As we enter the final phase of ACT I, it's time to reflect on our journey, celebrating the significant milestones achieved and to set the stage for the remainder of Operation Domino. With the initial release of Midnight in Wiami, to our strategic partnerships and IRL events, each step brings us closer to the simulation.

The month of May was full of pivotal moments for the Wilder Nation, featuring four exciting Wilder World version releases, our first Wheels Arcade competition, along with the grand IRL finale in Austin, Texas.

In Dev Log 8 we reflect on ACT I of Operation Domino, and delve into the progress achieved by the team since the unveiling of Dev Log 7, just one month ago.

Operation Domino Act I Review & Reset

Operation Domino was officially announced with the release of the Domino Roadmap on February 29th, 2024, outlining our 12-18 month rollout plan. Structured as a trilogy of acts—ACT I, ACT II, and ACT III—each phase unfolds in a deliberate sequence, laying the foundation for our open world launch.

Time to Reflect

As we enter the final phase of ACT I, let's take a moment to reflect on the progress made thus far, not only to acknowledge the significant milestones, but also to understand the foundation that positions us for the next phase of Domino.

The Initial Release of Wilder World
Wilder World (v0.2.0) marked the first public release of Wilder World titled Midnight in Wiami, featuring 2-player racing on the iconic 9LIVES track in Little Meow, with a choice between two distinct race cars. Since then, we have made tremendous progress, with the launch of eight subsequent version updates. Now at v0.4.1, our racing experience supports up to 4-player racing, with a choice of 8 tracks and 7 cars. Substantial enhancements have also been made across the board, with updates to UI, car physics, audio dynamics, functionality, environments, controls, and more.

Dev Logs
Following the rollout of Operation Domino, we released Dev Log 5 and established a new monthly schedule for release. Two subsequent Dev Logs followed, each summarizing the Game Studio's progress over four-week intervals, including Wilder World version updates, recapping live events, and addressing burning community inquiries.

Operation Domino Partnerships
Over the past several months, we have worked to secure strategic partnerships and drive advancements, all in pursuit of our core mission - Wilder World is for all.

NVIDIA: On March 6th, we made significant strides towards this goal by announcing a transformative partnership with NVIDIA. This alliance will eliminate hardware constraints, enabling gamers worldwide to experience Wilder World on numerous devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

We are currently targeting a live date for NVIDIA GeForce in July or August.

MetaGravity: On March 13th, we announced our collaboration with MetaGravity. This breakthrough partnership will enhance scalability, allowing us to support 30,000 concurrent avatars in Wiami and deliver high-speed driving experiences with over 200 networked vehicles.

We have finalized the first phase of implementation and testing with Metagravity. We are now working on 'The Breach', a mass scale gameplay mode that will integrate various game modes, including driving, combat, and mining.

Polygon and Celestia: On March 18th, we raised the bar by unveiling our plans for a gas-free future. In partnership with Polygon and Celestia, the deployment of Meowchain will establish a gasless, hyper-scalable, and decentralized blockchain.

Our testnet has been live for several months and has undergone significant testing. We are actively working with the Polygon team and targeting our alpha Mainnet to go live in July or August.

Superverse: We introduced a new era of interoperability with the future integration of $SUPER into the Wilder ecosystem. This addition will enable unified transactions, cross-platform synergy, and open new revenue opportunities.

We have the first version of our new Wilder World marketplace and questing platform ready, that will integrate the $SUPER token as a payment method.

Epic Games Store: On March 28th, Wilder World was pre-released on the Epic Games Store, providing major exposure and accessibility across the gaming community. In just over two months, we have risen to the top 20 global wishlisted games. As excited as we are about this milestone, we are just getting started. Wilders are coming for the throne.

Samsung: Shortly after, we announced our partnership with Samsung. By featuring Wilder World NFTs on Samsung Smart TVs, as well as integrating game access via NVIDIA GeForce, we are leveraging their vast distribution and broadening our reach. In the end, this partnership will bring Wilder World into ~200M living rooms.

Key Team Hires Drive Wilder Wheels to New Heights
In recognizing the need to build an elite team to meet the expanding demands of racing game development, we celebrated the addition of two powerhouse talents to the Wilder Wheels team: The legendary Aristotelis Vasilakos and Marcus Reynolds are taking us to unparalleled heights of realism and excitement, redefining what is possible in web3 gaming.

Aristotelis Vasilakos, with 15 years at Kunos Simulazioni and co-creator of Assetto Corsa, is a key figure in sim racing and game development. His contributions have captivated millions worldwide, solidifying his position as one of the most revered figures in both sim racing and game development.

Marcus Reynolds, former Director of Physics & AI at Simbin with credits on 11 gaming titles, including Dakar Desert Rally and the WRC series, and a background in real-life racing, brings exceptional expertise to the Wheels team, promising to enhance realism and gameplay.

