Introducing $LOOT Token, a treasury reserve for the Wilder Artist Guild & Metaverse Economy

Introducing $LOOT Token, a treasury reserve for the Wilder Artist Guild & Metaverse Economy

We’re excited to officially launch $LOOT, the Dynamic Token to enable interoperability across tokens within the Wilder World ecosystem.

You can think of $LOOT as essentially the equivalent of Wilder World’s core ‘raw building material’. Similar to how you require iron ore or steel to cast an object IRL, staking $LOOT is required to mint new NFT assets inside Wilder World for everything from avatars, condos, vehicles, clothing and Totems in the Metaverse.

$LOOT will serve as the connective tissue between creator, community, and DAO-based tokens launched in Wilder World on the ZERO protocol. This is possible using a key innovation from ZERO that is called a ‘Dynamic Token’. Unlike a fixed supply token (like BTC or WILD) that requires liquidity pools to facilitate on-chain trading, Dynamic Tokens utilize an on-chain market maker and can facilitate liquidity (exchange) between any two tokens, irrespective of a token’s popularity (or trading volume).

In addition to interoperability, $LOOT opens a host of royalty and fractionalization models for creators. Popular NFTs are incredibly expensive for people and lack liquidity, meaning that they are difficult to sell after they are purchased. With $LOOT, NFTs can become liquid, meaning that they can be made price accessible to a wide audience, most importantly the Wilder community, through fractionalized trading. We think that this is a requirement in order for NFTs (and virtual property in general) to go mainstream. Please read n3o’s ZINE on Liquidity — An Internet of Money, to learn more about the importance of this part of the ZERO/Wilder architecture.

Our new $LOOT Token brings with it the novel capacity to algorithmically adjust Wilder World’s monetary policy based on governance decisions from the Wilder Nation, the primary DAO that is responsible for the stewardship of Wilder World and will launch on ZERO later this year. As artists and players mint NFTs by exchanging ETH for $LOOT, the on-chain reserve of the $LOOT treasury will expand.

$WILD hodlers are the primary beneficiaries of this monetary expansion and will oversea how capital is allocated. As more capital is accumulated into the $LOOT reserve, the Wilder Nation can vote to allocate how funds will be used to improve Wilder World. It could be art, it could be technology, it could be special partnerships, smart contract or monetary changes. It could even be launching a Wilder city or country IRL. When complete, Wilder World will become a fully decentralized ecosystem, run entirely on-chain by players, creators and fans. In other words, Wilder World will become an autopoietic self-governing organism in service of the people.

Autopoiesis: The property of a living system (such as a bacterial cell or a multicellular organism) that allows it to maintain and renew itself by regulating its composition and conserving its boundaries.

We are so thankful for all of our communities support thus far. In four short months $WILD has grown almost 20x from an initial IDO price of $0.048 to nearly $1.00. Our backers include crypto heavy weights such as Barry Silbert and DCG, Metakovan and Metapurse, Jake Paul and Anti Fund, along with many other magnificent beings.

We are getting close to our biggest launch yet — the Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM), built on the ZERO Protocol. This will be a fully decentralized and community governed marketplace for buying and selling 3D items in the Metaverse, along with understanding their dynamic gameplay attributes. After launch, we’ll begin to roll out a series of Wilder DAOs, from original Wilder stories, to 3D vehicles, condos and much more (all of which is being worked on behind the scenes right now).

We are super grateful that you are on this journey with us and could not be more excited for the coming months.

Join the Wilder World Network on ZERO and follow the steps below to buy your very own $LOOT Tokens.

$LOOT Contract: 0x43b8219aC1883373C0428688eE1a76e19E6B6D9d

Step 1: Join the Wilder World ZERO network here

Step 2: Find and click LOOT in the bottom left corner

Step 3: in the LOOT pop up Click ‘Connect Wallet’ in the bottom right corner

Step 4: Select your wallet provider. We suggest using MetaMask

Step 5: Click ‘Exchange’ in the bottom right corner

Step 6: Convert ETH to LOOT

Step 7: Confirm in MetaMask

Step 8: Add the LOOT Token to your MetaMask

Following this your LOOT should be visible in your MetaMask wallet.

Be sure to message our team in the ZERO support channel if you have any questions or issues.

Keep it $WILD