Turbo Sequence Engaged: Introducing Wilder.Moto and Genesis NFT Rewards

Turbo Sequence Engaged: Introducing Wilder.Moto and Genesis NFT Rewards

Blessings to The Wilder Nation, prepare to embark on an epic saga alongside your fellow Wilders, one full of incredible surprises along the way!

It is with great pleasure that after months of vigilantly observing the Web3 space and working to fine-tune our own extensive strategy, we can now bless Wilders with secrets granting vision into our highly anticipated Wilder Genesis Rewards Program.

This initiative has been meticulously designed to bring white-glove metaverse service to all of our Genesis NFT holders and will be rolled out in phases over the course of 2022 and beyond.

Observing a Wiami Night

Team Wilder believes that this will be a key catalyst that launches Wilder collections into NFT prominence and leads us to recognition as an upper echelon project.

With much more to be revealed in stages over the remainder of 2022, let’s begin with what will be referred to as Industry and Platform benefits, respectively.

The Inception of Web3's Most Extensive NFT Rewards Program

Industry Rewards are siloed to each individual NFT industry in Wilder World, where Genesis NFTs are considered the apex asset class.

Within NFT-specific industries, Genesis holders will be granted access to mintlists, claims, airdrops, and raffles for all subsequent collections within that industry.

Wheels Genesis: Waldo W 2010

Platform Rewards span across the Wilder ecosystem and are enacted when new industries are launched.

The primary reward in this category will be access to new Genesis collections through claims, airdrops, and mintlists. Platform Rewards will function primarily to reward Wilders for the number of Genesis asset categories held and the length of time held.

Additional benefits include exclusive merch, IRL parties/events, and in-metaverse perks.

The first iteration of Platform Rewards begins now...

Blessings of Apex Velocity

Lights are green and we're bringing our A-game to the tarmac!

The launch of Wilder.Moto is imminent (date TBA) and we are ready to bless all of our Wilder Wheels Genesis holders.

This will be the very first implementation of Platform Rewards, where for each Wilder Wheel held, Wilders will be allocated one Wilder.Moto Genesis NFT to claim for free (+ ETH gas fee)!

Much of our Trinity Program will remain a mystery for now, but Wilders should know that a Trinity consists of three Genesis NFTs from separate industries.

Metaphoenix and CyberHeist are not Wilder industries, but they were some of the earliest NFT collections released by our team. To reward our Wilder OGs holding those assets in their wallet, NFTs from those collections will count towards a Trinity as well!

Holding a minimum of a Trinity will be key to all platform rewards moving forward and the aging of the assets in your wallet may give you an edge on coveted smaller scale mints.

As a Genesis NFT, Moto will be a key addition to the garages of Wheels holders, as each pairing will constitute as 2/3 of completing a Trinity.

As of today pre-Moto launch, Wilder NFTs that qualify for a Trinity consist of:

Air Wild Season 1 and 2 are our only collections currently NOT considered Genesis assets, but they are included on a contract with other Genesis assets. Be sure to head to WWMM to most easily distinguish between the three different seasons.

Example of Trinity: [1 Wilder Wolf, 1 Wilder Wheel, 1 Air Wild Season 0]. Non-Examples of Trinity: [1 Wilder Wolf, 2 Wilder Wheels], [2 Air Wild Season 0, 1 Craft]

For more information on our NFT collections, be sure to check out our newly published NFT Buyer's Guide for all the tips on securing your Genesis NFTs.

That's all for now Wilders, incredible rewards are on the horizon for Trinity collectors and we couldn't be more excited to share our upcoming announcements. Stay tuned!

The Wilders Salute You