Trinity Season: Transmission 02

Trinity Season: Transmission 02


n3o :: Log 01 :: 2022-09-07 (OBR)

Are my messages coming through? I have no idea. I have been working to decode the remainder of the GEN’s transmission. What is this GEN trying to say?

Eventually I was able to decipher the text. Coordinates of an unexplored location. As I enter the coordinates into my craft, an archipelago is revealed off the coast of Wiami. As the craft flew along the island, I began taking in the view.

I look closer... trees, flowers and exotic plants weave together... pristine natural beauty... a vibrant and captivating sanctuary emerges surrounded by falling water shining in the sun.

As I am standing there, looking out over the edge of Wiami, the GEN initiated another projection. This time a model of a place, a secret location … a massive 5d structure, the GEN went on to display the following message:

“ on Trinity Islands is where many of the great mysteries of the metaverse will be explored — full of keys, portals and clues… hiding a sacred space, where only the ones with Trinity are Welcome.”

Transmission Notes

Trinity Keepers will be forever remembered as the collective who came together to assist n3o in building the metaverse. To honor the Wilders for coming together to collectively power the metropolis of Wiami, Trinity Islands will be a sacred refuge for these pioneers to gather, play and connect with one another for special Trinity Keeper events. There will be other IRL components for Trinity Keepers revealed throughout the remainder of Trinity Season.

What is a Trinity Keeper?

A Wilder who owns a Trinity.


Trinities power the metropolis of Wiami and are formed by collecting three (or more) Genesis NFTs from unique Wilder industries in a single wallet.

Trinity Codes

  • Holding a Trinity unlocks the full spectrum of benefits the Genesis Rewards Program offers.
  • A Trinity becomes a Trinity Chain when more than 3 NFTs are linked together; each added NFT from a unique industry promotes the Chain to a higher level.
  • By collecting a Genesis NFT from each currently launched Industry, your Trinity Chain reaches the highest level and unlocks maximum benefits.

From now through mid-September, access to Trinity Islands is the second of six distinct Trinity Season benefits that will be revealed alongside community events and giveaways. As a Trinity Keeper, you will have access to Trinity Islands.

What is Trinity Islands?

Home of the Trinity Keepers, Trinity Islands is an archipelago off the coast of Wiami. Only Wilders who hold a Trinity can access the secret location and explore all three of its mystical islands. The energy generated from forming Trinities makes the invisible visible, unlocking a world previously unknown. This sacred gathering place is where Trinity Keepers will be able to explore a healthy balance of nature and technology; a revolutionary metaverse experience.

How does someone gain access to Trinity Island?

When Wilder World opens, Trinity Keepers will gain access to Trinity Islands. You must hold a Trinity (three or more Genesis assets from unique Wilder industries in one wallet).

Twitter Spaces

Join the Wilders live on Twitter Spaces at 2:00pm PDT to discuss Trinity Season and this new transmission received from The Architect.