Out in the Wild

It can no longer be said that Wilder World isn't present in the wild. We have significantly ramped up our global IRL events strategy. We are doing something different, and approaching live events and Esports in true Wilder fashion.

GDC San Francisco (March, 2024): This year at GDC, we showcased our Midnight in Wiami racing experience at the MetaGravity-hosted booth, positioned among industry leaders. Attendees, including web3 gaming KOLs Jesus Martinez, Brycent, and CryptoStache, explored the streets of Little Meow firsthand.


NFT NYC (April, 2024): Amidst the excitement of NFT NYC, Team Wilder hosted two special events: "An Evening with the Wilders" in collaboration with Red Beard Ventures, and the landmark Wheels Arcade NYC.

Speakeasy Magick: "An Evening with the Wilders" at Speakeasy Magick offered an enchanting blend of magic, mystery, and networking opportunities. Attendees enjoyed captivating performances, an open bar, and the chance to mingle with industry visionaries, marking an entertaining gathering for the Wilder Nation.

Wheels Arcade NYC (April, 2024): On Friday, April 5th, we celebrated a major milestone with the launch of our inaugural Wheels Arcade event in NYC. Manhattan's OS NYC at 50 Bowery was transformed into a thrilling racing arena for an exclusive, high-octane racing competition, with a substantial $WILD prize pool on the table. 


Attendees received limited edition Wilder merchandise, including Wilder hoodies, with the first 200 players bagging 100 $WILD just for arriving. From 12pm to 4pm, competitors raced across four tracks, with 16,000 $WILD awarded for the fastest lap time and 4,000 $WILD for the most multiplayer race wins.


Virtual Wheels Arcade (May, 2024): Following the success of Wheels Arcade NYC, we launched our first virtual Wheels Arcade racing competition, offering 100,000 $WILD in prizes, and four weekly qualifying seats to win an all expenses paid trip to compete in the grand IRL finale, at Wheels Arcade Austin. More on Wheels Arcade Austin later!

Operation Strategy Update

As we advance with Operation Domino, we are pleased to report that all major components are progressing on schedule. Given the complexity of the plan, and detail provided, some things are being moved around as expected. In general however, we are on track and well positioned.

Moving forward, we will be putting more focus on key performance metrics that are vital in gaining listings on major exchanges, such as the Epic Games Store rank, the number of WILD holders, rewards and daily transaction volume.

A notable change is that we have decided to prioritize combat, moving its release ahead of the Land drop and into ACT II, closer to the release of mining. Mining will be an integral part of driving the metrics outlined above.

We have made significant strides with ZERO and Meowchain. We are preparing for major updates and ensuring all elements are in place for a comprehensive launch. Expect a significant onboarding push when we roll out Meowchain and the new ZERO product, sometime in ACT II.

We are on schedule to launch the majority of our Roadmap this year and early next year, on track with our 12-18 month timeline outlined at the beginning of Operation Domino. Here’s a brief overview of what’s on the horizon:

ACT I (1 - 2 months remaining)

  • Key Performance Metrics: Focus on improving core metrics to enhance token utility, grow our community/socials, continue to rise on the epic game store, and secure listings on major exchanges.
  • Monthly Dev Logs: Summarizing key updates and milestones as we progress through Operation Domino
  • Launch of Meowchain: A gasless Layer 2 for Ethereum to enhance scalability and reduce transaction friction.
  • Core Rewards Systems: Introduction of Industry Staking, Zero Basic Income, and Passport on Meowchain.
  • Wilder World Alpha Release: First racing game featuring competition modes, onchain rewards, multiple tracks, and vehicle customization. This will also simplify onboarding for a direct download from EGS. This will live as its own title, and we will keep the Wilder World hero title available for wishlist.


  • Economic Papers Introduction: 
    • Sovereign Economic Theory (SET): Novel economic theory for resource distribution using decentralized AI.
    • General Autonomous Tensor Environment (GATE): Model for instantiating a virtual economy with core primitives.
    • Metropolis: Implementation of SET and GATE, outlining resource generation, governance, and urban planning.
  • Resource Economy: Introduction of mining, refining, manufacturing, and trading of virtual assets.
  • Combat Game Mode: Competitive third-person shooter with advanced weapons and melee combat.
  • Wilder World Land Drop: First land parcels backed by $WILD, creating real utility and economic value. Trinity holders receive airdropped Land embedded with $WILD.


  • Avatars Release: Fully customizable avatars with a built-in liquidity network for fashion trading.
  • Opening of Little Meow: First neighborhood in Wiami, followed by the full opening of the Island (comparable in size to Cyberpunk 2077), with the majority of NFTs and industries present.

