As we reach the midpoint of ACT I in OPERATION DOMINO, it's clear that the Wilders aren't playing in 2024. April was a month of pivotal moments for the Wilder Nation, featuring our inaugural Wheels Arcade in NYC, the announcement of a Samsung partnership, two exciting Midnight in Wiami releases, and a wave of dynamic updates from the Game Studio. In this latest Dev Log, we will delve into the progress achieved by the team since the unveiling of Dev Log 6, just one month ago.

Global Distribution with Samsung

On April 10th, we announced our partnership with Samsung, signifying a convergence of technology and immersive experiences.

Key Benefits of the Samsung Partnership:

  • As part of the Samsung Bundle campaign, Wilder World will feature 15 NFTs on Samsung smart TVs.
  • The Samsung NFT App will not only showcase Wilder assets but will allow users to interact with our ecosystem, by viewing and trading NFTs directly from their smart TVs.

Through this alliance, Wilder World will be integrated with Samsung's ecosystem and placed into the living rooms of millions, enhancing our distribution and visibility exponentially.


Team Wilder hosted two special events amidst the buzz of NFT NYC: "An Evening with the Wilders," presented in collaboration with Red Beard Ventures, and our landmark event, Wheels Arcade NYC, marking a pivotal moment for the Wilder Nation.

An Evening with the Wilders and Red Beard Ventures at NYC

The team partnered with Red Beard Ventures for an enchanting evening at Speakeasy Magick, creating an atmosphere filled with magic, mystery, and networking opportunities. Held on April 4th, the event offered attendees captivating performances, an open bar, and the chance to mingle with industry visionaries.

Wheels Arcade NYC


On Friday, April 5th, we marked a significant milestone by launching our inaugural Wheels Arcade event. Manhattan's OS NYC at 50 Bowery was transformed into a high-octane battleground for an exclusive adrenaline-pumping racing event. 


OS NYC Venue

This eagerly anticipated gathering drew gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike, who competed for a staggering 20,000 $WILD prize pool. From 12pm to 4pm, participants engaged in intense racing using over 30 PCs and two advanced racing simulators.


Key Highlights:

  • Limited edition free Wilder Merchandise, including Wilder Hoodies, was available to attendees.
  • The first 200 players to arrive received 100 $WILD, just for walking through the door!
  • Competitors raced across four digital tracks, with 16,000 $WILD awarded for the fastest lap time, and 4,000 $WILD awarded for most multiplayer race wins.

Huge congratulations to both Sharky for taking the grand prize with fastest lap time, and Dizzy for coming in second with the most wins. 

Wheels Arcade NYC Winner, Sharky

Wheels Arcade NYC offered more than just racing; it was a celebration of gaming, competition, and community. The Wilders indeed salute an event well-executed.


Wilder World v0.3.1 and v0.3.2

Since the release of Dev Log 6, we have launched two Wilder World version updates, with a range of exciting new features.

Version 0.3.1 Updates

Voice Chat Feature
This month we enhanced our voice chat interface by integrating a status indicator that displays whether the microphone is active. If the microphone is inactive, the UI prompts the player. Additionally, an animated microphone icon indicates when a player is speaking, improving communication clarity.

Loading Screens
We have added a solution to ensure seamless map transitions in multiplayer racing, eliminating the black screens seen during previous changes.

UI Updates
UI updates for v0.3.1 addressed the placement, size, hover effects, and sound, to ensure a smoother and more intuitive user experience. 

List of UI Updates:

  • Enhanced seamless game loading for uninterrupted entry
  • Improved responsiveness of button hover states
  • Fixed hover states for switching cars to ensure smooth transitions
  • Increased padding in dropdown menus for improved visual clarity
  • Fixed "Report Bug" and "News" buttons to ensure functionality
  • Adjusted in-game element spacing for a more organized visual interface
  • Corrected alignment issues in various UI elements
  • Updated Leaderboard UI with correct animations and states
  • Implemented various minor visual updates for a polished look
  • Adjusted transition from a race to the HUB

Vehicle Updates

  • Faster Gear Changes for All Cars: Gearbox enhancements allow for faster gear changes, during both upshifts and downshifts. This results in improved acceleration, responsive engine performance, better deceleration while coasting, and more dynamic engine sounds with each gear change.
  • Improved Wevon and Waytona Handling: With their short wheelbase, these cars offer improved agility but risk destabilizing the rear during rapid direction changes. Previously, the emphasis on rear stability caused noticeable understeer. The updated handling prioritizes better front-end control without sacrificing rear stability during rapid maneuvers.
  • Improvements to Suspension Handling Bumps: Minor adjustments have been made to the dampers and springs in our cars, enhancing handling over bumps.

