Introducing Metropolis — The Wilder World Staking System

Introducing Metropolis — The Wilder World Staking System
"Give away what you most wish to receive." — Robin Sharma

Citizens deserve to be honored. That is why today, we are announcing Metropolis — a staking program that will redistribute 100% of the profits generated by Wilder World to all Wilders. You heard us right — 100%.

There's never been a better time in history to create a nation — one that does not in-debt their citizens but instead rewards them.

Let's get started.

The Wilder Nation

The Wilder Nation represents the sovereign 'Network State' of Wilder World. This Network State includes the code, smart contracts, transactions, protocols and digital assets that enable the Wilder World Metaverse to exist in the fifth dimension.

Together these systems give rise to a 'fully sovereign', 'decentralized', and 'distributed' virtual nation and world; and provide the foundational systems of money, interest, property, and governance that are necessary to coordinate complex society.

The Wilder Nation is secured by the ZERO Protocol and Ethereum blockchain.


A Citizen of The Wilder Nation is anyone who holds ≥ 1 $WILD token. Our borders are not heavily guarded; we welcome those from all backgrounds, races, and walks of life. If you're just hearing about $WILD, you can learn how to purchase it here.


The Wilder Nation will bootstrap its economy by funding and rewarding Citizens with both $WILD and native Wilder World NFTs (including land and other raw materials).

The Wilder Nation generates revenue from three primary types of economy:

  • Resources — Raw land and minerals issued directly within Wilder World.
  • Industry — The creation of industries, including but not limited to: Gaming, Automotive, Real Estate Development, Fashion, Wearables, Travel and Entertainment.
  • Infrastructure — The infrastructure required to operate and scale the Metaverse. Examples include: DAO tooling, social networking, A.I. systems, dynamic gameplay systems, weather systems, etc. (aka ZERO).

The Wilder Nation will directly receive the proceeds generated from the sale of these digital assets, further increasing the utility, beauty and desirability of Wilder World. These proceeds can then be reallocated to incentivize creators, train creators, and expand industry.


The Wilder Nation's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will be measured by combining:

  • Personal Consumption: The purchase of digital assets — including but not limited to land, condos, vehicles, fashion and other durable and non-durable consumables.
  • Investment: Capital invested by the DAO in exchange for tokens.
  • DAO Expenditures: Expenditures paid out by the DAO in the form of operating costs, grants, and rewards.
  • Net Exports: Digital assets that exit the Wilder World Metaverse and Ethereum protocol.

As GDP expands, more capital will flow into the Wilder Nation and be available to provide rewards that enable the expansion of industry.


One of two tokens are required to transact within Wilder World:

  1. $WILD: The DAO token that governs the Wilder Nation and facilitates the purchase and sale of digital assets (after they have been minted on the blockchain).
  2. $LOOT: The raw material required to create assets (before they are minted on the blockchain).


The $WILD token represents a slice of the Wilder Nation economy:

  • $WILD has a fixed supply of 500,000,000 tokens.
  • All transactions for existing digital assets within Wilder World happen in $WILD.
  • $WILD is required to both submit and vote on proposals in the Wilder Nation DAO.


The $LOOT token represents the treasury reserves held by the Wilder Nation DAO and $WILD token holders:

  • $LOOT has an infinite supply issued on a bonding curve. As tokens are purchased and sold the supply increases and decreases, respectively.
  • $LOOT is backed by $III (Infinity), ZERO's primary treasury token, which is backed by ETH. This makes the price of $LOOT stable relative to the price of ETH.
  • Staking $LOOT is required in order to mint new digital assets to the blockchain (inside Wilder World).


Metropolis enables the flow of tokens from different industries to flow back to the Wilder Nation and its Citizens. There are two primary types of staking pools within the Wilder Nation: Global Staking Pool & Industry Staking Pool.

Global Staking Pool

Global staking enables Wilders to earn $WILD by giving Citizens exposure to the entire Wilder World economy. In order to stake, Wilders will first need to become liquidity providers for the ETH/WILD liquidity pool on Uniswap, and will in turn receive UNI-LP tokens.

Wilders will then be able to stake their UNI-LP tokens in exchange for a portion of the total 'Earnings' generated by the Wilder Nation based-on the following distribution:

  • 50%: Staking rewards paid out in $WILD. These will vest for one year from date of issuance.
  • 50%: Converted to $LOOT and held by the treasury managed by the Wilder Nation DAO.

Earnings refers to the total income generated after paying the creators responsible for revenue generation: 'Gross Revenue - Creator Fees = Earnings'. We have been prototyping many different royalty models with the goal of providing significantly better incentivizes for creators relative to traditional corporations. We believe this can enable us to attract the best talent in the world from the likes of Apple, Google, Pixar as well as top game studios.

Staking rewards will be paid out from the WILD pool relative to the amount of revenue generated by the Wilder Nation. If revenue is generated using tokens other than WILD (i.e., ETH), then $WILD will be purchased from treasury or on the open market.

There will be no requirement to stake and no penalty for unstaking at any time.

Industry Staking Pool

Industry staking enables Wilders to have exposure to the revenue generated within a specific Wilder World Industry. Examples of current industries on the WWMM include:

  • Wilder.Wheels: The Automotive industry in the Metaverse. 5D vehicles with full utility in Wilder World.
  • Wilder.Kicks: 5D footwear to be worn in the Metaverse.
  • Wilder.Cribs: A place to call home in the Metaverse (launching soon).
  • Wilder.Land: An opportunity to build a new dimension of reality (launching soon).
  • Wilder.Guild: Wilder World’s first official artist DAO.
  • Wilder.Concept: A place to collectively imagine and co-create the Metaverse.
  • WOW: World Origin Wilder – The Original Wilder Story: An Interdimensional Rescue Mission to Other Worlds in Danger.

These pools enable holders to stake NFTs within a specific industry, in exchange for exposure to the growth of that industry.

Here's how it works:

  • Let's assume you own a particular vehicle (NFT) within the 'Wilder.Wheels' industry that you purchased on the WWMM — such as a Wambo or Waserati.
  • You will be able to stake that NFT and earn a portion of the GDP from the entire 'Wilder.Wheels' industry.
  • Staking will 'lock' the asset, thereby removing its ability for use inside Wilder World. In the case of staking a Wilder Wheels NFT, you will be locking it into 'the proverbial Metaverse garage'.

This mechanism enables NFT holders to not only purchase assets in different industries that they have an affinity for, but to 'co-fund' the development of industries through the purchase and staking of specific NFTs.

When NFTs are staked in an industry pool, they will be locked in a smart contract and will not be available for sale on the WWMM or third-party sites like OpenSea. The effect of this increases scarcity of NFTs available for sale, with the objective of creating upward price pressure for NFTs within that industry.


The first version of Metropolis will be rolling out before the end of the year. We will provide an announcement with the exact deployment date beforehand along with additional information regarding the exact reward structures, staking mechanics and initial pool sizes.


We could not be more excited to announce staking and what we believe will be a powerful reward system for Citizens of the Wilder Nation.

The objectives of Metropolis are to:

  • Reward Citizens for participating, building, and leveling up in Wilder World.
  • Reward creators for assets that create utility and enhance the beauty of Wilder World.
  • Redistribute 100% of profits generated within the Metaverse to creators and Citizens.

We would love to hear any feedback you have on our social channels (ZERO, Discord, Twitter) on how we can improve the system and communicate it most clearly to the Wilder Nation.

The Wilders Salute You.


The Wilder Consulate