! We encourage everyone to continue submitting entries throughout the duration of the quests as many more opportunities to win Pets are still to come.

In our seventh, and final, week of our Wilder.Pets Quests, the stakes are now elevated to the highest degree. Up for grabs as a part of the content submission quest this week: a random Phoenix! To try your luck at winning a Phoenix, head over now to Twitter and Instagram to participate in our giveaways.


As a species, the Phoenix maintains the highest rarity and utility in the Pets collection. They provide holders a minimum of a +1 bonus in hops and fly speed. The species can also fetch and be ridden to fly through the Wiami skies. Like all Pets, you can channel your Phoenix and see the metaverse through its eyes, have it follow as a companion, or set it into free roam mode where it wanders the city on its own volition. The Phoenix is the ultimate companion for Wilders!

Team Wilder is excited to see who ends up earning a Phoenix with their content submission for the VERY LAST week of our Wilder.Pets Content Quest. If you are new to the community and are not yet aware of how to participate in the quest, read this Zine for the full details. To view all the incredible content contributed by our creative community, head over to the Discord #events channel and scroll through the submissions! Once again, all entries for Week 7 are due Saturday, March 26th at 11:59 PM PST. We are on the edge of our seats to see what creations are submitted next!

The Wilder Salute You