Audio Updates
The latest audio updates focus on enhancing the realism and interactivity of the game environment.

  • ABS Integration in Brakes: The Anti-Locking Braking System (ABS) rapidly engages and disengages brakes to prevent wheel lock-up, maintaining control and preventing skids. Players will recognize the ABS' activation by its distinct sound during braking.

ABS Integration in Brakes


Normal Brakes

  • Force-Driven Suspension Audio: Our latest suspension audio system responds to a range of factors influencing suspension force, including speed, elevation changes, and suspension frequency shifts.

Soft Suspension


Medium Suspension


Hard Suspension

  • Surface-Accurate Audio for Construction Zones: Construction zones now feature tire and brake audio that accurately reflects the surface material with heightened precision.
  • Enhanced UI Audio: User interface sound updates have been included to improve user experience.
  • Coin Collection: New sound effects have been added to the collection of coins, providing clear audio feedback to players on successful pickups.

Version 0.3.2 Updates

New Region
We are expanding our game's global accessibility by adding new server regions, with the latest being in Seoul, enabling players from eastern parts of the world to join with reduced latency and an improved gameplay experience.

Track Availability Update
The experience level requirement for the Seaside track has been removed. All five tracks are now accessible to every player.

New Underground Track
The underground track includes the most iconic roads in Midnight in Wiami. It  expands on the overpasses and uses an underground tunnel to cut through the city. With four lengthy laps and city streets partitioned for two-way racing, there is the potential to encounter racers in the opposite direction, should you secure a significant lead.

Underground Race Track

Simplified Matchmaking
We have implemented cross-track matchmaking, enabling the system to randomly select a track when players select different races, thereby minimizing wait times.

UI Updates

  • Leaderboard Filter: We have introduced an "All Cars" filter to the leaderboard. Previously limited to filtering by specific car and track types, the leaderboard now offers a broader view, allowing players to see rankings across all car types.
  • Dropdown Hover Sound Fix: The hover sound on dropdown menus has now been fixed.
  • Lap Times on HUD: The HUD now displays "Best lap" and "Last lap" times during races, helping players track and improve their performance for a more competitive gaming experience.

Vehicle Updates

  • Dynamic Spoiler Update: The Wiura now has a dynamic spoiler that reacts to speed and braking, adding more realism to gameplay.
  • NOS VFX Update: The visual effects for NOS have been updated.
4+ Racing in Future Versions

Core Development

The Core Development Team is working on updates and enhancements for future versions of Midnight in Wiami, aiming to elevate user experience and unveil a host of thrilling new features. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store for upcoming iterations:

Races with 4+ Players
We have begun creating multiplayer race modes to accommodate four or more players. As the number of players grows, we will continue to refine and expand our infrastructure to support even larger multiplayer races.

Region Selection
The team has been working to improve the transition when switching between regions: In version 0.4.0, the "Region Selection" dropdown will be moved from the start page to the lobby.

Upgrades to the Fuel/NOS Station
As we move to an open-world, interactive elements will be added to the game environment itself. Players will visit fuel and NOS stations within the game to refuel their vehicles or replenish their NOS tank.

Wrong Direction Detection
We have designed a feature that identifies when a racer is driving in the wrong direction, and issues an alert. This functionality is tracked by our database and linked to our points system, to apply penalties or adjust scores accordingly.

Car Crash Detection
A crash detection system has been designed for multiplayer racing, to identify collisions between cars and crashes into obstacles, such as walls or barriers. Crash statistics will influence points and reputation. Frequent crashes may result in penalties.

Dynamic Car Spawning System
Our upgraded car-spawning system for race starts provides enhanced flexibility, mimicking arrangements seen in Formula 1 for diverse race formats. Customizable start lines offer versatility for future events and tournaments.

Vehicle Customization
The first version of vehicle customization is in development. This system employs a data-driven structure, which can extend to other collectible elements we introduce. Once finalized, players will have access to a diverse range of customization.


Podium Variations and New Building Configurations
Recent work has focused on expanding the island infrastructure, with several new podium styles and building configurations that align with the scale of the new extended island development.

Given the size of the new island, a strategic reassessment was necessary to optimize the use of modular construction kits. The team focused on enhancing visual quality while reducing the number of panels required in the construction process.

