Wilder Cribs Rarity

Wilder Cribs Rarity

What does your dream Metaverse abode look like? Wilder Cribs will make your WILDest dreams come true. Featuring options like Bond Cedar Parquet for warmth, Ziarat Marble for taste or Concrete for a more industrial feel. Stairways crafted out of materials such as Porcelain, Oak, and Black Steel allow a wide array of looks and feels for your Wilder Crib.

Qube Unit 3 Interior

The Qube is the first building in Wiami. Rooted in the district of Little Meow and currently being developed in the heart of South Beach, Wiami. All Wilder.Cribs are built with painstaking patience and love. Each are unique in their own way and some more prestigious than others. Explore what separates each Wilder Crib below.

Each Crib is broken into nine different asset classes which give the value and rarity to each Luxury Condo. The asset classes are as follows: Floor Number, Layout, Balcony, Railing Material, Ceiling Material, Floor Material, Loft Floor Material, Stair Material, and Wall Material. Similar to our other collections Wilder.Cribs will also have a leading asset class which holds more weight than all other asset classes. Traditionally in a condo development the price of the unit will increase as the floor number does. For that reason the leading asset class is the floor number that your crib is located on. To achieve a weighting system that represents this we have applied a weight that grows exponentially as the floor number increases.

We understand there are some traits that are subjectively more desirable than others that are not necessarily more rare. For this reason we have decided to keep all asset classes outside of the floor number balanced and represented strictly by rarity from the supply of the whole and nothing else.

Below are the charts for each asset class to give you a better idea on how each asset is distributed across the category it belongs to:

Seeing the Wilder Nation come together around the Wilder.Cribs launch has been a beautiful thing. We love seeing the community self coordinate and add value to the whole. We want to give a special shout out to Wild Bookman for putting together a comprehensive rarity site to view the Wilder.Cribs rarity and sales here. You can also view the ranking of your crib by sorting the 'score' column on Bookman's site.

We are happy to see the positive reinforcement from the Wilder Nation in regards to our first Wilder.Cribs release. It is always important for us to put community first and do our best to honour Wilders that have supported us along this journey. It's also nice to see some Wilder community members get positive impact from the Cribs drop on the secondary market. We've even seen some units move for up to 39 ETH on the secondary market so far!

Rewarding those who show the Wilder spirit and share our vision for the future will continue to be a compass the helps guide the creation of Wilder World. All the more reason for you to keep showing your WILD side on Discord, Twitter and our other social channels!

We look forward to sharing what we have in store next for Quantum Meow Mode.

Until then, the Wilders salute you.