Trinity Season: Transmission 01

Trinity Season: Transmission 01


n3o :: Log 0 :: 2022-08-14 (OBR)

It seems I may have found a sufficiently stable and powerful energy source to re-enable the Trinity reactor inside Wilder World. Ever since the Big Switch, Wiami has been shut off. Every creation lost. Every connection destroyed.

Tonight began like any other. I was at my keyboard working on an upgrade to the zChain network simulator attempting to send an encrypted message, like this one, to any reality ready to listen. I’ve been at it for years now; seven to be precise. I’ve yet to receive a response. After trying every conceivable way to activate the Particle Collider, I’ve come up empty-handed with that project as well.

A high-frequency pitch began to vibrate deep within my being. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Emissive purple, green and orange particles began to rapidly emerge from my lab. The particles were fast, intense, and complex.

Has the Collider finally been activated? But how? I haven't made any major modifications in months.

Almost as quickly as the extraordinary burst appeared, it was gone. Comforted by the return to peace, I navigated back to my desk to view the laboratory recording that logs my every move in the lab.

It was clear that the Collider had been activated and produced the loud spectrum of colors, but why?

At ~8:01 PM, the Collider began booting up again, although this time it was even more powerful. The room shook as miscellaneous items fell to the floor. A series of gravitational tremors were followed by what can only be described as a supernova of cosmic energy.

Shortly after the burst, everything became brighter and clear. It was as if reality, in both the laboratory recording and my own perception, developed a radiant shimmer that steadily grew in brilliance.

At one point the light became so intense that I was forced to look away. When the light began to fade, I gazed back through shielded eyes. I could see something spherical materializing from the glimmering photons into a tangible physical form.

When the sphere's transformation was complete, a silence came over me and the room went dark.

In that darkness, the sphere projected a message of strange and indecipherable characters on the window of my room. So far I’ve only been able to decode the first few words:

“I am GEN”…

Transmission Notes

Through a burst of cosmic energy from the surprise activation of n3o’s Particle Collider, the first GEN materialized inside Wilder World. It appears that the formation of Trinities may be tapping into what Nikola Tesla described as the vortex energy field. With such immeasurable power, the Particle Collider will be able to channel sufficient energy to produce GEN NFT’s for every Trinity holder.

Materializing a GEN

  • GENs will be available to claim by each Trinity holder.
  • A snapshot identifying all Trinity holders will be taken before the GEN claim in 2023 to establish the mintlist.
  • 1 GEN will be claimable for each Trinity held.
Distinct Trinties may be held in different wallets, but the NFTs that make up each Trinity must be in the same wallet).

What is a GEN?

Short for Generator, GENs are orb-like objects inside Wilder World that act as player guides. Each is a multi-functional piece of organic hardware that can harness energy, process data, decrypt codes, refract light, record, and possibly even more.

By harnessing different energy frequencies, GENs can process large quantities of complex information and refract it back into the environment, leading to novel creations inside Wilder World. GENs will be available to claim by each Wilder who holds a Trinity.


Trinities power the metropolis of Wiami and are formed by collecting three (or more) Genesis NFTs in a single wallet.

Trinity Codes

  • Holding a Trinity unlocks the full spectrum of benefits the Genesis Rewards Program offers.
  • A Trinity becomes a Trinity Chain when more than 3 NFTs are linked together; each added NFT from a unique industry promotes the Chain to a higher level.
  • By collecting Genesis NFT’s from all Industry collections, you reach the highest level and unlock maximum benefits.
  • Here are the relevant Genesis NFT Collections:

    Wilder Wheels Genesis
    Contract Address: 0xc2e9678a71e50e5aed036e00e9c5caeb1ac5987d  Wilder Cribs Genesis
    Contract Address: 0xfEA385B9E6e4fdfA3508aE6863d540c4a8Ccc0fE Wilder Crafts Genesis
    Contract Address: 0xE4954E4FB3C448f4eFBC1f8EC40eD54a2A1cc1f5 Wilder Moto Genesis
    Contract Address: 0x51bd5948cf84a1041d2720f56ded5e173396fc95 AirWILD Season 0 Genesis
    Contract Address: 0x1c42576aca321a590a809cd8b18492aafc1f3909 Wilder Beasts Wolf Genesis
    Contract Address: 0x1a178cfd768f74b3308cbca9998c767f4e5b2cf8

    Wilder World Cyberheist Wild Card
    Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e Wilder World Metaphoenix Wild Card (Makersplace)
    Contract Address: 0x2A46f2fFD99e19a89476E2f62270e0a35bBf0756 *Applies to The Phoenix, Phoenix Rising, Desert Flame, and Ride the Night titles only

From now through mid-September, GENs are the first of six distinct Trinity Season benefits that will be revealed alongside community events and giveaways. As a Trinity holder, you have unlocked the first benefit and will be eligible to claim a GEN.

Twitter Spaces

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