A series of concepts have been produced and transformed into work in-progress (WIP) setups within Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). These setups provide a practical glimpse into the potential aesthetic and functional applications of the new designs in a real-world setting.

New Low Rise Configurations
To diversify the architecture, new low-rise configurations have been introduced for industrial-style workplaces. These structures are designed as separate style zones, distinct from the existing high sci-fi and sleek building configurations. This not only broadens the architectural diversity but also introduces a visual and functional contrast, enriching the overall environment.

The Hideout
The Hideout is now fully updated with a revamped entrance for better accessibility. Situated directly beneath Neon Pistons, this update also includes improved lighting for a more vibrant and attractive atmosphere.

The New Hideout Location

Storefront Updates
The most recent updates include moderate adjustments, aimed at refining scales for better usability. These tweaks are designed to improve visual consistency, ensuring that colors and styles complement each other rather than clash.

Hero Concepts
The World Team has initiated the preliminary blockout for one of our hero concepts, on a level currently used for testing mass population in procedural generation. The main goal is to construct mega-scale aerial podiums that support the upper sections of the city. Despite the complexity of these challenges, the World Team has devised realistic, modular solutions that can be implemented on a large scale, demonstrating their continued ability to overcome intricate design hurdles.

Neon Pistons 
Improvements have been made to the Neon Piston mechanics shop, a hub where players can customize the attributes and visuals of their Wheels. These updates have focused on enhancing the dressing of the shop, refining its aesthetic appeal.

Level 2 Lighting
We have successfully upgraded to L2 lighting throughout Wiami, including enhancements to both streetlights and traffic lights. 

Forum Agent Enemy NPCs
In a collaborative effort with the Avatar Team, we have explored designs for the initial Forum Agent enemy NPCs, and have developed a selection of variants each contributing uniquely to the game's character roster.

Combat, Weapons and Inventory

New Weapon Attachments
The AR-AM is now game ready, equipped with new attachments and upgrades. This includes a variety of scopes, grip variants, suppressors, and modifications to the rifle body itself. These enhancements pave the way for in-depth customization mechanics and diverse gameplay. Our goal is to ensure that these components function realistically, moving away from the arcade-like mechanics.

We are finalizing the last batch of modular attachments to allow for visual modifications across any AR Platform weapon system. This involves creating both high and low poly models, along with complete unwrapping and texturing. Players will also have the option to choose between black and white versions of the AR-AM.

Modular Attachments

The AR-15 ALT is a platform similar to the contemporary AR, but modified to accommodate plasma based ammo cartridges. It incorporates specialized internals, including a modified gas plug capable of cycling rounds with lower pressure than gunpowder would produce, but with the ability to cycle the subsequent round. The rifle accommodates various modern attachments, both over and underbarrel, and features a collapsible stock for close-quarter operations.

AR-15 Modified

First Person Shooter (FPS)
In the latest development for the FPS blockout, the World Team has focused on designing a game area that offers ample vertical, horizontal, and depth dimensions for enhanced gameplay. Harnessing the latest kits, this section underwent reconstruction to explore diverse textures, aiming to achieve a balance between gritty shooter aesthetics and the game's clean, high-tech style.


Out In the Streets
The city streets are alive with character and history. Capturing the details of street textures requires advanced layering and composition techniques. Scatter systems have been developed from various noise algorithms for elements like gravel, cracks, patches, oil spills, and more. These systems overlap to mimic realistic road conditions. A key feature is the use of texture bombing, a procedural technique that enhances realism by placing objects at irregular intervals.

Where the Water Flows
The new procedural road system can integrate and synchronize with other systems, since we have full access to its construction data. For example, the water pooling system now accurately simulates water collecting in gutters and streaking along driving lanes, mimicking real-life scenarios. Should there be any changes in road layout, the water pooling adjustments are made automatically.


Worn Out
To heighten the city's realism, we have developed a degradation shading system that infuses wear and fading effects into decals. This system employs noise algorithms in a two-step process: first pinpointing map areas with varying levels of degradation, and then fine-tuning the intensity of effects within those designated zones.


Road Decal Shader


Road Marks

Walk the Walk
Wiami's sidewalk system is being revamped to match its futuristic aesthetic, blending traditional concrete with metallic panels for a realistic yet sci-fi vibe. A new automated placement system is being developed to ensure accurate positioning of sidewalk tiles, curb ramps, and parking areas, while randomizing elements such as drainage grates and cellar doors, based on road data.

