Trinity Season: Transmission 03

Trinity Season: Transmission 03

n3o :: Log 02 :: 2022-09-21 (OBR)

Ok, let’s see where we are… I’m not sure exactly how to connect what’s been happening over the past few hours. It all started with the activation of the collider — leading to the appearance of a hovering robotic sphere. And somehow this sphere seems to be linked to a spiritual being.

Whatever it is… it’s called GEN — and it gave me a set of coordinates. Those took me to where I am standing right now – on Trinity Islands. We went here together in the Craft — GEN, Wolf and I. As we arrived at this new and mysterious part of Wiami, the GEN projected a structure that looked sacred… like a temple rising above the islands. Shortly after, we noticed a glowing light in the woods — and of course, we had to go investigate.

The source of light turned out to be a grand cave made up of millions of radiating crystals. Wolf and GEN remained outside the cave, as I went inside to explore. Inside the cave I encountered a spirit called Trin. This ethereal being shared a message containing codes that would generate a device. The spirit herself told me in the cave to “protect the power of Trinity”.

And now here I stand, device in hand, Trin’s message in mind, looking out across a morphing skyline of Wiami. Wavelike patterns rippling from the center and out to the city’s end.

Over the last year, Wiami has been in a quantum state of being. Existing in an infinite range of variations all simultaneously. Endless experiments of formations — before eventually, at some point, snapping into a final configuration.

It’s time to go back to the lab, and try to get some answers as to what is about to happen next. GEN, the Wolf, and I got back in the craft and began to soar high above the city, so far that every ring of Wiami became visible — and now, at sunset, half of the city was in darkness, lit only by the shape-shifting city lights.

Through the windshield of the Craft on the heads up display, thousands of parcels of land began to be illuminate one by one. I could barely make out the appearance of characters populating and fading in the distance. As I locked focus on a few of them, it became clear they were the land parcels belonging to the Keepers of Trinity.

As the three of us were flying above the city, looking out over the rings below, plots across the landscape began lighting up by the thousands... I received a recorded message from Trin relayed by GEN… “This land is for the Guardians, the Keepers of Trinity, the ones to bring our dream to life, the pioneers of the very first metropolis of the metaverse.”

As we got closer to home, we continued marveling at the flashing lights across our hometown… this future protopian paradise of a place. Who knows… but it seems bound to be. And it all begins here in Wiami...

Transmission Notes

Each Trinity Keeper will be able to claim three plots of Wiami land for FREE (plus gas); one in our Genesis land sale, and one in each of our two subsequent land sales. The steps required to complete in order to claim land will be revealed at a later date closer to the Genesis land sale. Be sure to subscribe to ZINE and turn notifications on for our Twitter page so you're among the first to see new updates.

The NFTs that make up your Trinity must be held in the same wallet. A Wilder could own a Wolf, Wheel, and Moto in the same wallet and be eligible to mint land. If a Wilder holds two Wolves, two Wheels, and one Moto in the same wallet while holding a second Moto in a different wallet, they would only be eligible to mint one parcel of land per sale. Be sure to organize your NFTs in sets of three in your wallet to secure the power of Trinity.
Aerial shot of Wiami

Will Land be the Genesis NFT Collection of a New Wilder World Industry?

Yes! Land will be a Genesis Collection and, as an industry, land will function akin to others already launched. Land owners will be a part of a DAO and be able to actively participate in its governance.

How many Wiami Land sales will there be?

There will be three Wiami land sales, beginning with the Genesis collection that will be located on "the Island," (Miami's proper South Beach area, and not to be confused with Trinity Islands). Subsequent land sales will move to the mainland.

Why is Wilder World Bestowing Wiami Land upon Trinity Keepers?

In short, because Wilders rise as one! We’re aligning our land sale with the notion that our citizens should stand to gain the most with the launch and long-term success of Wiami. This is why we’re building our project to be decentralized, why we created Metropolis, etc.

It’s no secret that metaverse land is the ultimate NFT and that securing even one plot in a project that ends up becoming a metaverse industry leader long-term could be life-changing. With Team Wilder hyper-focused on firmly establishing ourselves as a leading metaverse project, our aim is to set up our community so that they may be well-positioned to transcend alongside us.

From the very beginning of Trinity, our team has held true that there would be no better way to honor citizens of The Wilder Nation than by giving them free access to multiple plots of land in the city that they helped build!

How will Trinities Work for the Land Claim?

When it comes to claiming land, each Trinity is eligible for three pieces of FREE land + gas. This land will be distributed by one piece of land in each of the three sales.

The land claim rewards are a function of the Trinity Reward system. Currently, there is no difference between Trinity levels when it comes to the land that can be claimed. One Trinity equals one piece of claimable land per land sale.

  • As a Trinity Keeper, you will be able to claim one FREE plot of genesis land in the first land sale in our first ever virtual city of Wiami. Just pay gas.
  • As a Trinity Keeper, you will be able to claim one FREE plot of land in the second land sale in our first ever virtual city of Wiami. Just pay gas.
  • As a Trinity Keeper, you will be able to claim one FREE plot of land in the third land sale in our first ever virtual city of Wiami. Just pay gas. That is a total of three plots of land for every Trinity you form.

Wilder Wiki

The source of truth for all things Wilder World has been updated with new details to answer your Wilder Land drop questions. Visit the page HERE to get the 5D codes.

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