Stay tuned for exciting developments as we continue to drive forward with Operation Domino!

Epic Games Store Strategy

We continue to drive wishlists to our Wilder World Hero Title on the Epic Games store. In parallel, we are excited to announce that we will soon be introducing a new 'Wilder World Alpha' title on the Epic Games Store.


This alpha version will facilitate easier onboarding and enable more in-depth player testing within the Wilder community. By offering this pre-release title, we aim to gather valuable feedback and ensure a polished, engaging experience when the Hero title officially launches. This will allow us to keep building anticipation for a global Wilder World launch, while fine tuning the experience with seamless on-boarding for new players.


Wheels Arcade

Our first virtual racing Wheels Arcade tournament brought excitement and competition to Midnight in Wiami racing enthusiasts worldwide.

The event featured over 100,000 $WILD in prizes, with four weekly qualifying rounds leading to the IRL final in Austin, Texas. Each week, racers competed for fastest lap time on a different track : Seaside, Lunar Lane, Meridian Surge and finally, Underground.

Each week, the racer with the fastest lap earned a spot in the Austin final, with flight and accommodation covered. If racers had already qualified, the qualifying seat was passed down to the next in line.

Prize Structure:

  • Weekly Prize Pool: 11,000 $WILD distributed among the top 50 racers.
    • Fastest Lap: 2,000 $WILD and a qualifying seat for the finale.
    • 2nd Fastest Lap: 1,500 $WILD
    • 3rd Fastest Lap: 1,000 $WILD
    • 4th to 10th Fastest Lap: 500 $WILD each
    • 11th to 20th Fastest Lap: 150 $WILD each
    • 21st to 50th Fastest Lap: 50 $WILD each

Congratulations to all the Wheels Arcade winners!

Wheels Arcade Austin


Wheels Arcade Austin Trailer

The Wheels Arcade grand finale at Dada Lab in Austin was nothing short of spectacular. The Wilder Nation transformed the space at 2008 Alexander Ave into a vibrant virtual racing ground.


The atmosphere was charged with excitement as racers from all over the world converged to compete in the exhilarating finale of our second official Wheels Arcade.


With high-speed action, cutting-edge technology, and a community united by their passion for racing, Dada Lab became the epicenter of adrenaline-fueled fun and fierce competition: Wilders had the chance to compete in an open qualifying round, with the top 16 lap times advancing to a playoff bracket. The action didn't stop there, with the quarter-finalists, semi-finalists, and finalists pushing the limits for a shot at the grand prize pool.


The semi-finals were a nail-biter, with the four virtual weekly qualifying winners battling it out for a spot in the winner's circle:

  • Wheels Arcade Week 1 Qualifying Seat Winner: Castor Troy
  • Wheels Arcade Week 2 Qualifying Seat Winner: MitchAimz
  • Wheels Arcade Week 3 Qualifying Seat Winner: Ash_Carrera
  • Wheels Arcade Week 4 Qualifying Seat Winner: Rush

The Wilder Nation sends a huge congrats to the champions of Wheels Arcade Austin:

  • First Place: Hats off to Rush for blazing through the tracks with unmatched speed and taking the grand prize of 30,000 $WILD.
  • Second Place: Well done to MitchAimz for flooring it to second place and winning 15,000 $WILD.
  • Third Place: Congrats to AshCarrera, for bagging third place and taking home 5,000 $WILD.
Wheels Arcade Austin Champions

Congratulations to the Wheels Arcade Tournament champions, and a heartfelt thank you to all the Wilders who joined us! Wheels Arcade Austin marked the success of another IRL racing event, celebrating gaming, competition, and community. The Wilders salute you!


Wheels Arcade Austin Recap

Wilder World Version Updates

Since the release of Dev Log 7, we have launched four version updates with a comprehensive range of exciting new features:

Version 0.3.3 and 0.3.4

Add Wallet Field: a new feature was added to collect ETH addresses for Wheels Arcade Tournament prize distribution. 

Add Wallet Feature

Leaderboard Filter Updates

  • The default filter for cars is configured to display 'all cars', while the default filter for the time period is set to 'weekly'. This configuration allows players to view their results across all available cars and within the weekly timeframe, facilitating easy access to performance data.
  • The 'all cars' filter on the leaderboard has been updated to show personal best lap time, regardless of the car used to race. Previously, the filter displayed lap times for each track.

Version 0.4.0 

3 & 4 Player Racing: Starting with 3 and 4-player racing, we have now laid the groundwork to support even larger racing groups in future updates. Stay tuned for more thrilling multiplayer experiences.

Three New Race Cars
In this iteration we introduced three new Wheels to the track:

Whevrolet Wamoro W28 1969 - The classic muscle car just got even more muscular! It's bigger, wider and faster. This powerhouse combines a massive and powerful V8 engine with a low center of gravity and advanced technology, including active aero features on the rear trunk. Get ready to experience the ultimate in muscle car performance!

