The Wilder Way

The Wilder Way

Wow, we are truly blown away by the continued support and deep interest our community has for our NFT drops, this was clearly highlighted with our Wilder.Crafts launch.

While the drop was a success and sold out in 10 minutes, we acknowledge that there were some technical difficulties with some Wilders that encountered gas wars and failed transactions.

We’re still investigating the core issues and have taken a lot of feedback from the community into account on how to execute future drops and create a much smoother community experience.

Regardless of the cause of these issues, the Wilder Spirit shines brightly once more and keeping to our long history of prioritizing our community, we are going to make things right.

Here’s what we are going to do:

  • Refund gas fees for failed transactions up to 0.2 ETH per transaction.
  • The 226 Wilders with failed Craft transactions and were not able to mint will receive priority Whitelist access to Wilder.Pets WWMM drop.

To claim a failed Wilder.Craft transaction please submit your information here in the next 72 hours. Refunds will be available to claim before December 31st, 2021.

We will continue to learn from these moments and improve our whitelist/minting process to minimize gas and failed transactions but ultimately some of these matters are truly out of our control and occur when competing for space in the blockchain.

We appreciate the support and air of understanding that the Wilder Nation has shown through this period. Together we rise to the challenge, together we go quantum, it's the Wilder way.

The Wilders salute you meow and forever.