Exit on the Right
The Islands of Wiami feature a vast network of overpasses, spanning 100,000 meters, with 22 exchange points, and 88 on/off ramps, to facilitate movement to and from city streets. Careful planning of ramp curvature and slope ensures these ramps are both functional and enjoyable to drive on.

Panel Parts
We are continually developing new and interesting panels for world building, ensuring each one meets strict guidelines and optimization checks for detail and gameplay performance.

Bang Bang
In terms of visual effect, the team has been developing gunshot muzzle bursts for Wilder shooter mode, enabling the creation of procedurally generated and varied blast effects tailored to the specific weapon and ammunition being used.


Gunburst Embergen


Gunburst Niagra System


Gunburst In-Game


Miner Assets
Individual assets are currently being textured and prepared, with continuous revisions at each stage to enhance quality before integration into the character creator.


Miner Harness

The Avatar Team is developing the necessary tools and foundational work to bring our animation visions to life, particularly focusing on the new locomotion system. The process starts in Maya with an animation control rig - a toolkit that overlays the character model - enabling animators to bring a static mesh to life. 

Animation Control Rig

A custom control rig has been developed to meet our specific animation needs, featuring advanced functionalities such as forward kinematics (FK) and inverse kinematics (IK) with seamless IK/FK switching. FK operates by animating limbs in a hierarchical sequence: the movement of the upper arm influences the forearm, and then the hand, facilitating natural animation arcs. Conversely, IK works in reverse: moving the hand causes the forearm and upper arm to follow, allowing limbs to be ‘pinned’ to specific locations, like a hand on the table, a foot on the floor, or a hand to a gun.

Animation Toolkit

Beyond the control rig, an animation toolkit has been developed with various features and automation to further accelerate the creation processes. The toolkit enhances animation with quality of life features such as mirroring controls, providing easy access to animation layers and attributes. Additionally, it includes a one-click solution for exporting data directly into the game engine.



Shooter Character Concepts
A new line of characters is in development for integration with the shooter, starting with the Forum Agents seen in the World section.

Character appearances will vary by difficulty level, starting with the Wave 1 general grunts, who combine a military aesthetic with a unique twist. While these designs are still in progress, the team is making significant strides in their concept design.


Forum Agent Helmets

Shooter Prototype
This month, the Avatar Team has embarked on the challenging task of prototyping the new combat system. Created entirely from scratch, this system is designed to deliver a fast-paced and realistic combat experience, focusing on weapon and projectile behavior. The foundational aim-shoot mechanic has been completed, and we are now refining the details to meet AAA standards.

Our combat system is fully data-driven, with each weapon and projectile governed by its own specific stats. By adjusting these stats, we can create a diverse arsenal of weapons, from highly accurate continuous lasers, to powerful heavy machine guns, each offering a distinct gameplay experience.


Shooter Prototype

Accurate Projectile Trajectories
A key objective is to ensure that bullets travel in a path that precisely align with the gun barrel. Rather than employing random vectors that can result in exaggerated and unrealistic angles, we prioritize in maintaining a seamless connection between trajectory and the gun's actual orientation.

Our system adjusts each weapon's barrel with the player's crosshair by calculating the impact point and adjusting the character's pose accordingly. Convergence speed is determined by the "ergonomics" stats of each weapon, which indicate its ease of handling and weight distribution. As a result, pistols have quicker convergence times, while larger weapons like rocket launchers are slower, giving each weapon a distinctive feel.


Aim Convergence

Dynamic Bullet Trajectories Enhance Realism
Our system computes bullet trajectories, ensuring that character animations such as heavy breathing, or explosion impacts, directly affect the path of the bullet. For instance, if an explosion occurs while shooting, the damage animation alters the shot trajectory based on the gun's position.


Shoot Bloom


New Wheel Designs

In April, the Wheels Team scaled up production, now managing four relic car redesigns per month. Not only has the pace quickened, but the quality of models, materials, and texturing has also improved. 

We Tomaso Wantera
When Wilder engineers discovered the Wantera, its potential as a top-class sports car was clear. Retaining its key characteristics—wide, low, and mid-engined—the Wantera has been enhanced with advanced suspension and a wide body to accommodate race tires. 

Whelby WT 500WW 1968
The WT500 now features an extreme stance, a massively powerful V8 engine enhanced with double turbochargers from the tuning shop, and a menacing appearance, making it one of the most impressive transformations to date.

Whevrolet Wamoro W28 1969
The Wamoro epitomizes Wilder muscle with its powerful, heavyweight coupe build. It boasts large tires, and a massive V8 engine, ensuring explosive acceleration and thunderous sounds.