Whelby WT 500WW 1968 - What could possibly be bigger than a Wamoro? A Whelby-based Wustang! Its massive bonnet, struggling to conceal the thunderous V8 engine, is impossible to overlook. This beast demands attention and delivers unmatched power and performance.

We-Tomaso Wantera 1971 - From one extreme to another. When you place the Wantera beside the Whelby, it looks like a kid's toy in comparison, standing at half the length and sitting much closer to the ground. Don't let its small dimensions fool you - at its heart lies the same powerful V8 engine. The Wantera is short, agile, and packs a massive V8 punch.

Three New Race Routes
In v.0.4.0 we also introduced 3 new exciting race tracks!

Phantom Trail: This track starts from an exciting new location, the KaDon Cafe. For the first time, the race extends to the city's west side. As you speed down the long straights, it's easy to lose focus while admiring the stunning night lights of the city. Get ready for an exhilarating ride through the heart of the metropolis.

Twilight Horizon: Starting at the KaDon Cafe, this track races through the city center and ventures into new territory at the northern, western, and southern edges of the island. On the westernmost side, you will encounter a fast and technical long left bend that will test your driving precision. This is the longest and most challenging track in MIW, designed to push your abilities to the limit.

Thunderfall Haven: It might seem like an easy track to learn, but it is definitely much harder to master. After four laps on this rollercoaster, you might see your opponents racing toward you in the opposite direction, as the street transforms into a two-way racing track! This unique feature adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the race.

Background Crafts: In the background you can now see crafts flying across the city skies, making the environment feel more lively and dynamic.

Race Selection UI Update: HUD improvements with options and settings, brand new track selection, multiplayer matchmaking, and more!

Improved UI When Racing: The racing UI has been updated to include a new “delta time” value. Delta time is a dynamic value calculated at each checkpoint, comparing the current lap time to the player's best time at that specific track section. A positive delta shows that the player is exceeding their best pace, while a negative delta shows they are falling behind. The feature that displays current lap time in the interface is back. This enables players to monitor their current lap time, and compare it with their previous and best lap times.

Automated Region Selection: This update introduced a new background process for automatic region selection. The system measures a player's ping to all available server regions and automatically connects them to the one with the lowest ping. This ensures players experience the most responsive gameplay. Additionally, UI updates now display ping values next to each server option in the dropdown list, providing players with greater transparency regarding their connection quality.

Wrong Way Indicator: A "wrong way" indicator was implemented to visually notify players when they are traveling in the wrong direction. This functionality opens doors for future features like targeted in-game hints or alternative penalty systems.

Crash Detection System: A crash detection system has been added to identify player collisions with both static objects and other vehicles. This feature will be used to collect data for future use, to enrich competitive gameplay in upcoming iterations with penalty systems that will impact player reputation through responsible driving incentives.

New Corner Marker Visuals: The new corner marker visuals are significantly more visible from a distance, effectively guiding cars in the right direction after a crash. Exploiting techniques like rail-riding or wall-bouncing for speed gains will soon be penalized, with upcoming updates introducing damage and power reductions for such tactics.

Dynamic Player Management System: This update introduces a dynamic player management system, allowing admins to easily add any number of player races to the main menu, complete with all the necessary visual and backend adjustments. It's a crucial step towards our upcoming grand racing vision.

Dynamic Car Spawning: The new system also paves the way for dynamic car spawning on the track. In the future, qualification races will determine a car’s position on the starting grid, adding another layer of strategic depth.

New Tire and Rim Designs: With the release of v0.4.0 we’re introducing brand new rims and tire designs for our cars. The rims have various sizes to fit different cars but also come staggered, front to back, to achieve better handling balance and the typical sports car appearance that we all love.

Refined Visual Appearance: The improvements continue as all cars, old and new, have been fine tuned to have the correct ride height, track width and perfect stance.

Control Updates: The Wheels team has been working hard to improve the existing control configurations, with improved sensitivity curves, linearity adjustments and speed sensitivity.

Leveling & Scoring Updates

  • Rating Updates: The leveling system has been updated with new scoring mechanics, enhancing the way players progress through the game. These updates provide a more balanced and rewarding experience, encouraging players to achieve higher scores.
  • Rewards System Updates: The rewards system has been updated to include rewards for bigger grids. The amount of rewards can be easily changed to accommodate various schemes and will be tested thoroughly with this release.
  • Scoring/Points: We've made adjustments to the scoring system for 3 and 4-player races.

Little Meow to Level 2 (L2): All of the southern Little Meow area is now at L2. L2 is the addition of props, set dressing, signage, and other details. Basically bringing the area up to the standard we see on the race routes.

