BossLogic enters the Wilderverse

BossLogic enters the Wilderverse


  • Check out our recent Forbes Feature about all things Wilder World with Micheal-Carter Williams.
  • BossLogic and the BLU join forces with Wilder World to create a BLU Tower in Wiami, offering Gauntlet holders a home in the Metaverse.
  • Tune in on Twitter spaces today at 7:00pm PST with Boss Logic and the Wilders where we will discuss all things BLU x Wilder.

BossLogic and the Wilders join forces

Kode Abdo, better known as BossLogic, is a concept and graphic artist from Melbourne, Australia. His work transcends space and time and honors some of pop cultures most prominent figures, In turn becoming one himself. Some of BossLogic's iconic works include Marvel's Studios Movie Avenger-End Game poster.

Boss Logic Endgame Poster

Since the first time Kode and The Wilders connected it was apparent that the Wilder spirit was strong within him and this would be the start to a very exciting journey together. There are certain partnerships that just seem to flow and collaboration is easy, these are the most fulfilling collaborations and we can’t wait to share all the magic we create together.

Starting with designing The BLU (BossLogic Universe) Tower inside #Wiami. The Wilders and Kode have started the ideation process and early concepts of what the BLU tower will look like in Wiami. Not only that, we have also been exploring ways in which Gauntlet holders will have special in-game access to the Tower.

An early concept of Wiami and the BLU Tower

BossLogic is also a car enthusiast himself, amassing quite the epic collection of whips IRL. That’s why Wilder Wheels was so exciting to Kode, offering the ability to bring some of his favorite cars into the Metaverse and race for pink slips.

Tune in on Twitter spaces today at 7:00pm PST with Boss Logic and the Wilders where we will discuss all things BLU x Wilder. To celebrate the partnership, Wilders and BossLogic are excited to announce a set of limited edition BossLogic Wheels, to be given away to the BLU community on his Twitter platform and Discord channel later today.

BLU Wilder Wheels Giveaway

We also invite you to join us on Discord to chat about all things BossLogic x Wilder Wheels.

In other Wilder news

Wilder World co-founder Frank Wilder and head of Metaverse athletics Micheal Carter-Williams sat down with Forbes to talk all things NFTs and the future of the Metaverse. Read the article here to get the inside scoop on what the Wilder Nation has in store next with Player vs Player (PvP) and Play to Earn (P2E) gaming models.

The Wilders salute you.