As we progress through ACT I of OPERATION DOMINO one thing is clearer than ever: Wilder World is inevitable. Before we dive into the latest Dev Log, let's take a moment to reflect on the strides made over the past several weeks. ACT I has not only set a robust foundation for Wilder World, it has charted a clear trajectory on our path to making Wilder World for all.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Alliance: On March 6th, we announced the first of our partnership domino, NVIDIA. This alliance will be instrumental in democratizing access to Wilder World, eliminating hardware constraints and enabling gamers worldwide to explore our universe on almost any device, from laptops and smartphones to tablets and TVs. It's a crucial step toward realizing a universally accessible metaverse.

Racing Legends Join Team Wilder: The addition of racing game legends, Aristotelis Vasilakos and Marcus Reynolds, has elevated Wilder World's racing experience to unparalleled heights of realism and excitement, redefining what is possible in web3 gaming.

Aristotelis Vasilakos, with 15 years at Kunos Simulazioni and co-creator of Assetto Corsa, is a key figure in sim racing and game development. His contributions have captivated millions worldwide, solidifying his position as one of the most revered figures in both sim racing and game development.

Marcus Reynolds, former Director of Physics & AI at Simbin with credits on 11 gaming titles, including Dakar Desert Rally and the WRC series, and a background in real-life racing, brings exceptional expertise to the Wheels team, promising to enhance realism and gameplay.

MetaGravity Partnership: In the next Domino, on March 13th, we unveiled our collaboration with MetaGravity. This partnership marks an important technological leap to enhance scalability and concurrency  -  allowing us to scale player avatars to 30,000 concurrent players within Wiami, and support high-speed driving experiences with over 200 networked vehicles, creating a truly immersive and populated metropolis.

A gas free future with Polygon and Celestia: Announced on March 18th, the development and deployment of Meowchain in collaboration with Polygon and Celestia has laid down the infrastructure for a gasless, hyper-scalable, and decentralized platform, powered by the latest advances in Zero Knowledge proofs. The first public version of Midnight in Wiami will rely heavily on Meowchain for the integration of onchain rewards and staking.

SuperVerse Integration: A landmark collaboration that has ushered in a new era of unified transactions and cross-platform synergy was unveiled on March 21st. This integration accelerates our mission of global Web3 gaming adoption, fostering a cohesive community of gamers and developers.

Epic Games Store: Our most recent announcement revealed Wilder World’s listing on the Epic Games Store. The remarkable growth of the Epic Games Store, alongside its dynamic ecosystem, provides the ideal launch pad for unparalleled exposure and accessibility in the gaming world. We're already in the top 100 wishlisted games on the Epic Store! Wishlist us here now to take the Wilders to number one.

Wilder World at the Game Developers Conference (GDC)


This year we showcased our Midnight in Wiami racing experience at GDC, San Francisco. The booth, hosted by MetaGravity, was positioned among industry leaders, offering a unique opportunity for attendees to dive into the streets of Little Meow. The demo attracted attention from a diverse crowd, including web3 gaming KOLs such as Jesus Martinez, Brycent, and CryptoStache, who all had the chance to experience the game firsthand.

Frank Wilder, Phoenix Wilder, Zen Wilder, InnerfreakJon, Carlos Sonora and Matthew Lake were on site to represent the Wilder World team and connect with the gaming community.

Matthew Lake was a speaker at GDC, on March 18th, in a session titled "Animation Summit: Technical Animation Pipeline of Fort Solis". Lake's participation in GDC 2024 emphasized his commitment to sharing his expertise in the field of technical animation within the video game industry. It showcased the practical application of the concepts he discusses in his recently published book, “Technical Animation in Video Games”, reflecting the significant impact of his work on current and future generations of game developers.

The booth not only featured Midnight in Wiami, but also showcased experiences from other projects such as Star Atlas, Edge of Chaos and Earth2, creating a collaborative atmosphere. GDC was a success for the Wilder Nation and we received exceptionally positive feedback. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the event. Your enthusiasm and support play a crucial role in bringing the vision of Wilder World to life.


Wilder World v0.3.0

Significant progress has been made since we announced the launch of Midnight in Wiami Closed Alpha v0.2.0, in Dev Log 5. In v0.2.1 we included upgrades to the physics, controls and VFX. Today, we are excited to launch Wilder World v0.3.0, featuring a comprehensive range of exciting new features. Over the past four years, we have built a strong development foundation that now enable us to rapidly ship major production level enhancements, every 4-6 weeks. For even the top gaming studios, this is an incredibly difficult feat.

