Trinity Season Recap

Trinity Season Recap

Greetings Wilders!

It has been an extraordinary month as we’ve journeyed deeper into our Wilder Genesis Rewards Program alongside the Wilder Nation during our Trinity Season campaign.

From an epic upcoming Trinity Awards Ceremony to a special activation with an entrepreneurial Wilder community member, there’s a wealth of key updates you may have missed during Trinity Season.

Follow along as we dive into all things Trinity Season…

Trinity Season officially kicked off on August 10th with the promise of 3 major announcements, 6 distinct Trinity benefits, and 9 ways to win a Trinity.
Each announcement arrived in the form of a surprise message sent from inside the metaverse by The Architect himself, unaware of whether or not anyone is actually receiving them.

Transmissions from Wiami

Transmission 01 - "Has the Collider finally been activated?"
Transmission 02 - "an archipelago is revealed off the coast of Wiami."
Transmission 03 - “This land is for the Guardians, the Keepers of Trinity"

This miraculous first contact not only established  that connection with the metaverse is now possible, but also communicated the 5D codes that, once decrypted in [device], revealed the extraordinary six benefits reserved for Trinity Keepers that are outlined below.

To access the most comprehensive guide to Trinity Season and all things Wilder World and key FAQs, make sure to stop by our Wilder Wiki and discover the 5D codes you seek.

Claim Three Free Plots of Wiami Land

Each Trinity Keeper will be able to claim three plots of Wiami land for FREE (plus gas); one in our Genesis land sale, and one in each of our two subsequent land sales. The steps required to complete in order to claim land will be revealed at a later date, closer to the Genesis land sale.

Claim a GEN NFT

Short for Generator, GENs are orb-like objects inside Wilder World that act as a player guide. They are multi-functional pieces of organic hardware that can harness energy, process data, decrypt codes, refract light, and record. We are still learning more about these GENs and their functionality within Wilder World.

Full Access to the Trinity Islands Archipelago in Wiami

The transcendent home of Trinity Keepers, Trinity Islands is a nearby archipelago off the coast of Wiami. As the main island in the chain, Trinity Island will be a gathering place for all Wilders to attend events, collaborate, and explore a healthy balance of nature and technology. The other two islands will be an invisible secret to all in the metaverse who are not Trinity Keepers. These sacred places are sure to hold the keys to unlock new levels of transcendence in the metaverse.

Claim a Trinity Totem NFT

Trinity Keepers will have access to claim a Trinity Totem NFT that is redeemable at a future forging date for an IRL Totem crafted by The Artist!

As rare future artifacts reminiscent of a time before the metaverse, totems hold immeasurable value beyond their weight and maintain incredible significance in the story of Wilder World.

Only the finest quality Totems exit Frank Wilder’s art studio after being blessed using alchemized energy from other realms. Each will be crafted from Sterling Silver and individually hand-polished. They will be limited in number to the total number of Trinities formed by the Snapshot date.

“Totems are Forever.” - Frank Wilder
To claim a GEN and Trinity Totem, a snapshot will be taken to determine which Wilder wallets hold Trinities. The NFTs that make up your Trinity must be held in the same wallet. Be sure to organize your NFTs in sets of three in your wallet(s) to be eligible for the claim! The snapshot date has not yet been determined but Team Wilder is currently working on the production and delivery process.

Securing Wilder Assets

n3o is no longer alone in the metaverse. In an extraordinary transmission, he described an encounter with a mysterious being called Trin at an underground lake in a remote cave hidden on Trinity Islands. Upon exiting the cave, n3o’s GEN produced a Ledger that he could share with Trinity Keepers so that they may, in Trin’s words, “protect the power of Trinity.”

As Trinities have the ability to power the metropolis of Wiami, Wilders have a burning need to keep their assets safe to ensure the city’s future prosperity. Learn how to protect your Trinities with our new Wilder Wiki Ledger How-to Guide HERE.

Trinity Awards Ceremony

Join your fellow Wilders on September 28th at 2:00pm PDT for a Twitter Spaces to celebrate the nine winners of Trinity giveaways as they step into stewardship of Wiami land and receive the benefits that come with each Trinity. Winners will receive their prizes before the ceremony.

1 winner for each of the 9 giveaways were chosen from X number of total RT entries, X number of Meme Submissions, and X number of Lore Fan-Fiction Submissions. (TBD by Friday at 10 AM PDT)

The winners for the RT giveaways were chosen at random and the meme giveaway winner was chosen through a team vote where the meme best fitting the criteria of funniest, truest, and culture fit was selected. Wilder World also ran a Community’s Choice Vote with the top 4 memes and those winners were chosen via a Twitter Poll Activation.

Credit: Super Wilder

Community Spotlight: Business is Booming in the Metaverse!

In a Network State like Wilder World built upon a foundation of natively digital industries, where coordination is revolutionized and creativity is unbound by the laws of the physical world, the metaverse will become a vast ecosystem providing opportunities for new forms of businesses to flourish in a global virtual economy. We’re already seeing it even before the process of building Wiami is complete!

Handmade with acrylic frames and printed paper, Slabs are a whole new way to display your prized Wilder World NFTs (or any NFT for that matter). Each Slab contains information about the unique NFTs that include Name and PFP, Traits, Number of Asset or Special ID, and a short description of the collection.

The project was started by Zach Wilder of The Wilder Nation, who originally started making these at his home studio in the U.K before launching the project as a way to bring the URL to IRL and honor Wilder NFTs!

Team Wilder reached out to Zach after we caught wind of his solo project and commissioned 27 Slabs to award the 9 winners of the Trinity giveaways. Each Trinity giveaway winner will also receive 3 total Slabs to honor their win and display their prized assets IRL.

A Message from Team Wilder

At the core of Wilder World’s ethos is the belief that building a large-scale metaverse platform should be done in a way that puts members first through DAO governance, profit redistribution, and extraordinary rewards for early adopters.

With these beliefs in mind, The Wilder Genesis Rewards Program was created to achieve one primary goal - bring the most comprehensive NFT rewards system to the loyal Wilders, holding coveted Genesis Collection NFTs.

It is an honor to finally unveil that each Trinity holder will be able to claim three plots of Wiami land for free (plus gas); one in our Genesis land sale, and one in each of our two subsequent land sales. We couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey into the metaverse with you all as a collective group that champions truth, digital freedom, and decentralization.

The Wilders Salute You.