Presenting our newest Metaverse industry - Wilder.Concept

Presenting our newest Metaverse industry - Wilder.Concept

Great creations start as an idea; the initial concept is like a seed, planted deep within the psyche and soul of an individual or group. With care, attention, and will, the seed eventually sprouts and blossoms into what we recognize as objective reality.

With traditional large scale productions (like movies, TV, video games, etc), the initial artistic concepts rarely see the light of day, locked in a vault, never to be heard from again. We believe this is a tragedy.

The idea of Wilder World is to co-create together; in order for that to happen however, we need to share and iterate on the creative process. The ability to design and share together is a gift, and together, we can build the Wilder Nation and Metaverse.

Wilder.Concept enables Wilders far and wide to own and give feedback on what will eventually become Wilder history. Imagine if you could have owned the original drawing of the Millennium Falcon, or the first sketches of a lightsaber; these would be cherished and priceless artifacts today.

These original Wilder World concepts are the blueprints and building blocks of the Metaverse. Each tell a story of the progression and creative process that visually demonstrate what it means to take ideas from the initial phase right through to full production in 5D, ultimately bringing the Metaverse to life.


The following initial concept NFTs are now up for auction at 0://wilder.concept on the Wilder World Metaverse Market:


W1 - The initial concept of W1 - The first development in Wiami that will serve as the Wilder Embassy and HQ, along with Wilder Cribs and multiple Bazaars - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Architecture 000 // Edition: 1 of 1

Welcome to W1

Welcome to W1 - A more detailed look at the W1 entrance. It will feature an open bazaar, elevators, and surrounding outdoor public gardens - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Architecture 001 // Edition: 1 of 1

The Road to the Metaverse

The Road to the Metaverse - An early look at the skyline of Wiami and the main bridge into the city center. A key passageway for the Wilder Nation to ride in their Wilder Wheels - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Environment 000 // Edition: 1 of 1

Wild Streets

Wild Streets - An evening look in Wiami’s city core; a central area for Wilders to come together, shop for NFTs and enjoy unique experiences from our Metaverse allies - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Environment 001 // Edition: 1 of 1

The Wild City

The Wild City - An early look at the Wiami skyline from W1 - Wilder Nation's embassy and luxury condominium tower. Wilders will have the opportunity to decorate their own cribs, galleries and communal spaces throughout the building - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Environment 002 // Edition: 1 of 1

  • Sketches: Early concept sketches from Wilder World
Natural Buildings

Natural Buildings - The first concepts behind Wiami's architecture. We wanted Wiami's first building to be iconic, futuristic and organic. Shown are various options that helped lead us to the now further defined concept - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Sketch 000 // Edition: 1 of 1

Wiami's Archipelago

Wiami's Archipelago - The first sketch of Frank looking over the Wiami archipelago - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Sketch 001 // Edition: 1 of 1

Wiami Perspectives

Wiami Perspectives - An early look at various perspectives in Wiami - Artist: Asim Steckel // Concept: Sketch 002 // Edition: 1 of 1


Of course, none of this could even be possible without world class concept artists. We sat down with our Lead Concept Artist - Asim Steckel, who’s based in Germany and has been working in the game industry for more than 10 years, joining us from Ubisoft.

1:1 with Wilder World Lead Artist, Asim Steckel

Where do you draw your sources of inspiration?

It comes from literally everywhere, when I go out in nature there is a lot to breathe in, such as colors, lighting, a composition, a texture, a shape in nature that inspires a design. Really anything can inspire me! Great soundtracks inspire me and place me in an environment that my imagination paints in my head. But of course also other great artists, old masters and content from different media that sparks ideas.

What themes/emotions do you aim to portray through your work?

I love sci-fi and fantasy. I like to evoke feelings that are mostly positive, that inspire people and make them dream and want to escape into my world. I love when people have this sparkling moment, when they feel touched and feel what I felt at the time when they weren't painting it.

What excites you the most about the possibilities of the Metaverse?

The freedom to explore, express and to meet other people in a new way and share unique experiences... moreover the connection between the real world and the digital. Also the gaming aspect of it all, since I am a gamer myself and gaming is my background as a concept artist, it's where I come from. Possibilities are endless, we barely see the tip of the iceberg.

How did you first discover Wilder World and how does the project differentiate itself?

Actually at the beginning of this year I came across Frank, Phoenix and the rest of the team on social media. I was inspired by their vision and how ambitious the team is. I believe there will be many Metaverses that will co-exist with different opportunities and worlds but what I liked the most about Wilder World is the fact that it is about Artists and creators themselves. Artists are at the forefront of it all and this Metaverse could empower artists in many different ways and can make them independent.

Any words of inspiration for the younger generation of artists and designers?

Listen to your inner self, don’t try too much to be somebody else, don’t be too influenced by trends and the noise out there. I know it is hard but I truly believe that this is the way to be a unique artist. It enables you to do things that nobody has ever done before!

What excited you about the possibilities that DAO’s will bring to creative projects?

DAO’s can run independently at a certain point and the art process is an organic and more democratic creative process. Artists can explore art in a different way, they don't have to please a supervisor or report to some finance dudes in suits. This opens a whole new way of creative process with less boundaries.

What would your ideal Metaverse super power be?

Teleporting and flying like Super Saiyan ;)

What are your favorite tools to work with when creating your art?

Many but the one I enjoy the most currently is creating art in VR because it feels so intuitive and immersive.


Keep an eye out for Wilder.Concept pieces dropping on the Wilder World Metaverse Market and get in quickly to own your own piece of Wilder history.

The Wilders salute you.

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