Level System
In v0.3.0, we are introducing the first version of our levelling system, comprising two fundamental elements: Points and Levels. The player accrues or loses points based on performance in each race. The points determine the player's level. While points are limitless, there are eleven distinct levels. The number of points needed to progress to the next level increases with every level achieved.

The level system will track the quality of driving and the time spent racing. This rating system is crucial for matchmaking, enabling players to engage with others of comparable skill and performance levels. 

Match Making By Level
The matchmaking process is now influenced by two primary factors: Level and Points.

The system attempts to match players by level and preferred track (as selected by the players). If the system fails to locate players of the same level, it will attempt to match players within a one-level difference, expanding to two levels if necessary. If the system identifies players of a suitable level but differing track preferences, it will assign a random track for the race.  This facilitates a fair reward system, ensuring players of all abilities have the opportunity to earn rewards. Furthermore, it mitigates predatory tactics by power users and esports players against those of average or lower performance.

Mock Rewards
For the first phase of our rewards rollout we will be using MILD, a simulation currency derivative of WILD. AKA fake WILD. This will permit us to test reward functionality, adjust the system and perform multiple resets if required. 

MILD - Mock Rewards

We are intentionally starting with a simple rating and rewards system to facilitate the seamless integration of more sophisticated iterations in the future.

Basic Illustrative Example:

  • Players are required to pay a 1 MILD entry fee per race.
  • WROOM aggregates these fees (1 MILD + 1 MILD = 2 MILD).
  • WROOM disburses the entry fees with a 10% bonus to the winner and a 15% reduction for the loser.
    • The winner, paying a 1 MILD entry fee, receives a 10% increase = 1.10 MILD 
    • The loser, also paying a 1 MILD entry fee, incurs a 15% decrease = 0.85 MILD
  • WROOM retains a 5% commission from the total entry fees: 2 MILD - 1.10 MILD - 0.85 MILD = 0.05 MILD
  • The percentages for Winner, Loser, and WROOM, along with the entry fees, are adjustable parameters, that we can tweak overtime, as we learn based on real world data.

The entry fees serve as insurance against any form of damage. Damage mechanics will be implemented in future iterations, where entry fees will minimize repair costs. We may occasionally run special events with requirements for Wheel ownership, points, and levels, featuring unique entry fees with adjusted rewards and penalties. We are also likely to offer "just for fun" races in the future, which would be free to enter and without financial consequence.

Magic Coins
In certain races, coins may randomly appear along the track. Players are required to drive through coins to collect them. The more coins a player collects, the higher the MILD token rewards will be. Players must complete the race to receive the MILD rewards. These MILD rewards are directly tied to coin interaction, giving players — even those who lose — a chance to earn real rewards

Improving Race Track Shortcuts
Construction zone shortcuts now feature destructible elements, allowing players to demolish obstacles like signposts, barrels, construction tubes, and block piles, adding a dynamic layer of fun to the race. However, caution is advised:  destroying objects will significantly reduce your speed. Optimal use of the shortcuts still requires precise driving and careful navigation between obstacles.


Construction Zone Shortcut

The Seaside Circuit
The new Seaside circuit offers an exhilarating drive through Neon Kwan. Racing counterclockwise, drivers navigate narrow chicanes within dark alleys before emerging into the vivid colors of Neon Kwan. The circuit concludes with a long straight alongside the seaside.

Seaside Race Track

Random Car Color and Pattern
Vehicles now start each race with a randomly selected pattern and color, serving as a base element for our upcoming basic customization editor, and providing a glimpse into future enhancements.

V1 Car Customization with Randomly Selected Patterns and Colors

New Race Cars
For version 0.3.0, we have added two new Wheels: the Wambo Wiura W400 1967 and the Werrari 365 WTB 4 Waytona 1968. It is essential to note that these additions will not come with additional enhancements in terms of physics for the time being. This is to ensure a fair race, with cars that are evenly balanced in terms of performance. Overtime we will introduce performance upgrades based on class and modifications, as well as different race modes.

Wambo Wiura W400 1967
Werrari 365 WTB 4 Waytona 1968

Environment Optimization
To enrich the racing experience, we have optimized environmental effects. These enhancements include raindrops rolling down vehicles, water splashes when driving through puddles, dust dispersion when driving over dirt and sand, a distinctive laser screening effect upon coin collection, and camera dynamics to emphasize speed during NOS boosts.


