Wilder Wheels Genesis – The Final Frontier

Wilder Wheels Genesis – The Final Frontier

The Wilder Spirit is strong in the Nation and we deeply appreciate & thank everyone who turned out for the Wheels AMA, which helped to inform and guide the future of the Wheels Genesis collection.

It was an epic community collaboration session filled with impromptu surveys, well thought out briefs and 100s of helpful comments that we have collated and are using as a North Star to make some key decisions moving forward.

Before we get to the decisions at hand, it’s important to update that we pinpointed and successfully secured the return of Ambassador Wheels that had the potential to skew the rarity – mission accomplished. We are happy to report that a minuscule amount of Wheels will be burned bringing the collection rarity back to integrity, as previously highlighted as our most important objective.

In regards to the Wheels Genesis major decisions that needed to be made, we asked the community a number of strategic questions–in particular we asked if they thought we should burn the remainder of the collection and focus our energy on the next hyperscale roadmap? Or alternatively if we should continue to keep selling Wheels until the collection is sold out? Ultimately we felt it would be best to bring these questions to the community and be guided by your decision.

About two thirds of the community felt strongly that we should move forward with the burn while a third felt we should probably not go down this path but that we should keep minting this collection. We want to acknowledge the citizens in the latter and assure you that we took your concerns into account when formulating the overall response to the community’s request.

In the end after gathering all the feedback from the community, we felt and heard the sentiment from both sides and came to the conclusion it was in the best interest of the project to align with the community vote and therefore burn the Tier D & E of the collection. The remaining Wheels from Tier C will be contributed to the DAO and owned by the community. This is not out of alignment with the original quantity of 10% of the collection supply being allocated to the DAO.

The silver lining here is that the Wheels Tier D & E burn will not negatively impact anyone’s rarity, rather it will improve it. The total Wilder Wheels collection will be smaller at 6,396 and everyone’s wheel will potentially be more rare and more scarce than before. By reducing the supply of this Genesis collection we strongly believe the main beneficiaries of the burn will be existing Wheel holders, true Wilders who have believed in and supported this project from the starting line.

Once the burn is carried out we will be issuing an updated rarity and ranking structure based on the final numbers of the collection. It is important to remember that Wheels Genesis was the first procedurally generated automotive industry drop in Wilder World. The industry will keep evolving, and as it does, will become even more engaging and accessible to the community in the future. We will have more to say about this later in the year.

And finally, we also heard loud and clear that many citizens expressed their desire for more in-depth details on both staking and utility of the collection. We are in the final stages of planning for the details on both of these and will be releasing more information on both fronts in the near future.

We are so excited by everything that is to come in 2022, we are super pumped to have you on this journey with us and truly co-create a new dimension of reality.

The Wilders Salute you.