Neon Pistons + Hideout Parking Garage + Fuel / NOS Area: The Neon Pistons building has been updated, including the interior areas. The Hideout Garage now has an entrance at Neon Pistons. A re-Fuel & NOS area has also been added to the area.

Tournament Mode: A dedicated tournament mode has been added to create a separate section for hosting and participating in competitive events. This mode uses infrastructure in the Denver local AWS zone, chosen to minimize latency for the Austin tournament.

Whitelisting Functionality: A whitelist system has been added to manage access to upcoming tournaments. This allows only qualified players to join, ensuring tournament mode is reserved for those who meet the criteria and keeping it separate from the main gameplay.

Tournament Leaderboard: A distinct tournament leaderboard has been added that is separate from the main leaderboard. This leaderboard will reset before each tournament, ensuring a clear and fair playing field for every competition.

Replay System: We have added a replay system for single-player and multiplayer races to analyze performance for upcoming tournaments. Currently, replays save locally on players' PCs for immediate review. Future plans include remote storage for centralized management, replay sharing, and integration with leaderboards for in-depth analysis.

Version 0.4.1

Fixed Auto Region Selection Bug (Windows): An issue preventing auto region selection from working correctly on non-English Windows installations has been resolved. Additionally, improvements have been made to enhance the overall user experience for region selection.

Keyboard Customization Functionality Restored: An issue preventing the customization of keyboard bindings has been rectified. Users now have the ability to remap keyboard keys according to their preferences.

Enhanced Race Selection with Animated Routes: The race selection page now features dynamic race routes brought to life with animations. This update provides a more immersive experience, allowing you to visualize the race course before starting the race. 


Gamepad Functionality Improvements: This update resolves several bugs affecting gamepad functionality in the main menu. Players can now enjoy a more responsive and reliable experience when using a gamepad for control.

Tournament User Customization Introduced: Tournament mode now supports multiple players on a single PC using the same account. Each player can create a unique name, and the leaderboard will track performance based on these names for a personalized experience.

Resolved Dropdown Menu Conflict: An issue that prevented the opening of a second dropdown menu while another was still open has been fixed. This update ensures that all dropdown menus function independently, allowing users to access multiple menus simultaneously for a more efficient workflow.

Mitigated Double 'Find Match' Crash: A bug causing the game to crash when the 'Find Match' button was pressed consecutively has been identified and resolved.

Comprehensive UI Enhancements: We have conducted a thorough review and addressed numerous UI inconsistencies. This update encompasses fixes for element sizing, color accuracy, and positioning across the user interface.

Audio Spikes on Game Instance Change Bug Fix: This update resolves a persistent issue from early access updates prior to version 0.4.0, where an audible spike in volume occurred as the game instance was destroyed during map loading or the post-race transition back to the hub.

Sounds for Race Selection UI Update: Corresponding sounds for the Race Selection UI were tested and polished for the 0.4.0 update.

Concurrency Updates for UI Sounds: The UI sounds for this update have concurrency set up for more efficient utilization of available voices, reducing ear fatigue for players.



Our focus has shifted towards the V03 map, with planning underway for adding megastructures. The current efforts center around finding solutions for these colossal structures, without requiring numerous new systems for functionality.

The primary strategy involves creating abstract shapes and frames, which serve as building blocks for interesting structures using Houdini Digital Assets (HDA). This approach leverages existing tools to efficiently craft unique and complex designs.

The initial phase is complete, with all meshes wrapped up and thoroughly cleaned for the megastructure kit. Several construction examples have been created to illustrate the potential of these assets. These examples demonstrate the core concept: using frames to introduce asymmetrical points of interest in standard building HDA configurations. These frames can be used to design plazas, large overhangs, and other architectural features that enhance the visual appeal and functionality of urban spaces.

Medium-Rise Buildings

We have been working on creating new medium-rise buildings with multiple levels to explore. Some of these buildings are located in the industrial zone, offering varied and engaging environments for players.

Greeble Kits

We have continued to develop greeble kits, now including a variety of components, including pistons, clamps, cables, rivets, and sockets, covering nearly any function imaginable. These models can be combined for infinite variations, offering extensive customization.

The cables are designed non-destructively, allowing for flexible shaping as needed. These pieces are scaled to the size of average car internals, making them suitable for both micro and macro applications. They can be used for vehicles like cars and bikes, as well as larger vehicles such as ships and mechs. Additionally, these components can easily fill out and enhance the environment space. Further updates will be shared as we expand and refine these greeble kits.

Sidewalk Meshes Update

We have designed new sidewalk meshes and completed the texture sets. These assets are now ready for the procedural team to implement across the level, significantly upgrading the environment.