Raindrops on Vehicles


Puddle Splash




Laser Screening Effect Upon Coin Collection


NOS Boosts

Entire Island L1
In Dev Log 5 we highlighted a major milestone for the procedural team - generation of the entire island, spawning over 26km long. In version 0.3.0, the island has reached L1 standards, complete with large-scale city buildings.

Core Development

Ping FPS
To improve player experience, the core development team has introduced dedicated ping and FPS display settings to the game menu. This allows racers to enable or disable displays according to their preferences, replacing the previous "F1" key functionality . 

Scalability Settings
Expanded scalability settings have been added to the game menu, allowing players to prioritize FPS, while potentially sacrificing some visual quality. This update aims to achieve a balance between graphical fidelity and performance. As a result, the minimum recommended graphics card specification has been lowered from an RTX 3090 to an RTX 3060, broadening accessibility for users seeking a smooth racing experience exceeding 60 FPS.

New scalability settings include:

  • Global illumination quality
  • Reflection quality
  • Visual effects
  • Foliage
  • Shading
  • Screen percentage

Voice Chat
We have now completed voice chat integration, facilitating real-time, high-fidelity audio communication for up to 64 players within a single channel. 

Unreal Marketplace
A primary objective in this cycle was to prepare the game for Unreal Engine Marketplace submission. To achieve this, in-game modifications and infrastructure improvements were made to ensure compatibility with Marketplace requirements, including packaging optimization and asset format conversions. Additionally, we have developed infrastructure to streamline the upload process and provide ongoing support.


In this development cycle, the world team has focused largely on enhancing the gameplay experience through the introduction of training, combat and weaponry features. In addition to gameplay enhancements, improvements have been made to the environment by introducing new building kits and transportation networks.

“The Hub” Ideation
The introduction of a central complex code named "The Hub" signifies a new development within Wilder World. This complex is designed to facilitate player training and the development of fundamental skills and traits. The Hub will include various ranges for combat training, specialized zones for mining, driving, and hacking training, a large underground wheels car park, social areas and much more. The Hub features both above and below ground facilities, alongside a central living space known as "The Hotel”.

New Modular Highway
New highway and bridge ring designs have been created to connect the islands of Wiami, creating a cohesive transportation network. These structures include the ring, bridge profiles, and support columns. Once created, these assets are handed to the procedural team for integration into HDA tools, allowing for the efficient addition of bridges and highways across various regions.

New Building Kit 7 with Dividers and Balconies
The introduction of new building kits with larger panels, balconies, and additional tertiary set dressing attachments will enhance the architectural diversity and visual appeal of Wiami.

Combat, Weapons and Inventory

The world team is exploring preliminary visuals and potential map layouts for a first-person shooter (FPS) arena module.

Weapon design is also in progress, with a modular setup to enable customization with various accessories, including scopes, barrels/flash suppressors, and grips. Customization will impact weapon handling, offering players the ability to tailor their firearms to specific gameplay preferences and strategies.

Adding an internal parts exchange will further tailor weapon performance. Enhancements such as larger magazine wells for increased ammunition capacity, improved heat dispersion vents to prevent overheating, and varied battery packs to modify damage output are among the features being considered. Although the mechanics are in the preliminary stages, they indicate the direction of weapon customization and functionality for combat.

AR-AM Assault Rifle
The AR-AM is a cutting-edge firearm, with a full laser/plasma-based armament, that replaces traditional cartridge-based ammunition with rechargeable battery packs. It features a modular picatinny rail system, providing users with the flexibility to customize sights and accessories according to their preference. It is designed with fully working parts that support a future modular upgrade system, allowing each component of the weapon to be upgraded or modified.

This weapon is an iteration of the traditional MCX, re-engineered to utilize plasma-based ammunition cartridges, which are comparable in size to the conventional 5.56 rounds. Unlike standard ammunition with a hard tip, this weapon fires highly pressurized plasma from a small hole inside the cartridge, after the primer has been struck. It uses a gas-recycling mechanism, akin to traditional automatic firearms, to push the bolt back and pick up the next round in the magazine. This is a common and mass adopted platform that exists between the worlds of fully plasma based ammo and traditional ammunition as we know it. The MCX_MODIFIED features a modular Picatinny rail system enabling users to tailor the sight and accessory setup, as well as fully operational components for the modular upgrade system. 