Wincoln Wontinental 1962
While performance enhancements and handling improvements are underway, the primary focus is on style. Whether escorting VIPs or engaging in high-speed pursuits through Wiami’s complex overpass network, the Wincoln promises to deliver both performance and unparalleled style, affirming your elite status in Wiami.

WMC Wav Elin WDW 1971
Wilder engineers have made extensive modifications to this model, masterfully blending muscle power with elegance. While the car is still in production, and specific performance details are yet to be confirmed, its striking appearance strongly suggests formidable power and handling capabilities.

Word Wustang King Wilder 1978
The Wustang King Wilder stands as the definitive choice for any enthusiast seeking exceptional performance. Its short wheelbase ensures remarkable agility, and its wide body accommodates large tires for superior grip in all conditions. Affordable, powerful, and reliable, the Wustang King Wilder ticks all the boxes for a sports car. A wide range of tuning parts will be available to elevate the performance of this car to new heights.

Worgan Wero Supersports
The Worgan Wero has an extraordinarily long engine bay for versatile engine fitment, with its cabin added as an afterthought at the rear. Its unusual, minimalistic body design contributes to a lightweight chassis, and with enhancements from Wilder engineers, the Wero's performance is as striking as its appearance.

WUMMER W1 Walpha 2006
The Forum Agents will attempt to bring havoc, but Wiami is not defenseless: Introducing the WUMMER W1 Walpha, a vehicle that can take a significant amount of damage. With a powerful engine that provides ample torque for tackling challenging terrain, and a rugged suspension system to absorb bumps and shocks, nothing can stand in your way.

Introducing Moveable Wings for Enhanced Performance
We are expanding our tuning parts to include movable wings. These wings adjust angle, position, and height based on vehicle dynamics like speed, acceleration, braking, and steering, improving handling and performance. Each car model will offer various tuning parts for customized aerodynamics.


Moveable Wings

The Lore

With the Wilder shooter taking form, there has never been a more suitable time to roll out more of the Wilder World lore. With the introduction of the Forum's leader Quell, and their overlords known as the Anunnaki the plot continues to thicken… n3o was able to hack the Forum's central server and secure a transcript from a recent meeting between Quell and Supreme Emperor Enlil.

Quell: We have received the latest simulations, our Direct Energy Weapons still need more power to penetrate the GATE.
Emperor Enlil: These aren’t delays we can afford, Quell. The Wilders grow stronger by the day. What is the issue?
Quell: Stability. The particle beam prototype has necessary intensity, but the beams dissipate too quickly over distance. Destablization happens before we can affectivly damage the GATE simulation environment. 
Emperor Enlil: What about the microwave emitters? They've been effective in other testing environments. How can we adapt them?
Quell: Their range and focusing need enhancement. The current models can execute an EMP equivalent, but only on a sub KM surface area. They also lack the precision and power to breach the GATE's defenses directly.
Emperor Enlil: WE must push our R&D and increase the power output.
Quell: Overloading the systems is a concern. We risk catastrophic reverb if we push them without proper testing. The last test resulted in near irreparable damage to our energy cores.
Emperor Enlil: Set up another series of tests. I want incremental adjustments this time, no leaps. We can't afford another setback.
Quell: I'll supervise the modifications. We'll start with enhancing the cooling systems and recalibrating the focusing lenses. It may be what we need for the incremental power increase.
Emperor Enlil: Let's proceed with the test simulation and keep the main attack on hold until we have a weapon capable of breaching the GATE. We must be methodical, Quell. Our future depends on it.
Quell: Understood, Emperor. I will prepare the next set of tests and ensure our forces are ready to move on your command.

The Next Domino - Wheels Arcade

Rev your engines and buckle up as we drop the flag on our latest Domino: our first virtual racing tournament! This event is designed to bring excitement and competition to Midnight in Wiami racing enthusiasts around the globe. Let's dive into the details of this action-packed competition.

Introducing the Wheels Arcade, with over 100,000 $WILD in prizes up for grabs! The first leg of the tournament is divided into 4-week blocks, each packed with exhilarating events and challenges.

We will have weekly qualifying rounds and rewards. There will be 4 weeks of qualifying rounds leading into Consensus Austin. Rewards and qualification will only apply to the weekly feature track. The top racer every week will qualify and be provided flight and accommodation to Austin to compete for the grand prize.

You are only eligible to qualify once for Austin. If you’ve previously qualified, the next in line will qualify. For qualifying weeks there’s a weekly prize pool of 11,000 WILD distributed across the top 50 racers.