Set Dressings on New Race Routes

Updates have been made to the set dressing along the new race routes and surrounding areas. This includes creating new shops and branding, as well as modifying window shaders to offer varied visual experiences when looking inside.

Little Meow Updates

Little Meow has been further updated, transforming it into a vibrant zone with a plaza, high towers, mid-level exploration opportunities, and dedicated advertising. New designs have made garages and parking lots more interesting, with added set dressing items and charging pad areas. The updates extend to the boundaries of the level, incorporating new storefronts and enriching the overall environment.

New Neighborhood Art Direction

Heaven Heights

Overview: Located between District Zero and Little Meow.


  • Combination of residential, production, and art studios
  • Training centers for combat and martial arts
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Cybernetic production and stores

Tranquility Gardens

Overview: An area above Little Meow focusing on sustainability.


  • Vertical farming
  • Farm-to-table restaurants
  • Various markets and vendors
  • Emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable living

Flashing Lights

Overview: A bustling entertainment district known for vibrant nightlife and dazzling attractions.


Nightclubs and Bars: Popular spots with diverse music and themed events.

  • Concert Venues and Theaters: Hosts live music, theater, and dance performances.
  • Gaming Arcades: Cutting-edge VR games, e-sports arenas.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Diverse culinary scene with casual and fine dining.
  • Street Performers and Festivals: Regular street performances and cultural events.
  • Luxury Hotels and Resorts: Top-notch accommodation options.
  • Shopping and Boutiques: High-end boutiques and fashion stores.
  • Interactive Art Installations: Immersive art installations and light shows.

Combat, Weapons and Inventory


The World Team is working on the third iteration of the shooter blockouts, enhancing the player experience. This latest design introduces expansive vertical spaces and walkways, allowing players to navigate dynamic, multi-level environments. It also features more confined corridors, creating a diverse range of spatial experiences that challenge players in different ways.

In addition to these structural changes, we are experimenting with more sinister and dramatic atmospheres to heighten tension in certain levels. These mood shifts aim to provide a varied emotional experience, keeping players engaged and on edge. Some areas now feature less sunlight and blue sky, focusing on gritty combat scenarios. These spaces include environmental hazards that require players to adapt to challenging conditions, adding complexity to the gameplay.

A notable feature in these darker, hazard-filled environments is the need for night vision. This mechanic restricts players' ability to aim down weapon optics, forcing them to rely on the IR laser mount for targeting. This change adds a unique tactical layer to the gameplay, requiring players to adjust their strategies and adapt to the limited visibility.

Making A Dent

Significant progress has been made in enhancing the realism of shooting effects. Various visual effects have been created to accurately depict how different materials react when shot, including glass and concrete. The resulting impact dents are procedural, ensuring each shot creates a unique dent or break based on the material's physical properties.


Weapon and Arm Attachment System

The Avatar Team has been developing a procedural system for weapon stocks and arm attachments. Our animation systems now pivot and aim guns based on their stock profile. Instead of pivoting at the hand, guns dynamically aim based on the stock pressed against the arm and chest, providing a more realistic and tactile feeling. This system can be dynamically modified by gameplay attributes, such as whether a gun has a stock or not.



The AR15 augment is now complete, and we have moved on to creating a kitbash pack of tech internals and greebles. These components can be used in various contexts, such as car internals and cyber prosthetics, offering a wide range of creative possibilities for our design team.

In addition to these developments, we have several new designs for the shooter module accessories. One notable addition is a generic crate designed to contain ammunition for players. This crate features a one-size-fits-all design but can be modified in length and width to accommodate other items, such as weapons and medical supplies.

Several revisions have also been made to the design of our AR15. The primary changes involve the bolt carrier assembly and ejection port, allowing more room for interesting animations and providing visual improvements to the surface-level details of the AR. These enhancements ensure both functional and aesthetic improvements to the weapon.

There are two new versions of the AR15: the AR15_NZ and the AR15_RS. The AR15_RS has a shorter barrel, resulting in less accuracy, making it ideal for close-range engagements. The AR15_NZ features a heavy barrel, providing better range and reduced recoil, making it more suitable for long-range shooting.



Taking the High Road

The finishing touch to the overpass system was the exchange ramps which connect overpass networks to other overpass networks. This design allows vehicles to transition from lower overpass roads to higher ones without needing to exit to the city streets and find another entrance. The Wiami overpass system now features 8 exchange junctions, consisting of 16 connecting ramps for seamless overpass-to-overpass connections.

Getting A Makeover

The overpass roads and elements have undergone a materiality update to match the realism level of the city street roads. This update involved UV mapping and remapping the overpass roads and street reflectors to include edge wear and blemishes, enhancing their visual authenticity.