MEOW BANG Grenades and the Key
The procedural team has also contributed to weapon development. Recent additions include the “MEOW BANG” grenade for combat scenarios and the enigmatic “Key” featured in the Midnight in Wiami trailer. Each item is crafted to meet the highest design and technical standards, ensuring optimization and performance for gameplay while aligning with the overarching aesthetics of Wilder World.


Super Sizing
We have built an algorithm to determine and control building density and scale at a global level. This allows us to easily control how each zone of Wiami feels in relation to the character and experience.

The algorithm uses waves of overlapping mathematical gradients to generate scale shifts between zones and appropriately subdivides lots based on building heights. In short, this algorithm has been tuned to just make things look and feel “correct”. 


Building Scale Generator

Should We Ask for Directions?
The base of a city and the way it orients you is one of its most important aspects. Our novel street base procedural system accurately installs directional elements, including crosswalks, turn arrows, traffic lights, streetlights, medians, reflectors, and lane markings. The system automatically evaluates distinct intersections within the road network, determining the appropriate placement to ensure optimal traffic flow. In a sprawling city, maintaining clear directions is crucial.

Surrounded by beaches and cliffs, the terrain and landscape are defining features of Wiami. We have integrated an advanced terrain system that facilitates seamless interoperability between Houdini and Unreal Engine, allowing for broad, procedural edits in Houdini, and detailed, local sculpting in Unreal. The landscape is divided into various heightfield tiles, which automatically apply texture and vegetation based on changes in elevation, to distinguish beaches from forests and cliffs. This high-performance terrain maintains consistent frame rates across Wiami, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Travel Highways
Transit infrastructure is essential for the vitality of a bustling city. The first layer at full scale consisted of the base city road network. For the next layer we have added the overpass system, as previewed in the Midnight in Wiami demo.

This multi-height overpass system facilitates efficient travel to specific locations and hubs across Wiami, by passing traffic. By selecting key points across the city, a complex yet efficient overpass system is generated by our tool. This not only enhances city connectivity, it also adds a dynamic visual complexity to the urban landscape.

Going Underground
Elevated transit is not our sole focus, we are also exploring the realm of underground networks. Similar to the overpass system, tunnels facilitate shortcuts through the city and provide access to hidden locations. As with the overpass system, the tunnel system has been completely revamped, efficiently utilizing automatically selected mesh components and positioning them according to slope and curvature for optimal integration.


Tagging Up
Using AI technology, we have generated a vast array of custom graffiti to tag up the environment. Graffiti embodies the artistic spirit of a major city, reflecting its vibrancy, freedom, and creativity.

With the use of AI, we can custom tune graffiti and art to produce a wide range of styles. Graffiti can then be auto populated across various city surfaces as desired.

Locomotion Improvements
Our stair and ramp tools have been specifically tuned to work with our avatar locomotion systems. These tools precisely generate optimal step heights, ramp inclines, railings, and collision parameters. By embedding these standards directly into the tools, we guarantee the functionality and usability of stairs and ramps, allowing our artists to deploy and modify them with confidence in their compatibility with avatars and other characters. 


Ramp HDA


Stair Level


Body and Face Shape Adjustment System
We have introduced an advanced body volume adjustment system, enabling proportionate modifications across the entire body, based on the players selection via the slider. Our integrated facial sculpt feature elevates the blend system by dynamically adjusting facial contours to align with body size changes.   This guarantees a cohesive and natural look, irrespective of the character's build, head shape, or gender.

Miner Character Updates
Improvements have been applied to the miner character, significantly refining and elevating the original miner avatar design.


Miner Outfit

Hair Color Blend System
We now have the ability to craft custom hair colors with highlights and gradients between two colors. This enhancement introduces even greater diversity and vibrancy to hair options.



The redesigned Wheels reflect the narrative of their origins, emerging as "other-dimensional barn finds" that are never found intact. Wilders often discover the central body, roof, glass, and doors from remnants of Our Based Reality (OBR) cars. To finalize these vehicles, Wilder engineers integrate Frank's Based Reality (FBR) technology, blending new body panels, engines, chassis components, headlights, taillights, wings, rims, and other enhancements to enhance performance. This process results in the captivating aesthetics of these unique vehicles, made for another dimension. Moreover, the design approach allows for effortless interchangeability of fenders, rear wings, diffusers, front spoilers, splitters, headlights, and taillights among various car models.

