When you’re strapped into the Quantum, you’re reaching beyond the stars into distant dimensions; that’s exactly how we like to roll in the Wilder Nation. We always aim as high and far into the 5D as we can.

This is how we continue to create all the magic collectively as a community. Everyone of us is striving to give our very best at every milestone we cross together and as a project, we continue to deliver on our very ambitious QMM Roadmap.

Given the sheer pace we have been running at, the team thought it best to stop, take a deep breath and engage with the community on a number of key decisions before we ride into 2022.

In this spirit we held a community feedback session in Discord yesterday where we gathered valuable input from the people who are the most important to our continued success, you.

In this session we asked for input in three areas:

  • Timing of QUANTUM MEOW MODE Roadmap completion
  • Pricing and accessibility of Wilder drops
  • Keeping Wheels Tier C sale open, Alpha Game & Marketing Efforts

The feedback and ideas we received were invaluable and we feel that collectively as a Nation we were able to make some key decisions on how we move forward together until the end of 2021, and into 2022.

Overall, there were a few key themes of feedback:

i) there was overwhelming support to extend the QMM Roadmap until the end of January 2022 to make sure we space out NFT drops appropriately and not cause ‘drop fatigue’ in the community.

ii) we confirmed that Wilder.Pets will be priced to be our most accessible drop yet,

iii) the community was supportive of keeping the Wheels Tier C drop open and to use it as a way to test and refine certain marketing systems focused on growing new citizenship of the Wilder Nation.

We hear you, and we will proceed accordingly.

From the bottom of all of our hearts we are so thankful to have such smart, loyal, loving and engaged citizens of Wilder World. Off the back of this successful community feedback session, we also intend to make these discussions a mainstay and conduct them regularly in 2022 to make sure we are capturing all the helpful ideas and constructive critiques from Wilder Nation.

Given it is the holiday season we want you to spend as much time with your family and loved ones, especially after the year we have all had in 2021!

We will be back in touch shortly with a special surprise.

The Wilders salute you meow and forever.