End of the Line

In the Midnight in Wiami racing game, the overpasses are unfinished compared to the full level map. As new races open in Little Meow, racers can see more of the environment, including the unfinished ends of the overpasses. To address this, we have generated resolved ends for these overpasses to give them an "in construction" feel until we transition to the full open-world level.

A New Direction

The road arrows have received a modern refresh with a minimalistic aesthetic. The updated arrows now feature material layers that create a realistic wear and tear look, complete with tire mark overlays, enhancing their visual appeal and authenticity.

Division of Paths

New sidewalk parts have been created for the medians between opposing road lanes. These additions enhance the overall aesthetics of the new sidewalk system and introduce variety in the types of medians across different parts of the city.

Where did we Park?

Parking areas have now been scattered and allocated throughout the city, accompanied by a new sidewalk element designed to accommodate parked vehicles. These additions ensure that the bustling city has adequate curbside parking to meet its needs.

The Floor is Yours

New tools are being developed for the shooter experience as we move into interior environments. The first fundamental new tool is our Floor HDA, which automatically panels floor geometry as it is blocked out. This tool offers a range of useful options, including borders, panel sizes and types, ceilings, exposed sides, and many other features, all designed to speed up the development process of interior floors.



Shooter Prototype Update

Several new features have been added to enhance the gameplay experience. First, v1 melee attacks have been introduced, allowing players to engage in close combat when they run out of ammo. This ensures that players are never defenseless, even in the heat of battle.


The item throw feature has been added, allowing players to toss various objects, such as grenades and support equipment, adding a strategic layer to combat scenarios.


Beyond these combat mechanics, we are exploring new air traversal methods. Two mechanics are in the proof-of-concept stage. "Hover Flight" lets players briefly float using antigravity devices or booster packs, adding a new movement dimension. "Power Jump" enables superheroic jumps with jump augmentation devices, expanding navigational capabilities.


Lastly, we have implemented a system to display different projectile impact effects based on the surface type hit. This enhances visual realism and feedback during combat, making each interaction feel unique and grounded in the game's physics.


Frank Character Update

The Frank character has undergone a complete revamp to meet our high standards. This overhaul includes a full remodel, updated textures, improved materials, and an overall enhancement. Frank now looks ready for action, aligning perfectly with the elevated quality of the game.


The character creator has received an upgrade to the live link connection, bringing you even closer to your avatar. With improved face shapes and now head tracking, you can truly emote with your Wilder Avatar, enhancing the depth of your interactions and expressions.


Agent Character Update

The Forum Agent character is nearly complete, featuring a full set of modular armor. The next phase involves enhancing the game mesh textures and materials. The updated Agent will soon be ready for action, adding an exciting new element to the gameplay.

Miner Class Update

The Miner class is now complete and available in the character creator. This new faction offers another option to build your Wilder persona, featuring a variety of modular parts to customize the look of your miner. The Miner class adds depth and personalization to the game, allowing for unique and individualized character designs.


Animation Update

This month, our team continued to develop locomotion animations that will enhance player navigation in game. We are creating directional walks, jogs, and sprints. Additionally, we are developing several procedural systems to improve the flexibility of our animation systems.


One such system is Stride Warping, a technique that dynamically scales the stride of an animation. In game development, setting a fixed movement speed for players often requires reauthoring animations when the speed is tweaked to prevent foot sliding. Stride Warping solves this issue by dynamically adjusting the stride length based on input speed, eliminating the need to reauthor animations.


Motion Capture Session

Centroid is one of the leading motion capture studios in London, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in capturing high-fidelity motion data. Our Avatar team recently booked Centroid for a full-day session, utilizing the studio's cutting-edge technology to enhance their combat game.

Centroid in London has been involved in motion capture for numerous high-profile video games. Some notable titles include:

  1. Assassin's Creed series
  2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  3. Need for Speed Payback
  4. Dr Strange (related game content)
  5. Pacific Rim Uprising (related game content)
  6. Game of Thrones seasons 6 and 7 (related game content)
  7. Mad Max
  8. F1 2016
  9. Hitman series

With two skilled actors, we conducted real-time motion capture sessions to build out v1 of the entire locomotion system for our combat game. This session took a significant step in ensuring realistic and fluid character movements, contributing to a more immersive gaming experience.



The Wheels Team is back with new and exciting design upgrades.

Word Falcone XW  1973

The Word Falcone XW exemplifies the blend of muscle car aesthetics with elegant design. Wilder concept designers have created a vehicle that marries aggressive front-end styling with a beautifully crafted rear, complete with full-width taillights that encase the Wilder World logo.

Weries 1 1999

The Weries 1 1999 might be considered an ugly duckling with its quirky front face and interesting rear end, but it certainly turns heads. As a proper roadster, it’s lightweight, powerful, and equipped with ample tire footprint for gripping the fastest corners. While it excels in performance, many Wilders will likely enjoy cruising through Wiami's stunning landscapes with the top down, soaking in the ocean breeze.