Inside Neon Piston

Wambo Wiura W400 1967
The first Wheel redesign features the Wambo Wiura W400 1967, showcasing an extreme widebody design with rear fenders intricately attached to the suspension, allowing them to follow the movement of the wheels. With wide tires both front and rear, this design ensures the vehicle maintains optimal grip and traction, necessary to harness the immense power generated by the V12 engine.

Werrari 365 WTB 4 Waytona 1968
A similar style is seen for the revamped Werrari 365 WTB 4 Waytona 1968. Sporting a wide body and a powerful V12 engine prominently displayed at the front, this vehicle offers a modular interior that can be seen through its expansive glass roof. The shared front headlights with the Wiura highlight the benefits of modular integration.

WMW w5 w39 2003
The WMW w5 w39 2003 is the quintessential high performance saloon. Despite comfortably accommodating four avatars, it achieves remarkable speeds, thanks to its long wheelbase and wide stance, ensuring stability and secure handling even at top velocities.

The Winfiniti W37 Whip Sport 200
The Winfiniti W37 Whip Sport 200 is a majestic coupé engineered for exceptional stability and effortless high-speed performance. Its stock engine delivers impressive power, with ample potential for further enhancements

Wokewagen Warmann Ghia 1967
The revamped Wokewagen Warmann Ghia 1967 defies expectations with its transformation from a modest car to an agile and competitive sports car, thanks to the ingenuity of the Wilder engineers. Its surprising performance is complemented by interchangeable rear fenders that can be swapped with those of the Wiura.

Wheels Arcade NYC


Date: Friday April 5th
Time: 12 pm to 4 pm
Location: 50 Bowery NYC

Get ready for the Wheels Arcade NYC, a place for Wilders to come together, compete, and test out our Wheels alpha experience during NFT NYC. Scheduled to happen at the gaming hub OS NYC, to be packed with high-speed action and fierce competition to keep the engines revving.

Our mega prize pool: Dive into the competitive spirit with a 20,000 $WILD reward pool. We will have a number of racing tracks and prizes for the fastest times and most wins.


  • ​The first 200 players through the door will get 100 $WILD. RSVP with your ETH wallet to qualify.
  • ​25+ PCs and 2x racing simulators set up to race solo or head to head.
  • ​Fastest Lap Time: With 4x tracks to race, each of the fastest lap times will win $WILD.
  • ​Most Wins: Dominate the races to claim the title of the most victorious driver of the event.

RSVP here if you're in NYC and want to join us at the Wheels Arcade!

Burning Questions

Before we conclude, we want to answer several burning questions that have recently been asked by Wilders.

(1) What happens if someone decides to sell LAND (with it being backed by $WILD). Can it be sold to another person? Or just deactivated for the $WILD? Basically, how does the secondary market come into play?

The secondary market will function just like any other NFT. Holders will be able to set a price on the open market and people can buy it or not for a specific price. When the NFT is transferred (sold), the corresponding WILD backing it will follow the asset, which will be then controlled by the new owner.

(2) In a recent AMA, it was mentioned that higher chains will give you better odds at securing a prime land plot. Do GENs count towards a higher chain?

Not for land sale 1, but they will count for all subsequent land sales.

(3) For Wilders holding their assets in a cold wallet, how will they be able to sign transactions for game activities effectively?

Yes. You will be able to associate multiple wallets with your account. It may be required you use an in-game wallet, using account abstraction, for smaller transactions (micro-transactions), and cold storage for larger transactions.

(4) Will Wilders be able to choose whether a max chain gets a higher probability of a closer land plot or split into two base chains for more plots?

Wilders will be able to choose whether they want to have a max-chain or two separate Trinities.

(5) If $WILD token rises, how will this affect prices within Wiami? Will it be pegged to more stable values?

Similar to any nation with its own currency, changes in the underlying price will impact asset prices.

(6) According to the roadmap Land is scheduled for release before Avatars. Will land count towards forming a Trinity to claim a free Avatar?

This is not currently decided. Once dates are hard confirmed for both drops, these types of remaining details will be shared.


It’s been a wild month and things are just starting to heat up. Our latest Dev Log showcases the work conducted by the Game Studio in just one month.

Our vision of creating a universally accessible and immersive metaverse is coming into play. Through our alliances with NVIDIA, MetaGravity, Polygon, Celestia, and SuperVerse, we have established a solid foundation for removing hardware barriers, improving scalability, concurrency, and introducing a gas free economy. 

More Dominos will begin to fall next week, with the announcement of an exciting partnership.

With blessings,

The Wilders