HUXLEY soars through the Metaverse to land in Wilder World’s Wiami

HUXLEY soars through the Metaverse to land in Wilder World’s Wiami

It’s with great honour that the Wilder Nation welcomes HUXLEY to Wiami.

Led by renowned artist Ben Mauro and powered by FEATURE, the HUXLEY team is on a mission to bring the graphic-novel saga to all corners of the Metaverse, and we’re proud to host their vision in Wilder World!

Ben, senior concept designer behind the Halo Infinite game title, has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including: NASA, Lexus, Boston Dynamics, 20th Century Fox, LucasFilm, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Insomniac Games, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel to name a few.

HUXLEY is a 6-issue graphic novel series and NFT project 10 years in the making from the talented illustrator, art director and storyteller. A post-apocalyptic adventure about two scavengers who find an ancient robot and get swept up in a mystery of a galactic scale. HUXLEY is the magnum opus of Ben’s illustrious career in the entertainment industry - a project that transcends the meta, physical and traditional media spaces.

Ben has contributed to a vast array of film, television and video game projects such as Call of Duty, The Hobbit Trilogy, Elysium, Spiderman-2, and more. His concept designs are legendary fixtures across first-person-shooting franchises as well as the silver screen.

It is an honour to have Ben bring his talent, years of experience and captivating storytelling to our world, as we welcome his designs and characters, and collaborate to develop the future protopia we collectively envision.

Wilder World’s primary focus is to share quality art and artists through this new space, and we are excited to open up the portal between worlds as we evolve together into this ever-expanding new horizon.

The new “HUXLEY Sector” and Ben’s community will be some of the first to participate in Wilder World’s Metaverse when it comes out of closed beta in 2022. Until then, both projects will work closely together on designing the architecture of HUXLEY’s new Metaverse digs.

For more information on the project visit the HUXLEY Website.

The Wilders salute you.