Wadillac Worldorado Wiarritz Convertible 1965

For top-down, relaxed cruising, the majestic Wadillac Worldorado Convertible is the perfect choice. This car exudes class and elegance with its long, flowing lines and exquisite luxury details. It guarantees you won't go unnoticed. While it doesn't prioritize track performance, its elegance speaks for itself. However, don't be fooled—under the long front bonnet lies enough power to win any traffic light showdown.

Wambo Wyventador WW700

The Wambo Wyventador WW700 brings childhood dreams and racing pedigree to life. With its edgy, aggressive design and cutting-edge technology, this car truly embodies the "king of the road." Driving this car commands respect, and anyone daring enough to challenge it will quickly learn an unforgettable lesson.

Original Wambo Wyventador Design

World Wustang King Wilder 1978

The World Wustang King Wilder 1978 is the first and most popular tuned car in Wiami. Despite showing its age and limitations, it's cherished for its versatility and excellent value for money. Its styling may be over the top, and the panel gaps less than perfect, but none of that matters. Just smash the throttle and feel the V8 rumble!

Wummer W1 Walpha 2006

When duty calls, the Wummer W1 Walpha 2006 answers with sheer power and reliability. This massive vehicle is built to carry heavy loads, whether it's equipment or personnel. Despite its less-than-perfect road handling and the need for some maneuvering on tight corners, its robust build allows it to plow through obstacles effortlessly. Reliable, powerful, and capable, the Wummer is always ready to get the job done, no matter the challenge. The Forum won't know what hit them, but you will.

Original Wummer W1 Walpha Design

Wercedes W65 WMG 2012

For Wilders who appreciate engineering elegance even in their toughest vehicles, the Wercedes W65 WMG 2012 is the perfect choice. This vehicle is a minimalistic expression of precision and capability, featuring a design that uses only the necessary lines and surfaces. No fancy details, no unnecessary styling—just pure functionality. Powered by a reliable V8 engine, the W65 WMG moves with surprising speed, whether empty or fully loaded.

Original Wercedes W65 WMG 2012 Design

Burning Questions

The new monthly Dev Logs include a section to address community questions. Here are this month's FAQs:

Q: Will the $WILD tokens tied to the Genesis Land be equal amounts for all land plots or will there be a tiered amount depending on the location or rarity of the plot? Will there be methods of renting your Land plots?
A: This will be outlined in the Metropolis / Land whitepaper. 
Q: Are there any updates relative to NFT staking uncertainty from the SEC? 
A: We will possibly need to limit certain countries based on IP on our site. We will share more details closer to the launch. 
Q: Are there any updates on the perpetrators of the two thefts on the vesting contracts?
A: We have done a full investigation. We are working on a report to share with the community. Unfortunately we have not recovered any funds, but we know where the hack originated.
Q: Regarding the Hideout, will Wilders have to use their Hideout Wheel to enter the Hideout in-game? Or will they be permitted access if they have a Hideout in their wallet?
A: Right now the plan is that you will need your wheel to get into the hideout. If hideout holders would prefer otherwise, we can open up that discussion with the holders.
Q: Will there be animals in nature in Wilder World? Or just our Beasts?
A: We want to introduce more animals, but there isn’t anything on the roadmap as it stands. The priority will be to get the Beasts in World first.
Q: Is there any IP issue with the Wheels Collection?
A: Not that we are aware of currently. We are adjusting the in-game models to be sure. 
Q: How will Mining work if it’s dropped before Land? Aren’t we going to be mining our own land plots?
A: Mining is what will make land interesting. We are working on a resource based game that will allow Wilders to mine raw materials outside the city limits of Wiami. Resources can than be processed and used to build structures on land parcels within Wiami. 
Q: Are there any updates on the Zero App and launch of the new version?
A: It will launch in ACT II. A good amount of the team is using it and loving it.
Q: When will the next Zero Zine be released?
A: It is ready, just needs to be polished and will go out before the first release, expected within the next sixty days or so.
Q: Are there any updates on when the whitepaper will be released?
A: The land Whitepaper should be released in ACT II.


As we provide a reset for Operation Domino, it is clear that the Wilder Nation means business. From the first public release of Wilder World and the success of our Wheels Arcade events, to our strategic partnerships and game updates, every milestone has brought us closer to our vision of universal accessibility and an unparalleled gaming experience.

The foundation we have built in ACT I sets the stage for even greater achievements for the remainder of ACT I, ACT II, and beyond. As we forge ahead with Operation Domino, we drive towards a future where gaming is more immersive, accessible, and thrilling than ever before.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey,
The Wilders