NVIDIA GeForce Now Teams Up with Wilder World to Revolutionize Cloud Gaming

Wilder World is for all. Our commitment to making Wiami accessible to everyone takes a significant leap forward with this exciting alliance.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Teams Up with Wilder World to Revolutionize Cloud Gaming


Wilder World is for all. Our commitment to making Wiami accessible to everyone takes a significant leap forward with this exciting alliance. At the heart of this collaboration is the shared vision of ensuring that the wonders of Wilder World are not restricted by hardware limitations for anyone.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, we have joined forces with NVIDIA GeForce Now to ensure accessibility for all.

NVIDIA is one of the leading manufacturers of GPUs for the gaming and other markets with high GPU demand. With a valuation nearly larger than the crypto market itself, NVIDIA is at the forefront of cloud gaming technology with their service GeForce Now. This innovative platform allows users to stream PC games from high-powered remote GPUs, enabling them to play demanding titles on almost any device, from laptops and smartphones to tablets and TVs.

In order to achieve photorealistic graphics, Wilder World relies on next-generation technology that is extremely demanding and requires expensive hardware to run. We are well aware that not everyone has access to this type of gaming hardware. It has always been important to us to make Wilder World accessible to the masses.

This is the heart of our collaboration with NVIDIA. With this integration, Wilder World is truly accessible to all. Wilder World is for all. As part of the official launch of Midnight and Wiami, Wilder World will become officially listed and available via NVIDIA GeForce now, and will be accessible on any device with access to a browser and high speed internet connection. 

GeForce Now Pricing Tiers

The process for gamers is straightforward. Anyone can sign up with GeForce Now and will be able to access Wilder World through the GeForce Now dashboard. With its tiered pricing model, users can choose from various subscription tiers tailored to their preferences and needs, including a free option.

Free Tier: This tier serves as the entry point for users keen on exploring the world of cloud gaming, without committing to a subscription fee. While this tier provides access to the GeForce Now platform, certain limitations should be noted. Users will have access to gaming servers with standard features, including limitations on session duration.

Priority Tier: The priority tier provides access to GeForce Now servers, markedly reducing wait times and ensuring a smoother gaming experience, even during peak times. Priority subscribers also benefit from extended session lengths, allowing for more uninterrupted gaming time. Access to RTX ON results in enhanced graphics and performance, contributing to a highly visually immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Ultimate Tier: The Ultimate tier encompasses all the advantages of the Priority tier while offering additional perks, such as extended session lengths and exclusive access to GeForce Now servers. Furthermore, the ultimate tier introduces the GeForce Now RTX 4080 Rig, a powerful configuration that further enhances gaming visuals and performance.


While our collaboration with NVIDIA GeForce Now has been a pivotal step, our journey towards making Wilder World mass market does not stop there. With the use of NVIDIA GPUs, we are in active development of our own cloud gaming service that provides increased reliability and hardware guarantees, as well as optimization for metaverse and web3 gaming. We are in the early stages of this venture. Over the coming years you will be hearing more about this revolutionary service and how it can help bring web3 and next generation gaming to the masses.


This marks a significant yet preliminary step in our journey to make Wilder World truly mass market. You will see many key partnerships and technological advancements that we will be releasing soon, all focused on making Wilder World for all. We believe that the most critical aspect of making Wilder World and web3 successful is not only creating best in class products, but significantly lowering the barrier to entry to existing gamers and non-crypto natives.

What a WILD journey it has been. The fun is just getting started.

With gratitude + blessings,

The Wilders