Weekly Reward Breakdown:

  • Fastest Lap: 2,000 $WILD and qualifying seat
  • 2nd Fastest Lap: 1,500 $WILD
  • 3rd Fastest Lap: 1,000 $WILD
  • 4th to 10th Fastest Lap: 500 $WILD each
  • 11th to 20th Fastest Lap: 150 $WILD each
  • 21st to 50th Fastest Lap: 50 $WILD each
  • Bonus Prizes: There will be bonus rewards

Week 1: Pre-Qualifiers

  • Dates: May 2nd to May 7th (We plan to release this on May 2nd with v0.3.3 update)
  • Track: Seaside

Week 2: Pre-Qualifiers

  • Dates: May 8th to May 14th
  • Track: Lunar Lane

Week 3: Qualifiers

  • Dates: May 15th to May 21st
  • Track: Meridian Surge

Week 4: Pre-Qualifiers

  • Dates: May 22nd to May 28th
  • Track: Underground

Week 5: IRL Finale in Austin

  • Date: May 31st
  • Track: TBD

Please note:

  • Pre-Qualifiers will still have to qualify in Austin in order to get in the top 16 bracket.
  • Solo laps and multiplayer laps will qualify for best lap time.
  • Players are eligible for one reward slot per week. If you rank within the top 50, your rewards will be determined by your fastest lap time.
  • By participating in the Wheels Arcade tournament, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Wheels Arcade Austin


For the finale in Austin, all in attendance will be eligible to race with an open qualifying round for the top 16 lap times. The top 16 lap times will then be broken into a playoff bracket for heads up races for the quarter finals, semi finals and finals. 

Full details for the finals will be provided prior to the IRL event.

Final Prize pool:

  • 1st place: 30,000 $WILD
  • 2nd place: 15,000 $WILD
  • 3rd place: 5,000 $WILD

Burning Questions

The new monthly Dev Logs include a section to address community questions. Here are this month's FAQs:

Q: How will the launch of the Meowchain affect $WILD LP Staking or Staking in general?

A: Once live, we will transfer staking pools to meowchain. The exact details of this process are not ready to be shared yet. The main focus is getting the chain live.
Q: Will there be one snapshot for Land Sales 1, 2 and 3, or will there be separate snapshots prior to each land sale?

A: There will be separate snapshots for each land sale.
Q: How will the Wheels upgrades affect rarity? How will the top tier Wheels stand apart from the lower tier Wheels if they are all made “super”? Will there still be a DAO vote for Wheels upgrades?

A: We are planning to keep the rarity from the original collection, though some details or traits will be represented differently on the upgraded Wheels. Given the aesthetics and execution that our team has significantly upleveled since the Wheels launch, our main goal with the Wheels upgrade is to ensure the cars properly fit with the aesthetic of Wilder World. Though, this will make some lower tier cars look better, it won't take away from super rare Wheels. Plus, it's worth noting we've only been showing the more common cars and haven't shown any of the updated rare Wheels yet. As for the Wheels DAO vote, we are planning to execute this, but don't have a specific timeline on when this will take place.
Q: When Wheels are upgraded in-game, will the NFT update as well? Or will the Wheel revert back to its original traits if sold?

A: The current plan is to update the in-game wheels and NFT media (display image and animation), upon the completion of the Wheels updates. The wheel wouldn't ever revert back to its original media following this.
Q: Will Cribs be upgradeable? For example, can I add a balcony if my unit lacks one?

A: There isn't currently a plan to upgrade the Qube, but holders are encouraged to submit a DAO proposal if there is interest in this idea.
Q: When will rarity rankings sheets be released for AirWild Season 0, AirWild Season 1, AirWild Season 2 and Cribs?

A: Given that these collections have already been released, we have decided not to release specific rarity after the fact as purchasing decisions have been made by holders based on the available information. That said, we do have rarity documents for the Qube and AWS2 which were posted in their original Zines.


April marked a series of landmark moments for Operation Domino. Our partnership with Samsung signaled a new era of accessibility and global reach for the Wilder Nation. Development strides were evident with the release of two game updates and a range of exciting advancements from the Game Studio.

The successful launch of our inaugural Wheels Arcade set the stage for future wild and adrenaline-pumping events. The launch of our first virtual tournament is poised to deliver thrilling competition and community engagement, leading up to our next IRL Wheels Arcade event in Austin.

The Wilders will continue to redefine immersive experiences in 2024 and beyond, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of gaming as we know it.

With blessings,

The Wilders